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Rosemary eVentures LLP

Rosemary eVentures LLP

Empowering Individuals, MSMEs & SMBs to Taste Success

Owning a business is a dream for many people who aspire to be the boss of their own. This yearning ignites passion to invest their hard earned money on an idea that is full of uncertainties. Every year, countless business concepts germinate and most of them die very soon. Very few business plans are able to survive for a longer time period. So, what does it require to sow the seed of a business or start-up that becomes successful? The answer lies in the know-how to tackle upcoming challenges.

When we talk about big corporate houses and conglomerates, we find them armoured with a team of professional consultants. After doing in-depth research, they give a go ahead to the proposed business plan. More often than not, they are able to predict future challenges and their most apt solutions. But what about those MSMEs who don’t possess a pinch of knowledge regarding their business hindrances? We often find them trapped due to the dearth of aptness required to run a business.

In need of an advice and guidance, they seek assistance of high profile consultants. Those consultants barely possess the patience and professional calibre to understand local needs of the business. Their strategies work best with big organizations but often fail when it comes to ground level small business owners. Even if one agrees to pay huge amount, success is not guaranteed for small business owners. Apart from this, the heavy consultation charges make sure that such small business enthusiasts stay away from such elite consultants.

A new ray of hope

Taking this into cognizance, many owners of MSMEs get disheartened to take professional services in future. This has been a trend for last many years. Of late, the demand of planning right budget allocation, creating roadmap and action plan by such MSMEs has witnessed an uptrend. To tap this opportunity and offer tailored solutions, Rosemary eVentures LLP rose like a sun imparting resolutions that know the exact need of small and medium companies. The Company is primarily concerned to uplift the small businesses in need of expertise to run their business successfully.

Prakash Arya, the brain behind Rosemary, used to see people struggling while giving shape to their business ideas. He wanted to make use of the expertise that he had acquired during his long journey at different setups. Coming up with solutions of complicated business problems constituted a major part & parcel of Mr Arya’s passion. He wanted to give his passion a new shape. What could be better than becoming a consultant? This is how his new expedition began in 2016.

Since the inception of Rosemary, it has worked as an idea incubation company with strategic consultancy, mentoring & hand holding. It provides help to Individuals, MSMEs & SMBs in the digital domain. Its assistance is offered primarily through strategic consultation, mentoring and vision partnership. It yields services to Start-ups, MSMEs, SMBs in the area of Brand Advisory, Business Consultation, Digital Transformation, Digital Sales & Marketing, Online Process Optimization, Growth Optimization & Expansion Moreover, it helps in managing entire Digital & Online Business etc. The Company was founded on the basis of deep research, study of major challenges &limitation of resources.

Filling the gap

In our country, there is huge shortage of Vision Partners or Problems identifiers. The paucity of experts compels people to work as per their own assumptions and ideas. Most of the times, this leads them to a completely different path far from reality. They end up losing a big amount on service devoid of substance. Rosemary has been set up to fill this space where it plays a vital role to solution seekers. Moreover, Individuals, MSMEs and SMBs can optimize their resources and grow by taking its services. Not only this, it makes sure to take care of the money quotient. To take care of the needs of small business owners, the company gives services at minimum professional fee that is affordable to small entrepreneurs, MSMEs and SMBs.

The Company practices approach quite similar to big consulting firms. After doing thorough analysis, it brings ideas and strategies that gels with the needs of clients. As people have become bolder now and are willing to take risks, the company takes it as an opportunity to prove its mettle. Young entrepreneurs show their courage to this way with full confidence. Even working professionals are resigning their cosy jobs and want to explore their entrepreneurial journey.

Solutions that matter a lot

Unfortunately, not every company of the small scale is willing to opt for consultants. There is a lack of awareness among people running MSMEs and SMBs. People and small organizations do not see the relevancy of Planning, Creating Roadmap & Action Plan, Right Budget Allocation and Expert Advice. A number of companies perform all these important tasks with casual approach without any domain research and external expert advice.

Rosemary has always endeavoured to enlighten people with its fair understanding of underlying problems and it always tries to educate the clients about such challenges. It intends to work as a Vision Partner for them. When it takes any client on board, it makes sure to take complete ownership. This approach has helped it in winning faith of clients.By shedding products and services with low margins and revenues, it helps the clients become more agile.

To provide pioneer services, it consults white papers, research, business journals, and business seminars on regular basis. Moreover, the company conducts training and development session for its employees to make them aware of the latest needs and development in the market.  It works as a vision partner for the betterment of its clients. The Company helps organizations to expand and grow their sales up to ten times. Moreover, it helps in the optimization of resources and cut down of operation cost.

The Company emphasizes a lot upon fathoming the needs of customers. “Unless you listen to your customers very closely⁠—long before you try to sell them anything⁠—you’ll never understand the right way to sell your product. Ask your customers a lot of open-ended questions. Learn about their needs and challenges, their fears and hopes. Do a ton of customer development. Carefully consider and act on what you learn”, asserts Prakash Arya, Chief consultant of the company.

Meet the Serial Entrepreneur

Prakash Arya loves to come up with solution of complex problems. He is an avid reader. Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant are some of his favorite reads. He has successfully founded Rosemary Interactive Pvt Ltd, a full-fledged Digital Creative Agency and Rosemary Consulting – a Prime consulting firm that is engaged in Corporate & Academic Training, Workshop & Seminar, HR training & Academic support company. He has about 2 decades of corporate experience and served in key positions in India and abroad.


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