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Script Foundation

Script Foundation: Shaping the future of young tech-lovers with expertise

The company at a glance

In this continuous developing scenario, all the industries are contributing their share and shaping the future of the upcoming generation to lead forward, especially the IT industry which is modernizing all the industries across the country every day. There is a vibrant name, known as Script Foundation, established by visionary Jai Sadana, Co-founder of Script Foundation, a non-profit organization which has been bringing the fruits of technologies to young minds and rendering a platform for the upcoming and established professionals to make newcomers of IT aware of their future and scope in the industry.

About Mr. Jai Sadana (Co-founder)

There is a wonderful saying that ‘The sunshine shows the day’ which suits Mr. Jai Sadana, who started working at the age of 19 and faced a lot of obstacles from all directions. But the motivation of various investors and mentors encouraged him to move forward with his business plan. On the strength of his will-power and learning from the Startup India learning program, he enriched himself in the industry. Thereafter, he began to flourish every single day and established 20+ chapters across the country as well as 50+ university chapters and 10000+ active members. Apart from his work, Mr. Jai believes in learning and growing, that’s why in his spare time, he is fond of learning various IT skills. Lately, Mr. Jai has been awarded innovators under 35 MIT Technology Review.

The appreciable offerings and services

Script Foundation is committed to growing the IT industry by connecting students (who are tech-lovers) with IT professionals to flourish the industry especially in the development of open-source software. There are a plethora of offerings which are rendered such as

  • Organizing meet-ups every month and focusing on upgraded technologies and collaboration on projects and ideas.
  • The company organizes a number of workshops in different colleges and institutes on almost all domains of computer science.
  • For covering the geographical distance of the members/people, the company conducts online webinars so that they can attend by being far.
  • The company also offers guidance with its skilled teams to the members across various fields of computer science wherever needed.

The dedicated workforce of Script Foundation

The best idea doesn’t work if that is not executed well by the workforce. Therefore, at Script foundation, the employees are provided a healthy work-culture along with positivity and great learning which ensures the growth and progress of each member of the team. At present, a team of 100 employees works to achieve the vision of the company. There are various factors to make the team motivated and dedicated to perform more to achieve the goals of the company such as

  • Setting clear goals for them with transparency.
  • Being receptive to the ideas and preferences of the employees.
  • Having a healthy relationship personally and professionally.
  • Recognizing their caliber and encouraging them time to time.

Building faith strong to stronger

The foundation of any reputed organization lies in the faith of the clients which surely has been built and building stronger by Script Foundation at every level. The company leaves nothing undone to get closer to the clients such as

  • Understanding the expectations of the clients by proper communication and dialogues.
  • Asking the clients for the feedback and enriching the services on the basis of modernization & up-gradation of technologies.

Besides all, the company keeps on observing the market to get an edge over its competitors so that it can be future-ready to face upcoming challenges in the industry. Mr. Jai Sadana also believes in research and development (R&D) which is an investment rather than an expense to bring innovation and easiness to the industry.

Mr. Jai Sadana says, “ Entrepreneur earns not only money but also dignity and self-motivation by overcoming various challenges in his/her life.”


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