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Written By- Indranil Roy

In Any process plant, the precision of rotating machinery depends upon its ability to work without leakages through shafts thereby, bringing mechanical seals into play. The strict legislation to prevent leakage of hazardous media makes it mandatory to install mechanical seals. A suitable mechanical seal avoids high-pressure fluid leakage at the entry or exit point of a rotating shaft, ensuring smooth operation. Not only this, it plays an integral role in safety measures; therefore, inciting the need for qualified mechanical seals.

However, its market has witnessed a significant shift. The technology used in its manufacturing wasn’t available at the nascent stage. But, the industrial revolution has brought a dramatic change. While paving new ways of functioning in all industrial sectors, it has bestowed several developing nations with the technology to manufacture high-quality mechanical seals; India is one of them.

One of the leading manufactures of mechanical seals, the country has birthed several qualified suppliers, who have a presence beyond borders too. From pumps to compressors, agitators, mixers, etc. India is a credible provider of customized mechanical seals. Amongst the popular names, Mumbai based Sealmatic India is making a next-level significance. As an all-inclusive provider, it serves all the critical sectors, viz electricity, steel, refinery products, crude oil, coal, cement, natural gas and fertilizer, and is a major growth stimulator. Its expertise is spread across India and addresses 45 countries around the world.

Sealmatic has gauged its growth upon three key aspects: reliability, application know-how and quick after-sales & service. The mechanical seal industry is on a competitive track, which makes quality an indelible parameter. Building on that, the Company ensures, every mechanical seal is tailored to individual needs.  It has a team of 26 engineers, whose sole purpose revolves around product development. Sealmatic prides itself on being the only one in the domestic market, with strong R&D in  Designing, Quality Control & Production.

Moreover, it’s the only Indian firm having API Q1, ATEX & EU FDA certification and employs FEA & CFD for its customized designs. In addition, the company is committed to industry regulations, which makes it integral to customers’ benefit.  The parameters make them second to none in the domestic space; and a preferred vendor across the globe for knowledge-based applications, troubleshooting and failure analysis.

Sealmatic stands second to none in the domestic market. With its customized solutions, the Company receives 100+ visits from foreign customers.  Along with customized equipment, its solutions extend to – installation and training of the personnel at the end-user premises. The end-to-end framework upscales its name on the leaderboards.

Sealmatic is spearheaded by Umar A K Balwa (Managing Director) & Hanif S Chaudhary (Executive Director). Both of them have worked in fluid sealing technology and earned an in-depth understanding of products, engineering and aftermarket services. Umar’s journey in the industry began in 1989, from AK Engineering, a nascent subsidy of his family-owned Balwa Group. Balwa Group was well-known in the real estate and hospitality industries, and AK Engineering was a manufacturer and supplier of mechanical seals.  Here, Umar spent a diverse career spanning over 3 decades in international trade, especially in Europe and the USA.

He was responsible for overseeing Balwa Group’s joint Ventures with Feodor Burgmann, Krombach and many more. All went well until 2004 when the German-based Company was acquired by a bigger conglomerate. The dismal reached his doorstep, and he and his family had to sell the company’s shares to the parent firm. This broke Umar but didn’t shatter his dream to foray into mechanical seals technology and build an ecosystem of growth.

His dream saw the light when in 2011, a former colleague of A K Engineering, Hanif proposed the idea to shape their expertise, establishing a plant designed with International standards. Not only technical competence but, they envisioned it to be an ecosystem of highly trained professionals. Hence, endeavouring on collaborative efforts, Sealmatic was brought into the spotlight in 2012.

Umar had great learning from his previous venture, which helped him in his second innings. In the years, that followed, Sealmatic earned a profound reverence with customized products, international certifications and much more. Its focus on knowledge helped it bring adept tools, like MSD (Mechanical Seal Dictionary), SSG (Seal Selection Guide), AKH (Application Know How), etc., which catapulted Sealmatic to the big league of international players.

Sealmatic’s out of the box approach and experience, are the key driving factor of its high-octane business. It helps them design heavy-duty mechanical seals for pumps, compressors, agitators and other rotary equipments. Applications where pressures exceed 100 kg/cm2 or temperature above 350°C, slurry content, materials having high viscosity, etc., its products scale everything and ensures productivity isn’t hampered.

“Designing these products isn’t a cup of tea and installing a customized mechanical seal is equally challenging”, says Umar. But the rich data bank created in the last 32 years, helps them craft the aforementioned features. Adding to it, raw materials are imported from Germany, the USA and the UK, and doesn’t compromise on metallurgy. With an unadulterated fusion of knowledge, technology and raw materials, Sealmatic’s tailored offerings find valuable applications in oil & gas, offshore platforms, pipeline booster pumps, heavy-duty slurry pumps, high-pressure agitators in chemical plants, high-temperature rotary equipment in refineries and other relevant platforms.

Starting out in 1989, pledging unparallel quality, Sealmatic has turned the tide in all aspects. With one of the most advanced facilities and adept professionals, the company has earned a strong name amongst global players. Mr Balwa’s efforts and endeavours are highly appreciated across the industry and he has earned the title “SealMan”. Sealmatic has earned several accolades in its path namely:

  • International Achiever’s Award presented at 10th International Achievers Summit
  • IES Award for Sealmatic’s continuous contributions and dedication to the industry
  • Udyog Rattan Award in recognition of the company’s dedication in discharging duties towards the corporate sector
  • Indian Achiever’s Award for Business Excellence and Mr Balwa’s Professional Achievement

On the business front, Sealmatic is enjoying exponential growth expanding from its 220 sq. ft. space. Mr Balwa confers this journey as the collaborative effort of everyone associated with a vision that the leaders share. A journey that began with a budding firm called A K Engineering has developed over the years, creating a massive impact around the world. The company has shown remarkable growth, with reliable and safe solutions at cost-effective prices.

After 3 decades of success through a qualified team providing leadership, direction, and vision, Sealmatic aims to be at the acme of its space. While its already preferred across 45 nations, the company aims to increase its reach around the globe. It’s continuously investing in talented manpower, tangible and intangible technologies to curate and design better solutions. In short, it’s investing to become more futuristic. Mr Balwa believes the privilege to raise Sealmatic’s bar to its full potential and seeing its people enjoy the fruits is their biggest milestone. His motto is – “Once A SealMan Always A SealMan”.



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