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Net Employment Services Pvt. Ltd. (Net HR)

Making Centralized Recruitment Services Stress-Free For Fortune 500 Companies

“Understand that there is no success without hard work, understand that success alone breeds success. All the best things happened when people said they’re impossible, someone will be the first one, might as well be you”

Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe

Regardless of what a business house is dealing with, from manufacturing to services, the backbone, the most essential part of the process is to bring together a team that successfully handles the complete process.

Hiring the best talent for the job role not just ensures optimum results but also helps in remaining competitive and in the front row of the market. Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, Founder and group CEO, Net Employment Services Pvt. Ltd. (Net HR) is making this possible with 19 years of experience in specialized executive hiring.

Net HR is a leading Technology recruitment consultant, based out of Mumbai with operations pan India via multiple offices in India. They offer Permanent recruitment solutions from Mid-level to Highest level for its clients, thanks to their massive data. Their Fortune 100 clientele combines Investment Banking, Software Product Firms, Technology Services, Insurance, Broking, Hospitality and Retail Banking sectors. They are able to actively gauge the changes in the market needs because of their experienced team and a pan India presence.

In a conversation with Business Connect Magazine, Dr. Salunkhe talks about being the preferred partner in technology hiring space, adapting the latest technologies, large database management, internal team management, and external communications and more.

Business Connect: Did you face any obstacle during the initial days? How did you sail through them?

Dr. Salunkhe: I went through big losses in 2001-2002 due to all eggs in one basket (IT recruitment) and had to mortgage the house to pay staff salaries, but within 1 year through hard work and cooperation of employees we were able to turn around the company. And in 2006 I sold major (54% stake) to a Japanese staffing company. Our company was valued at 4 million US dollars then.

Business Connect: What was your learning during struggling days so that our readers could prepare themselves for upcoming challenges?

Dr. Salunkhe: Never put all eggs in one basket (only one industry recruitment) because if that industry suffers due to recession or any other reason you are affected a lot. Trust yourself and your judgment and carry the team with you. Your trust is their trust and your people are your biggest asset. I learned that the staff will go through hardship and struggle with the boss if they believe in the boss, his vision and his struggle and know that there is honesty and integrity in the individual. When the turnaround happened I shared the rewards with them too.

Business Connect: How difficult is it to remain relevant in this competitive world? How do you keep yourself motivated during tough times?

Dr. Salunkhe: As I have gone through major problems earlier, now no issues scare us. To be relevant one has to be aware of the market, emerging forces as well as political trends because shifts in trends in one country can affect the recruitment of staff in another. Likewise, upcoming countries can be new areas to not only diversify the basic pool to recruit but also become the area to bring employment opportunities for IT experts from India.

Business Connect: Who is your role model in the business/entrepreneurial world and what have you learned from the person?

Dr. Salunkhe: There is not one specific person. But Attributes in the people who taught me, who guided me, who stood with me through thick and thin. As a CEO, you need to be a master of various traits along with a strong hold on finance as it is the heart of businesses. Having a risk bearing trait is the biggest asset of all along with the will to fight.

Business Connect: What are your thoughts on women participation in the entrepreneurial world?

Dr. Salunkhe: The world is an open arena for women entrepreneurs. Women have the capacity to multi-task and that is what being an entrepreneur demands. You have to keep track of numerous things and yet keep yourself sane enough to take the right decisions. Their natural sensitivity and empathy helps them to bring out the best and yet like a mother they can be hard for the good of the child. Women are in that regard naturally geared and and have always proved themselves worthy. In NET HR 90% of employees are women and even in our other verticals like the Education Company, they make up 60% of the staff.

Business Connect: What are your short term and long term future plans for the company?

Dr. Salunkhe: Short term plans are to keep pushing the envelope and create more business while the long term goal is to steer the company towards the emerging trends to be a leader.

Business Connect: How have you adapted yourself to the latest needs of the market?

Dr. Salunkhe: With a close eye on the new trends in the market, we always mold and update ourselves in a timely fashion. We have an edge on understanding in terms of quality benchmark, ideal to practical turnaround time and right fitment.

Business Connect: What gives you an edge over your peers?

Dr. Salunkhe: What makes us better than our peers is the well experienced, expert and highly motivated team strength we possess. Along with that, we do not rely on the portals only for recruitment as we have a huge base of passive content being in the industry for 19 years which helps us to give a high offer-to-join percentage.

Business Connect: What kind of clients do you serve?

Dr. Salunkhe: Our clientele consists of Top Global Giants from Investment Banking, Financial Services, Information technology (Product & service), Insurance, Banking & Broking and Fin-tech Space.

Business Connect: How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Dr. Salunkhe: Having strong ethical mindset, we work with full integrity and honesty and that’s how our client relies on us for 11th-hour support in crisis situations also. Providing quality at right time with right fit has helped us to build an unbreakable faith in all our clients.

Business Connect: Tell us something about your staff. How do you ensure their efficiency and positivity towards work in challenging times?

Dr. Salunkhe: Our team strongly follows the values of the organization. We ensure their efficiency and positivity towards work in challenging times by regular training & grooming of the team, motivating them by giving additional entrepreneurial responsibilities.

Business Connect: Please let us know about the achievements of the company.

Dr. Salunkhe: We have been Top 5 vendors for Majority of our clients for over a decade and with continuous efforts, we intend to be the most preferred vendor.

Dr. Salunkhe avers that in the coming few years AI (Artificial Intelligence) will change a lot of things like an assessment of skills through robotic testing, tracking changes in the way entrepreneurial skills are developed etc. Portions and segments of workplace work will give way to Robots, so that would need a new set of IT people who would be able to track and ensure the Robots perform.

In the future, it is anticipated that the management of the Robots would be a new set of skills and will give way to evolving self-learning Robots. The supervision arm would still have to be Human. Ahead in time, tied to robotics is the entire world of virtual and augmented reality and their use for the medical and other fields that will eventually give rise to a different set of skill needs in IT.


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