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Shibashis Chakraborty

Shibashis Chakraborty

The GURU of people management “Taking wellness business to greater heights”

The ideology that has made a huge difference for the CEO/COO of Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre (IVAC)- Shibashis Chakraborty says, 85% of business management secrete is hidden in the art of people management. His career trajectory is quite inspirational where he witnessed scaling up from the role of a courier boy to the C Suite executive for an eminent institution like IVAC.

In his amazing journey as the leading figure for the company, 8 years of international exposure across the industry helped him extensively, where he was associated with world-renowned brands like – Taj, Hyatt, Jumeirah, PFRU, etc. He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School Boston, Indian Institute of Management (IIMBx) Bangalore, and Franklin Covey US, who utilized his accumulated knowledge as well as experience in the direction of becoming a Brand Builder, Leader Producer and a lot more. His business acumen and discerning capabilities have turned heads in the business community, that granted him several recognitions and rewards—

  • Justifying his influential leadership, Shiabshis became the recipient of National Award for- LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE 2020 in AYUSH sector, by ASSOCHAM, India.
  • He was a keynote speaker at “European Nutrition Conference” in Dublin, Ireland (June 2018) .
  • Also, his article was published in the European conference journal, 2018.
  • Again, he became a keynote speaker in the National Institute of Technology, Nagpur 2017.
  • Yet again, he was invited as the speaker in the Times of India event – Health Care pioneer of the EAST, 2015.
  • His interview was published in the Japanese health magazine DANDO, Yoga life DUBAI, Sori o swastho Kolkata.
  • For his exemplary leadership, he has been interviewed by Dubai ONE TV, Physique TV, Russian TV – Moya Planeta, MBC TV of Lebanon, NEWS TIME TV – Kolkata.

Shibashis Chakraborty is well-reckoned for his exceptional capabilities in fuelling growth & profitability through business transformation & turnarounds. As his leadership mantra revolves around the notion to do something different to achieve something unique. Brought up in a green city of Bengal – Chittaranjan, he found the biography of Swami Vivekananda quite enticing, which eventually became the guiding light for the rest of his life.

The zeal to ‘be different as well as do different’ ignited in him during his school days only. And it has been heavily reflected in his professional career as well. He started his journey as a courier boy for —Hotline courier, BB Ganguly Street, Kolkata for which he used to distribute door-to-door letters on the street of Salt lake of Kolkata. Later, his alignment for the human body in terms of mental, emotional & spiritual balance propelled him to enter the health and wellness industry.

In this direction, he soon completed his physical therapy course, after which he got an opportunity to work at Touch & Glow, swabhumi. His sheer convergence towards Naturopathy bestowed him with a golden chance to work with the finest wellness center of Kolkata – Sanjeeva-At Vedic Village. Keeping his drive to be different at the forefront, he took over as a wellness trainer in 2004, from where his journey as a dynamic leader was commenced.

With afire in the belly to achieve great heights, and explore human potential, he called- off from his job as the trainer and opted a Training course for Yoga teacher. And from here, he introduced a new era of his career. He soon acquired the job role of a yoga teacher for south east Asia’s best hospitality chain – Taj Group. Shibashis’s association with Taj Group, made him explore different geographies from Goa to Mauritius to Maldives, where alongside teaching yoga, he was gradually honing his management as well as leadership skills.

“It is said when you are ready universe will bring the opportunity, So it happened,” reminisced the luminary

Forging ahead, he got a chance to work with a well-reckoned brand of middle east- Jumeirah as a wellbeing consultant. For this position, he was deputed at Dubai’s best wellness centre- TALISE. Toiling day and night to grow as an inspirational leader, he took charge of 3 management roles on the shoulder apart from the primary responsibilities as a wellbeing consultant! Staying attuned to his motive, he took up the pre-opening project at Moscow, with PFRU university to establish the Institute of Oriental Medicines in 2013.

While still contouring the world, his vision to serve his motherland- India was still kindling within him. His homecoming to India happened in 2014, with Hyatt Group and after 2 years of tasting a roaring success, he got a call from the founder president of IVAC group, for steering the business operations of this ‘hard-core authentic Ayurvedic brand.’

Addressing his overall journey, Shibashis asserts that his success came from his matchless dexterity in people management. He further added that with the support of good mentors and his curious & learning attitude, he ameliorated the skills by consistent practice and hard work. If today, he has attained a title of being a GURU in the art of people management, then the credit goes to his passion to impact people and align them as per the organisational goals in the best possible manner. No doubt that under the outstanding leadership of Shibashis, many organisations as well as talented individuals witnessed exponential growth, and IVAC is in the same line too.

At IVAC Ayurveda group, his leadership role is defined with his business analysis methodologies and finesse at developing people to lead cultural change. His secret sauce to ensure this is – ‘Right decision at Right time, Right people in Right place, Right product to Right market segment in Right price’.

Innovating via logic keeping goal driven approach, he is fixated on building road map for organizational transformations, exceeding the founder’s expectations, deconstructing businesses, leading multi-site hospitality & wellness operation, product house, innovative product launch globally, while keeping abreast of the market trends, competitors alongside introducing innovative concepts of process management. Value creation for people, products and services, recruitment & mentoring future leaders, enhancing customer service standards & operational policies— are the areas where his mastery over business management comes into play.

Moreover, his mastery in Art of people management, creating blue ocean, new market penetration, delivering value, relentless bottom-line driver, influencing stakeholders, policy formulation, team/talent management, client delight, R&D, L&D, BD, sales marketing, negotiation, has been quite substantial for the institution so far. For better workflows in the company, he has introduced innovative systems like – ‘Rewards against GOP, open cap incentive for executives, educate customer for automatic sale, connection with customer digitally, emotionally, physically, distance detox kit, setting high service standards in the market.

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