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Transforming the industry with its robust logistics leadership

Logistics is the backbone of seamless supply chain operations. A credible and efficient logistics management can allow businesses to render bestin-class product delivery services to their end-customers that eventually improve the business growth. In this direction, relying on an industry leader could make a huge difference to any business and Shiftco Shipping and Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. has proved it in the most relatable way.

Mr Gopi R, CEO of Shiftco, was in an exclusive conversation with our team where he touched upon several aspects of this business venture. We believe this elegant read will be enjoyable as well as fascinating for our global readership

Shiftco Shipping is a reliable freight forwarding and logistics company that has created a niche for itself in Indian markets. It has pioneered extraordinary logistics solutions across the globe that have expanded its elite clientele and empowered their endeavours sophistically. The cornerstones of its business values are — Proactivity, alacrity, and solicitous attitude. The unrivalled reputation of the company is the result of these unique core values.

It all started 7 years ago with the humble beginnings of Shiftco. Primarily, the company focuses on designing and  creating opportunities for people who are passionate about the industry or those seeking career advancement opportunities. Apart from this, it has been dedicated to ensuring cost- effective solutions to meet Global customer requirements in which they have excelled through the years.

The company caters to the need of a wide range of sectors such as— Automobile, telecom, engineering, Pharmaceuticals & FMCG to name a few. Over the past years, they have also had a few OEM associations that transformed into a long-term business relationships, owing to their costeffectiveness and multifaceted solution modules.

Shiftco is built upon the ideology that organisations become strong or weak as per their team’s adeptness. For better team building, they are heavily converged on hiring individuals who have unwavering zeal to grow. The CEO opines that this is a crucial step towards creating a team with members who understand the company’s culture. A team that will not only put strenuous efforts towards the growth of the company but also invest in personal development. To keep them motivated, the management ensures regular SWOT analysis, this is then used to bring about changes in the processes and overall functioning of the company.

Unlike others, the company doesn’t prioritize cost over quality or client relationships. They never try to cut corners and this speaks volumes about their superior standards. There is no compromise when it comes to quality, they are willing to bear extra costs rather than fall back on commitments. The level of dedication to this notion is such that at times, the company had to pay double their quotation to get the job done. They took it to the whole next level by paying it on their own without burdening the clients.

Additionally, the company fervently values the relationships with their end- clients, where it not only considers their requirements but also, pays heed to its business partners. All of this stands on the belief that customers need solutions instead of mere forwarders alongside channel partners who look for a long-lasting association.

R & D
Being an active part of an ever- changing industry has been insightful as well as challenging for Shiftco. And in this journey, R&D carves a varied definition. They perceive Research and Development as Review and Development.

“It simply means that we pay close attention to our employees and focus on their development. Instead of KPIs, we focus on KRAs and SOPs. This formula has brought us this far and we are sure it will help us achieve greater feats in future,” -Gopi R.

Process has been the crucial factor to logistics companies and for Shiftco, an impeccable development of supply chain process is resistant to global market change and challenges have been their key differentiating factor. Here, every individual strives to serve the global platform to the needs of the clients that comes the best out of their ability. Moreover, the organisation keeps itself abreast of the latest developments in the industry to reduce transit time and increase the ease of shipping.

This industry demands reliable vendors and external resources to get ahead with efficient operations. In view of this, they maintain a consistent review relationship with their partners to allow effortless functioning. Here, their dedicated teams are not just trained in industry basics, but also excel in end-customer support services. Constant trainings and development sessions for their staff, partner review programs and hands-on approach allows the company to ensure highest service qualities in their targeted market.

The matchless service standards put forth by them is the result of its customers’ reliance and faith in its offered services. Today, its global customer number has crossed 150 and it will keep proliferating day by day for which all the credit goes to Shiftco’s team and its ceaseless efforts.

Adaptability has been the lesson that everybody learned from the covid-19 crisis and Shiftco avidly harmonized with it. Indeed, plans will never be implemented as per the roadmap and during such unprecedented times, we should learn to have some patience. The company was agile and took this period as an opportunity to modify its operations and improve its functionality. As operational challenges propelled them to come up with innovative problem-solving approaches, they developed business resiliency in the most sophisticated manner.

Shiftco nurtures the idea that employees are the most precious asset of any company and they ensure their well being and development. In line with this notion, they conduct input sessions, organize team-building activities and also have an inhouse counsellor. Furthermore, they conduct a beneficial mentorship program where staff members can easily approach senior executives for better insights into the industry or any personal or professional query.

When asked to reveal the achievements made by them so far, Mr Gopi R affirms that what started as 3 employees has now become a company with 100+ talented heads. Within 7 years of its journey, it has included top airlines and shipping lines under its service umbrella to meet global associations. So far, witnessing surging growth across the verticals like Aero Space and Critical shipping solutions, Shiftco is gradually scaling the heights of exemplary success.

Also, the business has expanded from the headquarters in Chennai across the country to fully operational overseas offices in — Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In the upcoming years, they are in the process of establishing 2 new overseas offices. They aspire to establish a steadfast global presence across the world where they will be tapping into several other verticals. Many philanthropic activities are also underway.

“Greatness can be achieved only if you are willing to take the first step”. – CG

“Opportunities are present in all shapes and sizes, harnessing them and making them work in your favour is totally up to you. No one but yourself can be blamed for a missed opportunity”. – Gopi R

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