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Skyislimit Technologies: Renders a lucrative growth to your business

Skyislimit Technologies: Renders a lucrative growth to your business

Written by- Kajal Dobhal

Automation in business operations adds an extra layer of productivity for any enterprise. Resiliency and flexibility are some additional advantages of the automated workflows. Besides saving an organization’s time and money and much more, sales automation allows the respective teams to intensely focus on their targets. But for such notable transformation, an adroit business project management team needs to be considered in the first place.

With its innovative product line, Skyislimit Technologies adeptly partners its clients for augmented productivity of sales, order and marketing teams. Its comprehensive suite of sales productivity tools, Salesfokuz, allows the end-users to operate their businesses in a more systematic and sophisticated way by allowing unparalleled sales automation.

Salesfokuz is a brainchild of a tech-advocator, Manodh Mohan who laid the foundation of Skyislimit Technologies- an end-to-end SaaS service provider. The tech firm is turning heads in the respective domain with its state-of-the-art products that target different aspects of a client’s business.

How did it all start?
A journey to touch the pinnacle of success asks for patience, perseverance and determination. Five years back, Manodh developed Salesfokuz as a revolutionary breakthrough to bridge the differences in sales and communications. After a series of rigorous developments and examinations, this unique product was launched in the market in 2019. But, prior to the launch of Salesfokuz, Skyislimit Technologies was established as an integrated tech suite to promote and support the product for system implementations and back-end services.

Incepted in 2019, Skyislimit Technologies has been pioneering the relevant industry with its ingenious products. The company constantly strives to make valuable sales and marketing information available at the fingertips for better workflows.    So far, it has developed products like HrmNxt, Storeware, Alpha Billing, and PROMA, addressing multiple needs for HR Management, Storeware management, Billing software, and Project management respectively. Basically, the company delivers integrated SaaS services that allow smooth business operations by automating the sales and operational functions. At the organization, an impassioned team of 70+ self-motivated individuals is in a continuous process of questioning, challenging and learning to come up with innovative deliverables to ensure a leading-edge in the relevant space.

Skyislimit Technologies proficiently formulates a perfect amalgamation of domain knowledge, technology competence and one-of-its-kind methodologies to develop its best-in-class products at affordable prices. And the customized offerings boost the competitive advantages and productivity quotients in favour of its esteemed clients.

The organization has successfully inclined some megacorps under the parasol of its clientele within a short period. To mention, a few of those clients are  – SBI DFHI Ltd, Saraswat Bank, DCB Bank, CSB Bank, Godrej Industries, etc.

Fokuz- An amenable solution
A newfangled add on in the list of their enticing products is Fokuz. Being an indigenous video conferencing app, the product has been developed to facilitate secure and flexible collaboration within the sales teams. Post its launch on 29th June 2020, Fokuz received an exceptional testimonial from  Stock Market Institute for being an outstanding tech-partner in its ‘Mega Online Employment Fair’ that was hosted in collaboration with 50+ Fortune corporations and 3000+ participants all across the globe.

The unit that led to the creation of Fokuz has won eight awards and has been well-recognized by highly renowned organisations for the customer-centric approach. So far, the team takes immense pride in having been served 10K end-users across the world.

About the venture capitalists
Skyislimit Technologies has garnered a seed capital of $2 Million from its key financiers- Sonny Menon (Suneel Menon) and Shari Menon. With the steadfast support from both the investors, the company aspires to leap in the business landscape. In view of this, let us be acquainted with both the magnates.

Sonny Menon is a visionary who well- reckons the spotting opportunities in business space.  He ensures building value via budding businesses and create the ultimate revenue for the shareholders. Always seeking extraordinary talent, he has been entrusted by investors and employees alike for his outstanding talent to deliver matchless financial rewards and business value. Now well-settled in the USA, Sonny Menon began his career excursion as franchise holder for Sprint Corporation- an American Telecommunication Company. After attaining immense industry knowledge, he commenced his first entrepreneurial venture in 2001. His business acumen and passion for work allowed him to ascend the ladders to enormous success effectively. Sonny’s intense attitude towards his work can be understood by his catchphrase- “People go to work and I go to war.

Shari Menon is a strategic planner who is well-reckoned for her focused approach towards growth progressions for numerous start-ups, she has collaborated with. Her fortes lie in cost-optimization, executive recruitment and infrastructure-development to facilitate swift growth for the businesses.

A glance over its competitive edge
When asked about the differentiating factor that makes the company’s offerings stand apart from the rest, Manodh revealed multiple parameters making them unique yet relevant. Apart from proposing an exclusive solution for the respective problem, the team pays intense heed on bridging the gap in the user-software interaction. Moreover, the end-users need not have any technical knowledge to avail the services from the product. Making a difference in the business landscape, the company offers cost-efficient and highly- customized solutions for its clients.

In addition to this, the tech suite majorly relies on its specialized testing department enriched with experienced professionals that ensure on-time product delivery with high-quality standards. Owing to its adroit sales/marketing team, Skyislimit Technologies has a satisfied client-base that places its unwavering trust on its matchless services.

Manodh Mohan- A transformation from a learner to an innovator
The Founder, Manodh Mohan is leading the way for Skyislimit Technologies with his unmatched professional acuity.  He firmly reckons on the statement – ‘learning is the key to success’ and motivates his employees to be avid learners as well, as knowledge is a gateway to the surging success. Under his aegis, the management ensures employees to get the hang of tech trends and be updated with emerging innovations.  As the guiding light to his team, he keeps an ardent watch over the recruitment processes and prefers the individuals who can resonate as per his wavelength. An employee at Skyislimit Technologies is always expected to sync with the project deadlines and the company commitments towards the clients.

Moreover, Manodh speaks of 8 pillars that are the leading representatives of different departments at the organization, “These 8 operators have exclusive expertise in various fields such as R&D, Designing, UI, Frigid Management, Development, Client Management, Customer support, and Content Writing and serve as the cornerstones of the company.”

To ensure better productivity of different teams, the organization utilizes ingenious tools for measuring aspired outcomes. Manodh asserts that to keep a track of the team’s efficiency, they use Salesfokuz for the sales team and PROMA – Project Management Tool for the rest of the departments.

Achievements to boast of
Skyislimit Technologies has successfully grabbed the eyeballs of the business fraternity, owing to its irreplaceable products. We have enlisted some of the major achievements of 2019 that allowed it to garner multiple awards and accolades in the business community.

  • The company was awarded as ‘The Best CRM Brand 2019’ by ‘Ende Samrambham – Yes 2019 Biz Conclave & Awards’.
  • The CIO review recognized Salesfokuz as one of the ‘Top 20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers of 2019’.
  • It grabbed ‘The International Invention & Innovation Award (gold medal)’ from ‘Malaysian Association of Research Scientists at the Malaysia Technology Expo – 2019’.
  • The company was also conferred with ‘The Bizz Awards’ by ‘World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) at San Francisco, USA’.
  • For Salesfokuz, they were awarded ‘India’s Most Innovative Startup’ at the DCB Bank Innovation Carnival 2019.
  • Salesfokuz received a token of appreciation for being the Best Sales CRM Product of 2019, by Kairali TV.

Amid the swirling storm of COVID-19 pandemic, Skyislimit Technologies effectively made its presence felt in the respective domain. Herein, we present the list of key highlights from the year 2020.

  • The beta version of Fokuz was officially launched by some prominent dignitaries.
  • Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Fokuz managed to secure US angel investment. The US-based healthcare and manufacturing provider has invested $2 million in Fokuz.
  • Skyislimit Technologies was one among the top two featured exemplary startups in CNBC TV 18.
  • The organization was picked for NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups Virtual Incubation Program.
  • Spreading its wings to Kuwait and Saudi, Skyislimit Technologies has collaborated with its first authorized distributor.
  • For the company’s outstanding achievements & contribution to nation-building, it was rewarded INDIAN ACHIEVERS’ AWARD 2020 as an innovative EMERGING COMPANY.
  • Fokuz and its success journey got featured in the eighth edition of Inc42 Plus‘ — “30 Startups To Watch” List.
  • Business Connect has also recognized Skyislimit Technologies in its previous edition- Startup of the Year 2020 for its inspiring innovations.

A glimpse of the future outlooks
With the tech trends making a significant impact on the enterprise landscape, the company will witness an exponential growth in leaps and bounds. As we enter a new tech dominant era, cloud adoption will become the foremost priority for most of the companies and the relevant services providers will witness unique opportunities in their favour.

For the future, Manodh and both the financiers have envisioned to make Skyislimit Technologies an entrant in Wall Street by the year 2025. The company foresees a bright and blazing future ahead and will soon ensure its steadfast presence in the USA as well. For the employees, the Management has planned to put forth a policy, where each associate with 3 years of association with the company can claim for partnership in the shares.

Words to convey
Manodh shares his wisdom with aspiring entrepreneurs, “ You must never follow the ‘Mob Mentality’, instead go chase your passion. To ascend the stairs of success, it is crucial to forge ahead with utmost patience and perseverance.” For him, getting the knack of every mistake can grant any entrepreneur unimaginable benefits. He believes that entrepreneurial ventures should be enriched with passion, sustainability and patience. But, while keeping these aspects into consideration, one shouldn’t overlook the need to develop an innovative idea.  In the end, Manodh propels the entrepreneurs to be self-confident and not to be intimidated by the mega-players in the competition as every giant in the industry, started from scratch only.



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