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Qualitas Global: A partner of choice to multiple Fortune brands and a company with an intense focus on processes & quality

Qualitas Global: A partner of choice to multiple Fortune brands and a company with an intense focus on processes & quality

Today, data annotation has become a simple yet effective process of labelling the content that can be easily detected by the machines via NLP based upon Artificial Intelligence or Machine Language training. This process makes the labelling of the content recognizable for the AI/ML while feeding into algorithms. Now, the industry adamantly demands customizable data labelling techniques to make Artificial Intelligence solutions more efficient and effortless.

With a multitude of enterprises targeting verticals in its stride, like annotation for Autonomous Vehicles, an extraordinary organization with its extensive experience of working in over a dozen different industrial branches is setting benchmarks in the industry – Qualitas Global.

An overlay of the company
As a leading data annotation company, empowered with 500+ annotators, Qualitas Global Services is a reliable service provider with the ability to enhance their resources up to 1200 at a rapid pace. The company with ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certification specializes in providing – Accurate Image, Text, Voice Annotations, Image & Video Tracking/ Captioning, Facial Recognition, Traffic & License Plate Monitoring, Security & Surveillance via video feeds & drone cameras, sports analytics & player tagging for almost all sports & multiple other similar services. Its forte lies in verticals like- Autonomous Vehicles; ADAS, Sports, Agri-tech, Fashion, Retail, Home Automation, Medical Annotations, Construction Security, Traffic Security & Surveillance to name a few.

The Founder and CEO, Neville Patel stated that the respective industry was at a nascent stage when he incorporated Qualitas Global. At that time, they began catering to limited industries like Sports Analytics. Afterwards, they turned towards the Autonomous Vehicle industry where data confidentiality was their top priority.  But past few years have witnessed a wide usage of AI/ML in several industries like Medi-tech, Agri-tech, Geospatial, Retail, Fashion, Security & Surveillance, Facial Recognition, Airport Baggage Transportation, Transcription, OCR and many other industries. This drastic utilization of emerging technological advancements made Qualitas Global be a more relevant partner in the domain. As the world foresees more amelioration in technology, the industry will undergo a remarkable metamorphosis.

Why choose Qualitas Global?
With six years of enriched industry experience, the team has acquired mastery over working on multiple data annotation tools, and in fact, several tool developers seek tool improvement guidance from them. The adept supervisors and leaders at Qualitas Global keep a constant watch over the annotators to ensure 100% productivity and best-in-class quality. Proving their expertise in the space, the Founder asserts, “We have annotated over 90 million images with an accuracy rate of around 99% meeting our customer’s quality, accuracy and timely deadline requirements. Our insights towards customers’ aspirations help us to scale up & down immediately. In that view, we have trained resources on the bench as well as we can ramp up our already surging productivity by almost 200%” says Anjali Pipraiya, Assistant Vice President of Qualitas Global.

About its competitive edge
What makes Qualitas Global stand out from the crowd is its professional acuity, customer-centricity and comprehension of the client’s aspirations. They ensure to keep up with delivery cycles and deadlines for their esteemed clients tirelessly. The company’s resources can instantly be scaled up or down which allows resiliency to the business models, even amid unprecedented times like the COVID-19 pandemic. Adhering strictly to the GDPR compliance, Qualitas Global ensures its client’s data is kept secure.

The company strives to develop an exploratory strategy to make a difference in the industry with its uniqueness. “Unlike other annotation services providers who crowdsource their resources from the internet for the sake of cost optimization, Qualitas Global has an experienced & skilled full-time workforce, providing better communication as well as quality & security controls that result in cost savings for customers in the long run”, affirms the CEO.

When asked how they ensure repeat business from their customers, Neville elucidates that they believe in providing delight to their clients with an enhanced experience. To him, sustainable success is the result of selflessness as his team pays no heed to profits and prioritizes clients’ benefits instead.

Cost v/s Benefit proposition
“We might not be the cheapest service provider (although we are very competitive) but we provide benefits much larger than what we charge”, quotes Neville about the value proposition they ensure to the clients. Whilst their peers portray ‘Low Cost’ services to the clients, on the other hand, they offer a cost versus benefit proposition to their wide customer base. Moreover, an experienced team of annotators specializing in multiple verticals renders end-to-end customer-centric solutions by offering ease of scalability and unlimited flexibility from their end. Customization and Professional communication help the team to identify the pulse of the customers and be in tune with them.

Insights on making a positive impact on the lives
Neville exemplifies that as AI has invaded and transformed our lives in the most sophisticated manner, a myriad of data has been accumulated and processed in the last decades. This crucial data needs to be re-processed and tagged with a 100% accuracy label as there is absolutely no scope even for the minutest of errors in this domain. Such processed data is commonly used by data scientists and specialists to train the AI models and machines.

“While manual annotation tools remain the most commonly used, we are geared to expand our skills in the automatic variants. Video/image annotation remains our primary focus as it plays a critical role in the market – more now than ever”, states Neville, about how automation will help them be more relevant in the respective sphere.

An exuberant work culture
At Qualitas Global, the individual efforts of the employees are well- recognized and rewarded by the management. All the in-house promotions of the earliest employees to the managerial level is the sheer testimony of the team’s constant hard work, competencies, and loyalty towards the organization. Moreover, the company firmly believes in encouraging and supporting the diverse backgrounds, ideologies, opinions, and life experiences of the individuals to secure an embracing work environment for them.

“We have ensured multiple opportunities for internal growth & promotions, helping our people grow through the intensive process as well as communication skills via training & personal grooming programs”, reveals Neville.

With the passing time, the work culture at Qualitas Global has evolved phenomenally. They aspire to be transparent, nurturing, cordial towards their employees while establishing a fast-paced and ‘fun to work’ atmosphere at the same time.

Glimpses of the future outlooks
As Qualitas Global foresees a bright and blazing future ahead, Neville Patel steadfastly reckons the fact that the data annotation industry is about to witness a major boom in the upcoming years. Considering this, Qualitas Global will soon collaborate with the world’s finest annotation tool provider where they will be enlightened with the client’s requirements to develop better products. Shortly, the company intends to introduce automation in the process of annotations for swift and cost-effective outcomes.  By the end of 2021, they aspire to multiply their workforce to a huge magnitude and acquire other strategic data annotation companies from all across the globe.

A token of advice from the CEO
If you have an idea & the tenacity to see it come to life, then grasp every opportunity you get. Rather create opportunities, make smart choices, take risks, stock up on motivation & thrive for global.


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