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Smartworks: Re-imagining Managed Workspace Solutions in India 

Smartworks: Re-imagining Managed Workspace Solutions in India 

India’s commercial real estate industry is transforming significantly with the rise of managed office space solutions. Gone are the days when businesses had to invest heavily in their infrastructure, sign long-term leases, and spend 8-9 months setting up office spaces. Today, businesses of all sizes and scales can benefit from fully managed, flexible workspace solutions that cater to their unique needs and preferences.

Smartworks, India’s largest workspace provider to Enterprises, is leading the change by democratising this entire space through its extensive network of pan-India-managed workspaces.

From New Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru to Jaipur, Indore, and Pune, Smartworks is enabling enterprises to expand the impact of their business across the country sustainably. This becomes imperative in a company’s efforts towards reducing fixed costs to optimise its business, particularly in a sluggish macroeconomic scenario.

Founded by Neetish Sarda and Harsh Binani, Smartworks’ unique value-based offering through unbundling of services and in a no-frills manner enables businesses to avail the necessary services to manage their operations and allows them to expand and consolidate seamlessly to suit the evolving nature of their business. However, there are other unique ways in which Smartworks is transforming commercial real estate and bringing goodness to the occupiers.

The rise of Customisable and tech-enabled workspaces 

The rise of Internet commerce led to the establishment of new businesses across sectors which have varying infrastructure needs, and being able to offer unique spaces with a functional design element becomes essential. Smartworks has been at the forefront of providing enterprise-focused workspace solutions custom-made for each occupier to suit their needs.

From building workspaces that lay enhanced focus on employee productivity to ensuring it meets the occupiers’ design sensibilities, Smartworks has been solving such varied needs with its workspace solutions and offering a unique experience to employees of its occupiers with tech-enabled solutions.

Using advanced technologies, Smartworks has been transforming mundane office tasks into unique experiences for employees, enhancing productivity and increasing employee satisfaction scores. From enabling smooth entry and exit, seamless reservation of meeting/conference rooms, recreational zones, food ordering, beverage dispensing, and much more, Smartworks’ SW App has become the one-stop destination for all office needs of enterprises.

It also extends to managing facilities, security, access control and other concierge services, ensuring enterprises’ secure and efficient workspace environment. These tech-enabled workspaces have been applauded by clients and members alike.

Foraying India’s hinterlands with Smartworks

With India’s tech revolution unfolding in cities beyond metros, an increasing number of companies are looking to tap into its large customer base and abundance of talent, becoming attractive for enterprise businesses. This foray is being supported by Smartworks which has a pan-India presence with 40+ centres and over 8 million square feet of growing footprint across 12 cities nationwide.

This enables existing occupiers to expand seamlessly while allowing other businesses from these cities to experience a unique office experience which enhances their output. Unlike a traditional office space with stringent norms, Smartworks offers heightened flexibility, making it easier for enterprises to scale up or consolidate depending on the business needs. It has become its most attractive proposition.

Employee experience is the key to success

As employees are essential pillars of any business, offering a unique workspace experience becomes imperative to maintain employee morale and ensure satisfaction. Smartworks’ managed workspaces are designed keeping in mind the varying needs of employees and contribute to building a vibrant workspace. Enterprises today are looking to offer an experience to employees which helps foster innovation, collaboration and creativity among employees and the design language of the workspace plays a pivotal role in this.

It also allows occupiers to emerge as talent magnets, ensuring their long-term growth. From offering amenities such as breakout zones, recreational areas, wellness facilities, sports zones, and events, well-optimised and designed workspaces are also preferred by employees, contributing to their enhanced productivity.

Smartworks’ unique approach to democratising this space has attracted hundreds of leading enterprises and global MNCs as commercial real estate continues to transform with managed workspaces. Its unique approach of delving into the finer nuances of office needs and solving them through its customisable and tech-enabled solutions positions it as the preferred enterprise partner.

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