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Solid Systems Global

Solid Systems Global

Witness the emerging force in Outsourcing

In recent times, the outsourcing industry has emerged as a key contributor towards economic growth of the service sector. A sector that has the highest contribution in Indian economy has been positively affected by the outsourcing business. For last two decades, all sorts of outsourcing industries that prominently include ITeS providers, BPOs and KPOs etc. has been the prime source of leads and business for companies across the globe. India is considered one of the most fruitful and affordable destination by MNCs and big firms.­­­­­­­­

The global sourcing market in India continues to grow at a higher pace compared to the IT-BPM industry. India is the leading sourcing destination across the world, accounting for approximately 55 per cent market share of the US $ 185-190 billion global services sourcing business in 2017-18. Indian IT & ITeS companies have set up over 1,000 global delivery centers in about 80 countries across the world.

A force to reckon with

India has a bucket full of companies catering outsourcing services. Amongst them, very few have gained expertise that places them apart from their peers. Solid Systems Global Business services is one such well-acclaimed name that has garnered huge support from its worldwide clients. Solid Systems Global is a well-defined infrastructure services & business services company, ranging its KPO, BPO and ITeS centers globally with headquarters in Bangalore, India. They hold their add-on delivery centers in UK & Dubai as well.

Solid Systems Global as a business transformation company, rebuilds processes for its customers catering to tailored SLA’s, data driven analytics and a deeper dive on end user behavior studies. Its main business strategy is to build in house delivery centers and act as an OSP (Outsourced Service Partners) while placing itself as a Brand Behind Brand. It firmly believes in acquiring customers as per B2B channels and partnering with worldwide service integrators.

Since its inception in 2015, it has gone to establish itself as the preferred choice of clients. It has been implementing winning strategies, applying international quality standards and deliver on accelerated performance, which has helped the company to rank in the top 10 most preferred outsourcing companies in India along with top 20 most promised managed service providers by CIO review in 2018.

Wide range of domains

Its clientele include some of the most reputed companies worldwide. The clients include providers from a wide range of domain such as Hospitality services, Data security, Airports, IT support and Customer Services.

The Company has always believed in the relevancy of outsourcing while concentrating on building profitable Centers of Excellence as well as managing off-shore services into remote areas for Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities such as Chandigarh, Hubli, Meerut, Patna and Srinagar.

The company is continuously working on creating cost effective and quality maintained performance management models and thus has been able to break the thought “OUTSOURCING IS AN EXPENSIVE UNIT”

Solid Systems Global works on tested and tried approach of design, implement, deliver and control to work on customers KPI’s and deploy resources to achieve the highest point with a lean method.

The Company is strengthening its services that attracts to be beneficial to SMEs, MSMEs and startups. It is working to make small scale industries aware about the potential of outsourcing. It has created a path for itself to establish the most suitable option for the customers while it handles support services and the customers get the confidence to focus on core revenue development and business enhancements.

Latest Technology

When it comes to technology, the company never misses out on the tech front. Fathoming the need of latest technology, the company upgrades its systems frequently. Its technology is at par with the top outsourcing companies. It is using independent in-house developed softwares, CRMs and ERPs to give customers more option with a promise to upgrade with the technology.

With its tailored suites it acts as a one stop shop for customers which helps them monitor complete lifecycle of any transaction, along with smart reports and help predict end user’s behavior for the customers. Solid Systems Global aspires to be the next generation BPO, KPO unit because of its virtue to transform business processes with defined technology, analytics and project management skills.

Work culture has been a vital part of the company. The Company knows how to make use of the talent and skills of its employees with a curated skill matrix which enables cross platform skills and multiple learning programs. Since the word go, the company has always taken care of the productivity that is believed to be one of the most important part of a corporate culture. Moreover, it strongly believes in diversity hiring and employee engagement atmosphere. Company has an open hiring policy with no bar on age and qualification. The company has practiced an approach to always maintain and exceed all client expectations with employee satisfaction at all levels.

Visible Growth

The company has been successfully deploying and managing delivery centers for premium product and service lines. While it has engaged a major ramp up in Bangalore unit as a COE (Center of Excellence) but at the same time has built off shore outsourced units enabling its reach and capabilities.

The company is continuously trying to add international quality standards while has successfully attained standards like ISO, COPC Inc. and is compliant to GDPR laws, and other major data protection and privacy regulations across US, EU and UK. The team is supported by a very strong capability development unit along with strategic and Workforce Management Team.

The Company is witnessing growth at various levels. As of now, it foresees the expansion of the outsourcing as a delivery center to worldwide service integrators. Company has added multiple service options to handle CSP (Customer Service Providers), VMO (Vendor Management Organizations) and frontline end to end support.

In the first quarter next year Solid Systems Global is working together to enable an industry first pricing tool to reach out directly to the major global service integrators and quote on business services within 48 hours of turnaround time. The company will further add a much more cost efficient model where a customer can opt for a shared services or dedicated services to a skeleton level of scope of work.

Since the beginning of its inception the company has seen 3x increase in its annual revenue and has also enabled its own BCP (Business continuity planning), strategies and roll back centers in UK and India.

Faizan Kanth (General Manager and Head of Business)

“Global Offshore helpdesk emanated in 2015 conceptualizing the new generation business outsourcing program along with our directors Paul Lalli and Suki Lalli. It brings us lot of joy to see ourselves ranked as top 10 trusted BPO’s in India 2018. While we continue to grow, our approach is to build a unique model of outsourcing and IT Infrastructure services to capture most of the companies under SME, MSME’s and start-ups.This win is dedicated to all employees and Clients” says Faizan.

Faizan brings over 11 years of constructive experience to the company with his industrious and versatile exposure to Outsourcing, Automobiles and Information Technology sectors.



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