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Speckyfox Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Speckyfox Technologies India  Pvt Ltd

Helping clients to transform their vision into reality with the help of strong Software Development and Testing/Quality Assurance services.

You know that Businesses are constantly in search of highly reliable software development and testing companies to fulfill their product development and testing needs effectively. SpeckyFox Technologies excels in providing tailored software development, testing services, and customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of the clients with precision and expertise.

It is the most effective way to mitigate the risk related to software failures. As much as competency in software development is important, software testing is equally crucial to avoid any sort of functional, performance, or security issues that could lead to issues, bugs, downtime or security breaches.

Here, emerges an organization that offers clients with the best of both worlds!! SpeckyFox is a venture that specializes in software development as well as testing. Owing to their unique service portfolio and customer-centric approach, they have become a globally acclaimed player in the industry.

The guiding force of the company is the trio of founders who are tech enthusiasts with a myriad of skill-sets. Avneesh Kumar Agarwal, Akshay Chouhan and Abhishek Aggarwal join hands to set up SpeckyFox Technologies as an outstanding company in the IT industry resonating with a unique set of core values.

We got a chance to sit down with Abhishek Aggarwal to cover the entire gamut of the company’s portfolio. And the discussion was absolutely enlightening one where we bagged valuable insights and food for thought to be shared with our global readership.

Abhishek initiated the dialogue, “SpeckyFox was established with the concept of developing state-of-the-art software that could be accompanied with the best practices of software testing as well. All the co-founders have different skill-sets and contribute to various aspects of our business model.

The founding team has years of experience and specialization in tech-inclusive solutions. Our vision is to emerge as the leading player in the software/IT industry to help the tech suites create the best-in-class solutions.”


Emerging as a leading provider of Software Development and QA/Testing services, SpeckyFox has got the specialization in turning clients’ visions into reality through innovative technology solutions. The group began its phenomenal journey in 2018. At present, it has become synonymous with a venture that is offering a comprehensive portfolio of Software Development, QA/Testing, and Strategic Consulting services.

Be it startups, SMBs, mid-size enterprises, and large conglomerates across various continents, their clientele has expanded since inception. The team is leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Java, Angular, React, Node, C#, Flutter, JMeter, LoadRunner,UFT, Selenium, Playwright, Appium, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS cloud, and Azure cloud etc.

The company has been pledged to develop bespoke and scalable solutions that could meet the unique business requirements of each client. The company is in ceaseless pursuit of excellence and never fails to adopt a customer-centric approach to keep up with its reputation. No doubt, they are solidifying themselves as a reliable tech partner in terms of transforming dreams into success stories.

Today, SpeckyFox is a globally acclaimed organization with an effective reach across continents with diverse clientele. And they have cultivated lucrative collaborations with big MNCs as well as well-funded startups. In view of expansion, they are currently hiring highly talented individuals to fill various vacant positions in the space of Software Development and QA/Testing.


Our mission is to be the enabler of innovation, guardians of quality, and passionate collaborators to create a future where technology is a force for good, empowering businesses and individuals to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

SpeckyFox empowers innovation by embracing emerging technologies, fostering a culture of creativity, and continuous improvement.

Delivering high quality product through rigorous testing and cutting-edge development, the company ensures that clients’ software aspirations materialize into reality. It’s not merely about building code; it’s about fostering confidence. The comprehensive testing services provided by SpeckyFox identify and eliminate bugs before they transform into nightmares, safeguarding clients’ reputations and ensuring unparalleled user experiences.

The belief is that software shouldn’t just work; it should thrive. The development teams at SpeckyFox meticulously craft beautiful, efficient, and secure code with scalability and sustainability at the forefront. The company doesn’t settle for “good enough”; it relentlessly strives for exceptional quality in every line of code.

The mission of SpeckyFox expands beyond technology. The company seamlessly integrates as partners with its clients as an extension of their teams. SpeckyFox listens, collaborates, and comprehends the unique needs and challenges of its clients.


Abhishek happened to walk us through the core values that drive every aspect of the company’s operations. For them, keeping up with client’s trust stands paramount, and utilizing optimal solutions that fuel their business growth. For them, the work culture is brimming with dedicated efforts.

They have also kept a great focus on resolving every issue occurring at the workplace. Every employee at the company has great respect for work, clients, and colleagues cultivates sincerity and enduring relationships, facilitating the delivery of superior quality. Moreover, there is a great passion infused in every interaction, elevating client service to perform a justice profession.

Every member of the SpeckyFox team is unwavering in their pursuit of excellence, fostering a culture where collaboration thrives and hierarchies dissolve. Growing and evolving at a collective pace, shared learning and laughter could be found at every corner of the workplace.

Their core values are their greatest strengths – They mainly focus on infusing the values in their system by focusing on these four core values.

People empowerment – They advocate people empowerment to success. The employees have all the tools and freedom to make decisions in their span of capacity.

Passion – Employees are forever keen to learn whatever they do with immense energy

Respect – It’s significant that one should be treated with dignity irrespective of the role or designation.

Trust – SpeckyFox is a trustworthy team that nurtures the faith of its people and clients under any situation.


On behalf of the other two co-founders, Abhishek shared that SpeckyFox emphasizes on three aspects.

People empowerment:

• Investing in talent by offering training programs, mentorship opportunities, and access to new-age technologies. They empower the team members on the professional as well as personal side.

• Creating a collaborative environment to foster a culture of innovation where every individual’s ideas are valued and respected. With open communication and teamwork, they harness the collective intelligence of the workforce to solve complex problems and deliver exceptional results for the clients.

Leveraging Latest Tools:

Leverage tools to seamlessly manage processes and deliveries. This is their foremost important aspect to ensure the delivery of top-quality products. Their approach entails the reliance on an array of diverse tools.

And for this, they have both: proprietary in-house solutions and externally adopted ones, to streamline operations and enhance product quality. This holistic toolset allows them to maintain rigorous standards within the development lifecycle. And the end result generates consistently high-quality outcomes in favor of their clients.

Improving Processes:

• Streamlining Development and Testing to refine the software development and testing processes to enhance efficiency and quality. Facilitating agile methodologies, automation tools, and best practices, they optimize the whole lifecycle of software delivery, from ideation to deployment.

• Driving Continuous Improvement, they ensure continuous improvement to drive excellence in everything they do. Through regular feedback mechanisms, performance evaluations, and post-project reviews, they implement corrective actions to raise the bar of the service delivery.


We request Abhishek to shine some light on the leadership that exists in the establishment and their mantra that could inspire our global aficionado. To this, Abhishek responded that their leadership style sprouts from a profound understanding of the market challenges that are being tackled by the team.

To keep up the spirit, the three founders regularly interact with employees to cultivate an environment where team members feel empowered to express their ideas. This heavily contributes to inspire employees toward shared goals. Also, revolving around this leadership philosophy, they are highly aligned with the practice of empathy.

Each individual at the leadership position strives to understand and relate to the experiences of their team members. And they claim that empathetic approach ensures that the process of decision making is quite considerate when it comes to the employee’s perspectives. They know how to value the needs of each employee and ensure a culture that speaks of mutual respect.

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