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Sri Sai Institute of Technology and Science

Superlative Technical and Science Education in an Impoverished District of India

With an advent of technology, there is an abrupt increase of professional courses across India. A multitude of institutes and colleges offer technical and science studies; however the concern is, most of the colleges are deployed in cities. Apparently, an exquisite education is limited to the city dwellers, now the question arises, what about the youth of backward areas? An answer to this indispensable question is given by K.P.V. Subbaiah, by establishing the Sri Sai Institute of Technology and Science in Raychoty, to provide a qualitative technical education. Let’s explore in detail about Sri Sai Institute of Technology and Science.

Establishment and Pre-eminent objective of the campus with its influence

To commence the process of technical and scientific education in the rural district of Kapada, an ace, K.P.V. Subbaiah founded Sri Sai Institute of Technology and Science in 2001. The institute acts as a beacon to remove the darkness of illiteracy from Raychoty. The fundamental objective of the distinguished institute is to promote technical education, which in turn, produces highly creative, innovative, and motivated young leaders in the sphere of engineering.

The hurdles and troubles of young aspirants to attain the finest engineering education are infinite; an empathetic and feasible move was taken by Subbaiah to remove the roadblocks away from the path of youngsters. Con-sequently, the institute provides ample opportunities for upgrading the living standards of the families and fulfilling all their beautiful dreams.

SSITS is approved by AICTE, New Delhi and affiliated to JNT University, Anantapuramu. It offers highly standardized and exemplary courses to imbibe among the young learners an advanced technical learning. Categorization of graduate level engineering studies is into Five Streams:

EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering), CSE ( Computer Science Engineering), ME (Mechanical Engineering), and Civil Engineering. In addition to bachelor’s courses, availability of PG (Post Graduation) courses are also there; M.Tech (Masters of Technology) in ECE, EEE, CSE and MBA (Masters of Business Administration).

Obstacles in an expedition with the Strategies to cope with, and the facilities to offer

Showing the courage to set a technical institute in an impoverished area was an extreme challenging initiative. Still, Subbaiah took an imperative step to kindle the light of an advanced learning among the rural youth; the veteran made a huge difference in the lives of the students, and made them capable to compete with urban students. A multitude of strategies are deployed by the institute’s management to imparting an efficient education like bringing eminent personalities to motivate the students, establishing well-equipped, and standardized laboratories which make the college stand apart from its competitors.

SSITS is housed in a grand area where spacious buildings are designed to suit the modern concept of engineering institutions. The campus has CCTV cameras to provide better security and surveillance. The institute is located on a sprawling campus of 56.28 acres with a lovely landscape in a lush greenish, hillock, with calm and congenial atmosphere. Keeping an atmosphere calm and serene with an aid of beautiful greenery around provides a peaceful and soothing environment to the students.

Exceptional facilities of Wi-Fi and internet in the campus, and the creation of digitized library for the sake of students’ learning uplift the standards of education. There are excellent accommodation facilities for boys and girls; separate hostels are constructed in accord to the safety and comfort. Safe and clean drinking filtered water is available inside the campus. Inexplicable transportation facilities are provided to the students in the village.

Conventional methods of using chalk and duster to teach are replaced by advanced projectors, to enhance the process of Research and Development, various Ph.D. holders, and intellectuals are invited. Annexing to it, the dimensions of an education in SSITS are stretched; students are not only exposed to the monotonous guest lecture from the faculty of top- notch universities, but also they are encouraged to participate in Symposiums, Paper Presentations, Work- shops, Internships and R&D with Sports and Cultural activities too.

Scenario of the education sector in India and Subbaiah’s contribution towards it fortunately, in India, students are getting a good exposure to knowledge and information by an access of education. However, there are limitations too, efforts by private institutes in an education sector are being looked down and treated badly. According to the flair founder, the portals to impart practical knowledge should be opened rather than the theoretical; this ought to be the significant change in the system. Students need mentors who can provide them an empathetic support, direction towards their goals and imbibe values.

SSITS is successfully providing the cognitive skills which are quintessential in shaping the students’ personality; ethics and core values along with an incredible education can lead to a meaningful educational experience.

An exuberant, Subbaiah, with confidence, says, “Ethos and Values provide effective teaching. We are offering a wide range of learning opportunities, and support. Recognizing and valuing individuals’ talents, interests, and encouraging self-confidence in their abilities to learn and progress.”

In recent times, Research and Development Department is playing a crucial and an influential role to strengthen the profile of the institution, faculty and students. With an aid of R&D, we expand the horizons of growth and development in Science and Technology. PM’s vision of ‘Make in India’ can become real only if the institutes follow the process of R&D.

Altitudes-SSITS has climbed on with impetus spirits

Since its inception in 2001, SSITS has been providing a qualitative technical and management education to the students to leverage their livelihood. Students in the college were awarded two gold medals by VC- JNTUA 2010-13.The campus witnessed the 4th JNTUA Intercollegiate Athletic Meet in 2016. In, one of the students stood topper with 96.5% in an entire JNTUA affiliated colleges in 2018. In addition to these achievements, students were placed in the reputed companies and in international companies.

The management of the college provides extensive career guidance from joining the campus till the students are placed. They are sending some of the students to Campbellsville University to attain qualitative knowledge.

A noble deed for the social cause by the generous man College adopts one village yearly under NSS scheme, and its students spread awareness about the hygiene and importance of literacy by campaigning in the villages. Students formed metal roads in the villages with beautiful greenery. The management is philanthropist; it has offered many poor students free education, and providing free food for the students and workers. Staff quarters have been provided at nominal rent.

An influential and significant Message to the readers of Business Connect. With pride, they hold a firm belief that SSITS will be in the top ranks of colleges in future as well, and soon it gets an autonomous status by 2021. Their objective is to eradicate illiteracy from the surrounding areas of Raychoty as well; to produce good nation builders and stakeholders in developing our nation.


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