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Data and information are priceless assets in this age of evolving digital interconnectedness. With its emergence, companies have moved to more inorganic prospects to scale business growth. Deal flow across the M&A markets globally has been hot across all of 2021, and India is no exception. This in turn means the increased amount of data that is changing hands between sellers and prospective buyers. Data may include intellectual property, financial and market data, proprietary software information, business research, etc. – the core pillars of a business.

SS&C Intralinks is a global technology provider of inter-enterprise content management and collaboration solutions. As pioneers of the virtual data room, the technology enables and secures the flow of information, empowering customers to work more productively and with complete confidence. SS&C Intralinks solutions enhance these activities by streamlining operations, reducing risk, improving client experiences, and increasing visibility. Earning customer trust and business of more than 99%of the Global Fortune 500 and have executed over $35 trillion worth of financial transactions on the SS&C Intralinks platform.  We innovate to enhance the value, speed and confidentiality of dealmaking, reporting and communications – driving success for our users. Our dedicated team empowers clients to leverage our technology with complete control and confidence.

The India entity was established in 2015 to offer on-the-ground support for local business efficiency across the South Asia region.

We had the opportunity to speak with SS&C Intralinks’ SVP Sales – APAC, Mr. Christophe Montane. In a lively discussion, Christophe explained how SS&C Intralinks uses AI-powered redaction to protect organizational data – and its transfer across groups.

The below article is framed from our conversation.

The requirements, benefits, and methods of data governance evolve over time, especially in the financial services industry. Such changes are increasing risks such as poor data quality and governance as users’ data need to remain secure. SS&C Intralinks offers a platform for the secure exchange of strategic data; document sharing to enable enterprise collaboration across organizational, corporate, and geographical boundaries. With 25+ years of experience as industry pioneers, SS&C Intralinks has developed a secure Virtual Data Room (VDRPro) for sharing and managing sensitive documents for due diligence in M&A transactions, fundraising, and other customized requirements. The VDR’s underlying tools adhere to a deal’s lifecycle from sourcing to managing quickly and accurately.

Beyond the immediate benefit of supporting strategic transactions securely, an integrated platform also helps in executing end-to-end governance programs, prevents money laundering and other financial crimes during transactions, improving vendor management, and coordination with financial monitors and auditing processes.

Research & Development is in SS&C Intralinks’ DNA. Throughout the years, SS&C Intralinks has always remained ahead of the curve by investing in improving existing products through innovation and customer satisfaction. Its platform is barrelled with recent notable advancements over the last 12 months, such as Zoom Integration, Video streaming in Virtual data roomInformation Rights Management (IRM™) technology. And the most recent innovation is AI Redaction for Virtual Dataroom.

Intralinks AI Redaction uses advanced artificial intelligence to help protect against unintentional exposure of personally identifiable information (PII) – names, addresses, phone numbers – and other sensitive data you specify. All done easily and seamlessly within the VDR environment. Advanced artificial intelligence makes it fast and simple to protect sensitive deal data. Intralinks AI Redaction helps to cut out costly outsourcing and speeds up the manual process of ensuring compliance with complex regulations.

The past 18 months’ rapid digitization is driving both opportunities and uncertainty across the industry. As a technocrat, Christophe deals with a variety of endless new challenges that test his creativity, and places an emphasis on relationships – both internal and external – “I like putting my focus on ‘We’ instead of ‘I’”, he states. Christophe continues, “When we are faced with unprecedented challenges, we make decisions based on the concept of ‘Marginal Gains’”. The concept states that small and incremental improvements in any process lead to an overall improvement when they all add together.

Using this concept, Christophe identifies the area that needs improvement, collaborates with a team of trusted advisors, and strategizes around marginal improvements to serve the company’s collective goal his Asia-Pacific territory. This approach has substantially helped him spread the company’s core values across APAC. Through his strategic leadership, Christophe has upheld the company’s objectives and approach towards stakeholders.

Christophe champions strong and active collaboration between all functions in the team; sales, marketing, human resources, customer service, legal, etc. This collaborative effort has resulted in SS&C Intralinks being an employer of choice and has helped in growing the Asia-Pacific contribution to global revenue in the last year. One Team. One Goal.

In fronting the Asia-Pacific operations, Christophe has helped in structuring an ecosystem of diversity not just by culture, but in qualifications. The most important qualities however, remain each employee’s drive for success: “the most important trait I look for in my employee is integrity and passion”, he shares

He empowers employees with tools for success and knowledge for growth. For those needing extra support, he and other senior members facilitate additional mentorship and guidance; SS&C Intralinks seeks to foster a sense of pride in its resources for wanting to better themselves continuously.

The company’s success through COVID-19 has been an exemplary showcase of SS&C Intralinks’ teamwork. Technology and teamwork have been the cornerstone during this melancholic period. As Asia-Pacific was the first region affected by COVID-19, Christophe and his regional team worked swiftly to share best practices with his global counterparts in the company. Hard work ensured growth in the business and the further support of every employee and their family through the crisis. Christophe expressed his immense pride in leading the team through these difficult times and how the team has demonstrated an inspiring and tireless team effort in the face of challenges or uncertainties.

SS&C Intralinks has been a market leader since its inception, and its innovative technology, strong leadership, and best-in-industry talents are ingredients to its success globally and in APAC; Christophe’s shrewd leadership has played an integral part in this success.

SS&C Intralinks’ VDR has completed over US$35+ trillion worth of transactions. The platform has a record of closing 6,500+ M&A deals annually. The technology is backed by 24/7/365 days support, which makes it a preferable choice for 99% of companies. SS&C Intralinks has a 100% pass rate provided by 280+ customer-led audits. VDR Pro serves over 4.1 Million+ global dealmakers and users as their central repository for due diligence.

With such milestones, it wasn’t long since SS&C Intralinks received numerous positive recognitions from the media.

Some of its noteworthy achievements include:

  • Best Investor Relations Technology 2021
  • BIG Innovation Award Winner 2020
  • Best Secure Work-Flow Management Provider 2020
  • Best Secure Work-flow Management Provider 2020
  • ACQ Global Award 2019: International Fintech Company of the year
  • ACQ Global Award 2019: International VDR Provider of the year
  • International – Fintech Company of the Year,
  • International – VDR Provider of the Year,

These achievements and recognition truly justify SS&C Intralinks’ hard work and passion as the leader VDR provider globally.

The company proudly calls itself, “A leading innovator in financial technology.” Its product always guarantees unmatched security in transactions, whether it’s mergers & acquisitions, alternative investments, banking security, or audits.

“Have a clear vision, work towards that goal, and believe in your ability.”

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