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StrategicStack Service Pvt. Ltd.

StrategicStack: Strategizing A Right Plan That Saves Your Money And Time

If you want to see evident results by developing the operational efficiency in your business – with the main objective strongly set on achieving operational excellence – operational consultancy is the key.

If you are looking to rediscover your operations to unearth a new competitive edge. If you want to operate more profitably and efficiently, operational consulting can add real value. Be it back office, R&D lab to the factory floor across the supply chain, a right operational strategy consultancy can give you a competing advantage.

For an operational strategy firm, there are two sides of a project; strategic side and operational side.

STRATEGIC SIDE: Let us think that an organization needs to set up a price for a product. A management consulting firm would help the organization to know how to set up the price. But an organization strategy firm goes beyond that. They actually make the change, pilot it, see the impact in different geographies and come up with the researched and confident explanation to the change. It’s all about real execution.

OPERATIONAL SIDE: An operational strategy firm when dealing with the operational side will focus on speaking to the vendor, customers to make the change.

Now that you are aware of the advantages, how should you take a step forward and where to begin?

When you require help from an Operations Strategy Consultants be sure that they consider these on priority

  • Manufacturing operations
  • Customer operations
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Asset reliability and up-time
  • Supply chain management
  • Enterprise performance improvement
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Facilities Management
  • General & Administrative operations
  • Innovation and product development

StrategicStack Service Pvt. Ltd. is known to build all of the above with convenient and supportive clients–consultant relationships.

StrategicStack Service Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of women-owned New York-based company Alpha Variance Solutions. Dynamics 365 is a product line of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management applications announced by Microsoft in July 2016 and on general release November 1, 2016, as a part of the Microsoft Dynamics product line.


The company provides a range of services from implementation, development, technical and maintenance support for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is a business process management software that allows organizations to use a system of applications to manage their business. StrategicStack guides the businesses throughout the implementation process and beyond. The service experts are Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX professionals who are eager to help and solve any issues or address any concerns that may come up during the ERP implementation process with Dynamics 365 24X7.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is especially unique in the industry because of how customizable it is. While this advanced level of customization is a huge advantage for Dynamics users, it can also cause even the most technologically savvy business owner to feel lost. As a Microsoft Gold Partner knows for it’s in-depth knowledge of ERP implementation and post-go-live services, the team is an expert in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 for Retail and Professional Services.

In words of Ms. Rupal Sekhar, the Managing Director at StrategicStack, “We strive to simplify the process and identify the critical aspects of dynamics implementations that will enable us to create accurate cost estimates and timelines to meet your budget and exceed your expectations. After all, it’s really all about money and time! We believe that the right plan can save you both. We work with you to develop an implementation strategy that is based on your vision, business drivers and required future state.”


The company is delivering top tier services to Microsoft Dynamics ERP clients around the world. Clients like Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, LVMH Fashion Group, Clever Devices, Prospero Nursery, and Fahrrad XXL Group are all benefiting from a workforce that is committed and focused on solving problems for them on a daily basis as well as avoiding problems for them by monitoring and analyzing systems & applications on a continuous basis

Want to know more about this promising company? We had a conversation with the founder to bring you some exclusive insights on who they are, how they work and what they believe in. Here’s a quick glimpse.

Ms. Rupal Sekhar, the Managing Director, has been a critical part in the establishment of StrategicStack’s office in Bangalore. A mother of a beautiful 3 years old girl, she has been in the IT industry for close to 10 years and has worked as an Analyst at one of India’s Premier Technology Firms. Her vision behind this startup is to empower and provide more opportunities to young professionals and encourage women to follow their dreams irrespective of the social norms. Under her leadership and commitment, StrategicStack Services’ sole purpose is to understand and fulfill the client’s requirements.


I want to offer true opportunities for women and young tech professionals. We have many young talents that will benefit from true career development and guidance. The Indian market is very rich in talent and opportunity for both employers and employees. We are trying to create a top tier services organization that enhances the outcomes for all involved and we think our employees should see the primary benefit in order to make our customers happy.


We have the benefit of being part of the largest ecosystem in the world, MICROSOFT, and with this participation comes the knowledge, tools, and resources to stay ahead of industry changes, shifts and adjustments. Microsoft goes to great lengths to ensure that all partners are up to speed and able to accommodate the latest requirements in the market. Hybrid clouds are just one example of industry shifts and opportunities to pinpoint our client’s requirements with product offerings that meet trends.


StrategicStack is about people and recognizing that people matter greatly. We have the same Technologies, Systems, Practices, and Structures as many of our competitors. What we have that is more valuable is a dedication and commitment from our workforce to solve client’s issues and to learn and develop as tech professionals. In an industry that does not value individual contribution, it becomes a beacon to many when a company listens to you and your ideas. From there, StrategicStack goes the extra set to help our people evolve as business people and this better helps them serve our clients as well as their own interests. That is our secret sauce.

How important do you feel the workforce is for the company, and what are you doing to keep your team motivated and energized?

StrategicStack believes that our workforce is our biggest competitive advantage and asset. With proper workforce planning businesses can identify and anticipate issues early, helping to avoid disruptions and unexpected costs. Workforce development is what distinguishes StrategicStack from all others.

We are looking for people who want to grow and develop management and supervisory skills in the IT industry. This is much easier when you have great leadership, mentorship, and coaching in place to curate and support your staff. Being in a start-up mode allows for much more learning and development that normally is not open to the entire staff. We believe in workforce diversity which ensures different perspectives, creativity, faster problem solving, better decision making along with higher profits.


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