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Unveiling the Oswal Dynasty: Pankaj Oswal’s Family Legacy and Business Empire

Unveiling the Oswal Dynasty: Pankaj Oswal’s Family Legacy and Business Empire

Written By Rajan Das

Businessman Pankaj Oswal is from India. Burrup Holdings Limited, one of the biggest producers of liquid ammonia worldwide, was founded by him as its sole founder and chairman. Over $3 billion is thought to be Oswal’s net worth.

Pankaj Oswal’s father is Abhay Kumar Oswal who is the founder of Oswal Agro Mills and Oswal Greentech. Both of them are run by Pankaj’s brother Shael Oswal. He was raised in India and attended Manipal Institute of Technology. Following graduation, he worked in numerous businesses of his father

Family Background

Pankaj Oswal’s family has been traders for centuries. In the 1980s, Pankaj’s father, Abhey Oswal, was dubbed “India’s next Ambani.” Abhey’s father, Lala Vidhyasagar Oswal, has developed a profitable woollen and hosiery business from the ground up. With his father’s support, Abhey began seeking for other options.  Abhey Oswal, then in his twenties, founded Oswal Agro in 1979. By the 1990s, Abhey had amassed a fortune of 500 crores through acquisitions and deft manoeuvring.

Despite significant obstacles when the Rajiv Gandhi government took office, Abhey persevered and established the world’s largest grassroots Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) facility in Paradip, Odisha. Abhey owned investments in Oswal Greentech, Oswal Agro Mills, and the media firm News Nation Network at the time of his death in 2016.

Abhey and Aruna Oswal had three children: Pankaj, Shail, and Shalu. Shael Oswal is a well-known Bollywood vocalist and the Director of PT Garda Tujuh Buana Tbk, a coal mining and mining services firm based in Singapore and Indonesia.  Shael Oswal drew the attention of Singapore media when, at the age of 33, he purchased the Sentosa Cove villa in Singapore for $39 million in 2012 to use as a weekend enjoyment property.

In 1994, Shalu Oswal married industrialist and politician Naveen Jindal. Shallu is also a popular kuchipudi dancer.

Radhika, who came from a wealthy family in India, married Pankaj when she was only 18 and Pankaj was 23. It was an arranged marriage done with Indian pomp and ceremony. In 2001, the couple travelled to Perth with their two-year-old daughter Vasundhara to hunt for mining prospects. They had expert guidance regarding inexpensive petrol resources on Australia’s north-west shelf.


Pankaj Oswal has had a notable career marked by his involvement in various industries. With a focus on agro-based businesses and manufacturing, Oswal has played significant roles in the growth and development of multiple companies.

Oswal began his career in the textile industry, particularly in the production and marketing of cotton and blended yarns. He served as the chairman and managing director of Oswal Agro Mills Ltd., a company known for its expertise in the manufacturing and distribution of these textiles. Under his leadership, the company expanded its operations, established a strong market presence, and gained recognition for its quality products.

In addition to the textile industry, Oswal also ventured into the agrochemical and fertilizers sector. He played a crucial role in Oswal Greentech Ltd., a company engaged in the production and distribution of agrochemicals, fertilizers, and seeds. Oswal’s contributions helped the company strengthen its position in the market and offer innovative solutions to farmers.

One of Pankaj Oswal’s notable ventures was Burrup Fertilisers, a Western Australia-based ammonia and urea production facility. As the founder and former chairman of Burrup Fertilisers, he played a pivotal role in establishing the company and driving its growth. However, the company faced financial and legal challenges, leading to a dispute between Oswal and the major shareholder.

Oswal’s career also extended to the woollen and worsted fabric industry. He was associated with Oswal Woollen Mills Ltd., a leading manufacturer and exporter of these fabrics in India. His involvement in the company contributed to its success and expansion in domestic and international markets.

While Oswal’s career has seen achievements and successes, it has also encountered challenges and controversies. Disputes and legal battles have been part of his journey, particularly in relation to the Burrup Fertilisers venture.

Establishing a Global Chemical Empire:

One of the defining moments in Pankaj Oswal’s career was the establishment of a global chemical empire. In partnership with his father, he co-founded Burrup Holdings Limited, a leading chemical manufacturing company in Australia.

Oswal’s strategic vision and ability to identify market gaps led to the company’s exponential growth. Under his leadership, Burrup Holdings expanded its operations and gained recognition as a major player in the industry, producing various chemicals and fertilizers. Oswal’s commitment to innovation, efficient processes, and customer satisfaction allowed the company to thrive and make significant contributions to Australia’s chemical sector.

Pankaj Oswal and ANZ bank Controversy

The dispute between Pankaj Oswal and ANZ bank is one of the most complex and controversial cases in Australian corporate history. It involves allegations of fraud, forgery, bribery, corruption, and breach of trust, as well as billions of dollars in assets and debts.

Pankaj Oswal is an Indian-born businessman who moved to Australia in 2001. He and his wife Radhika founded Burrup Holdings, a company that owned and operated a fertiliser plant in Western Australia. The plant was one of the largest and most profitable in the world, producing ammonia for export to Asian markets.

ANZ bank was the main lender to Burrup Holdings, providing loans of over $800 million to the company. The bank also had a security interest over the Oswals’ shares in Burrup Holdings, which were valued at more than $2 billion at their peak.

The dispute began in 2009, when ANZ bank claimed that Pankaj Oswal had misappropriated funds from Burrup Holdings and used them for his personal expenses, such as buying luxury cars, yachts, and properties. The bank also alleged that Oswal had forged his wife’s signature on loan documents and had bribed foreign officials to secure contracts for Burrup Holdings.

The bank then appointed receivers to take control of Burrup Holdings and sell the Oswals’ shares to recover its loans. The Oswals challenged the bank’s actions in court, arguing that they were unlawful and unfair. They accused the bank of acting in bad faith, breaching its fiduciary duties, and undervaluing their shares.

The dispute dragged on for several years, involving multiple legal proceedings in different jurisdictions. In 2012, Burrup Holdings was sold to a consortium of buyers for $1.3 billion, far less than what the Oswals claimed it was worth. The Oswals sued the bank and the receivers for damages, seeking up to $2.5 billion in compensation.

In 2016, the dispute was settled out of court, with ANZ bank agreeing to pay the Oswals $200 million and apologising for its conduct. The settlement was hailed as a victory for the Oswals, who said they were vindicated by the outcome. However, the settlement also raised questions about the bank’s accountability and governance, as well as the adequacy of the regulatory oversight of the banking sector.

Pankaj Oswal’s Personal Life:

Pankaj Oswal and his wife Radhika have two daughters, Vasundhara and Ridi(Riddhi). Vasundhara is the older daughter, born in 1999. She is an executive director at PRO Industries and Axis Minerals groups, both part of the Oswal industries. She holds a major in finance from the University of Melbourne. Ridi is the younger daughter, born in 2002. She is studying chemical engineering at the University of London and is also an Indo-Western pop singer-songwriter.

Both Vasundhara and Ridi are active on social media, where they share glimpses of their lives as the daughters of a billionaire couple. They have also been featured in several magazines and newspapers, including Vogue India and The Times of India.

The Oswal family is known for their lavish lifestyle. They live in a luxurious villa in Switzerland, which is reportedly one of the most expensive homes in the world. The villa is named Villa Vari, after the two daughters.

Vasundhara and Ridi are both well-educated and accomplished young women. They are sure to make their mark on the world in their own way.

Here are some additional details about each daughter:

Vasundhara Oswal:

  • Executive director at PRO Industries and Axis Minerals groups
  • Holds a major in finance from the University of Melbourne
  • Active on social media, where she shares glimpses of her life as the daughter of a billionaire couple
  • Featured in several magazines and newspapers, including Vogue India and The Times of India

Ridi Oswal:

  • Studying chemical engineering at the University of London
  • Indo-Western pop singer-songwriter
  • Active on social media, where she shares her music and her life as a student
  • Featured in several magazines and newspapers, including The Indian Express and The Hindu.

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