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Summer Season: The Month of Happy times and Good Sunshine

Written by: Dr. Amit Mishra

Summer Season: The Month of Happy times and Good Sunshine

With the arrival of sunny weather, the first and foremost thing which comes in mind is about the adventurous summer camp. Summer camps are the best business models for sustainable engagement of kids (age group 4-14 years) or youths (age group 15-29 years) to pursue creative leisure activities (hobbies), promote healthy lifestyles (discipline, punctuality, etc.) and learn tools and techniques to apply to your own business idea, school project, leadership opportunities, or volunteer experience opportunities.

The activities in summer camps involve training kids or youths in multidisciplinary programs like reading, writing, calligraphy, theatre, photography, gardening, game development, coding, camping, trekking, music, dance, science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, robotics, tourist adventure, etc. for enjoyment and personality development.

In recent years, there has been a significant upsurge in the number of summer programs in major cities of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon) which has established a firm foothold in the education Start-ups industry.

In the last year, the initiative of Google India for an educational campaign across the country was an innovative idea in which it partnered with “Kidzania, Global learning and entertainment brands in the world” to set-up a “Summer with Google” experience zone where kids were encouraged in a virtual tour and taught the essentials How to be safe on the internet.

Every Professional or Entrepreneur and their family in today’s busy world are so much engaged in their office work that it becomes inevitable for their kids to be sent to summer camps for pleasure and learning. Kids truly require fun time to beat the heat of summer. Here are some vital reasons discussed Why camp can be a good option for business?

Favorable features of Kids or Youths Summer Camps

  • It is related to maintaining Good Health – The well-being of Kids are maintained when they participate in the summer camps. These camps allow them to live in a natural ecosystem which helps develop natural immunity in them and increase their awareness towards the environment, hygiene, and good nutritional habits. In addition, they also perform various physical activities and exercise like climbing, swimming, etc. which help them reduce stress and enhance mood. Outdoor physical activities improve the overall well-being of the kids.
  • It is related to developing Lifelong learning skills – The camps provide top facilities, equipment and instructions to the kids for playing different games and sports. It helps in building healthy bones and muscles, improves sleep, boosts self-esteem and lowers the risk of Obesity.
  • It is related to developing Companionship skills – In camps, the child gets an opportunity to interact with many other children belonging to different social, cultural, and financial backgrounds. By sharing the things, respecting and cooperating each other, resolving their disagreements, they learn to live in harmony with each other. This makes their experience at the camps memorable.
  • It is related to developing Independence – The summer camps develop an independent attitude in kids. As they have to self-manage their work in the camp, they learn the lessons on how to work independently. A summer camp is sure to make him or her learn to be self-reliant.

Drawbacks of Kids or Youths Summer Camps

  • The camps may expose the child to some unwanted thoughts and beliefs, the ability to judge between the good and bad might be challenging for kids at times.
  • The kids involved in physical activities are physically very tiring and emotionally exhausting. Moreover, such camps due to poor hygiene could lead to a few other health-related issues.

In general, Summer camps can be a wonderful way to expose kids or youths to diverse creative and engaging activities. Hence, the prospect of summer camps is increasing for their involvement in the holistic development of the individual.

With the summer arrival, all is green and growing, Young entrepreneurs may plan for Summer camps to enrich their academic profile along with personality development that is not related to their routine work. Also, it is one of the top business ideas as the importance of utilizing summer vacation is increasing nowadays because of increasing awareness among parents who are more conscious and generous and wish to have suitable planning for their kids to make them enjoy holidays. Recent Start-up Summer Camps International Innovation Camp of Youths has brought together the career path guidance through entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership from around the world.

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