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Reasons Why Sunglasses Acts More Than Just An Accessory

Reasons Why Sunglasses Acts More Than Just An Accessory

By: Sneha Chaudhary

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Sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory, almost worn by everyone, and without them most wouldn’t leave home. When the sun is glaring off the town and you pick your sunglasses out of your back, once you lip them on, you instantly change your appearance.

It’s no longer a medical necessity, just a style need. The dreary vision-correcting computer machine revamped surprisingly into a cool and swanky faddish accessory. The rage is so strong that, just for the sake of fashion even people with perfect vision wear lenses.

Here are some reasons why, before you head out the door, you’ll want to catch those shades:

  • Protect Eyes From UV Rays

One of the most significant advantages of wearing sunglasses is that they shield the eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation and the fragile skin around them. Exposure to UV can lead to cataracts and cause glaucoma symptoms worse. Moreover, about to 10 per cent of skin cancers are found near the eyes. Choose glasses that cover the eyes entirely and make sure that they have 100 per cent UVA and UVB protection.

  • Protect Eyes From Glare

Sunglasses not only let you see better when it’s light outside, but they also decrease the amount you need to squint by the cutting back on the sun. Squinting will lead to headaches, exhaustion and eye pressure, as well as the formation over time of fine lines in the skin around the eyes. When you squint, it’s also difficult to see clearly, which can lead to injuries, particularly when driving. Maximum glare safety is offered by polarized sunglasses.

  • Dark Adaptation

After you are exposed to intense sunshine, sunglasses allow you to refocus your vision. If you will not adapt for long stretches after being exposed to the sun, your night vision may be impaired. You’ll find it hard to see the road while you are riding at night. Riding becomes risky when you haven’t been wearing shades.

 Some Top Sunglasses Brands

  • Ray-Ban

A debut back in the 1930s, the Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses made their airline flights more popular, and the legends of the era were pilots. The Italian-based company offer polarised lenses to shield the eyes from sunlight. In the 1980s, with the release of films such as “Top Gun” and “Risky Business,” these glasses gained attention.

  • Maui Jim

In the early 1980s, Maui Jim sunglasses made their debut at a hotel pool in Maui, Hawaii. By 1988, the mainland was just starting to see them. This sunglasses are built for males and females alike. Many of the models have polarised lenses of varying colours that shield against the sunshine glare.

  • Versace

In 1978 Versace was started, this Italian fashion house made its debut in Milan, Italy. Versace sunglasses are known for their ornate, female-centred logo, and their wrap around and aviator styles are common. Much of the lenses are polarised to shield the eyes. Some women’s styles involve ornate and lavish details.

Sunglasses have been a standard feature of most uniforms for outside jobs. For much of the year, lifeguards, office, and those who work outdoors wear sunglasses as they offer a variety of advantages. While most people look fantastic in colours, they are an essential outdoor accessory for almost any occasion. They have a long history and style icons, actors/actresses, and fighter pilots have made them popular.

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