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Swarg Community Care

Swarg, Gujarat’s First Residential & Rehabilitation Seniors Care Home

“We need to continue to make improvements to the system of care recipients to respond to the needs of older people and their families and to support our dedicated, caring staff in their important good work.”

Mr. Amit Limbachiya, Founder Chairman, Swarg Community Care

When your health is deteriorating with every passing day, it becomes of utmost importance to stay by the side of your loved ones. A patient receives maximum comfort in a familiar environment rather than shifting from one bed to another.

Swarg Community Care (SCC) in Gujarat was established considering the fact that millions of senior citizens across the globe are facing health problems. By 2025, there will about 1200 million people aged 65 years according to UN estimates. Failure to address old age health needs today could develop into a costly problem tomorrow. Seven percent of the 1.1 billion Indian population is today over the age of 60. They too wish to have better access to health care, look forward to a fun, health, dignity, economic independence, and peaceful death.

Founded in 2012 by Mr. Amit Limbachiya, it is a specialized care home where bedridden, terminally ill, immobile, required assistant for daily living or permanently disabled elders can stay and be looked after under the supervision of a professional team, which consist of 24/7 Nurses, Personal care assistant, Physiotherapist, Psychologists, Behavior therapist and Consulting doctors. It is one of the healthiest and happiest places in Gujarat with 100 multiple beds & rooms’ capacity and the central theme of “Healthcare with a human touch”. It essentially is a residence for rehabilitation & 24/7 Care with excellent in-house facilities and an independent organization which helps the community, for fast and happy recovery of its guardian.

The Visionary!

Mr. Amit Limbachiya, who is B. Pharmacy Qualified from L. M. College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad, India. Additionally, He has accomplished Community Welfare from King’s International College, Gold Coast, Australia. He also has completed multiple connected courses and certificates from Brisbane, Australia like PBST (Positive Behavior Support Therapy), BLST (Basic Lifestyle Support Therapy), DSP (Disability Support Practice), Certificate of OHS (Occupational Health & Safety), Certificate of Manual Handling, Certificate of Managing Challenging Behavior, Certificate of First Aid & CPR and Certificate of Understanding of Body Systems.

Indian Ministry estimates say the number of people in the 60-plus age group in India will increase to 100 million in 2013, and 198 million in 2030. The elderly population will increase to 12% of the total population by 2025, 10% of whom would be bedridden, requiring utmost care. The ministry’s revised National Program for the Healthcare of the Elderly (NPHCE) expects to have 20 institutions with the capacity to produce 40 post-graduates in MD in geriatric medicine per year. Additionally, 6,400 beds in district hospitals and 1,000 beds in medical colleges for the elderly by 2017.


These concerns encourage the team at Swarg to start a facility where bedridden, terminally ill, paralyzed, and disabled and other severe medical condition where a family member has difficulties to look after seniors 24/7. It is a challenge for them to provide round the clock medical care for the elderly.

Old age homes won’t be able to give admission to bedridden people. Moreover, hospitals won’t keep them for a longer time and at home, round the clock medical treatment may not be possible. This way we were born where we can provide 24×7 nursing care, doctors, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, dietician, recreational activities, accommodation, laundry care, surgical tools and homely like environment. All service provides in under one roof.

And setting the standard of residential care, Swarg Community Care is emphasizing on ensuring the optimal quality of life for all the residents by valuing their individuality and holistic needs. With a facility for bedridden and terminally ill seniors, it is a very unique care model which will help family members to provide a healthy option to keep their bedridden family member with them. Here they intend to recover the care recipients from their fragile bedridden condition towards an in-dependency.

Amit further states that “Swarg Community Care has a long vision, our strategic plan is to conduct different branches in different cities with a modern and supportive care model for the elderly in the near future in India. We have high-quality solutions for people living with paralysis, immobile, neurological disorders, terminally ills and those elderly who are unable to look after themselves at home in India, societal, policy and sector reform that directly benefits residents and a strong, developing and sustainable organization”.  


The high-level of care residences have been designed to ensure comfort and quality nursing care in a pleasant home-like environment.

  • Nurse/attendant Calling System: The facility has highly advanced including in nurse/attendant calling and monitoring systems.
  • Accommodation: We offer a range of accommodation for every budget including General (8 beds), Economic (4 beds), Twin (2 beds) and Deluxe Rooms (1 bed) with attached toilet bathrooms. The air-conditioned room will be provided on request.
  • Facilities: Prayer area, Library, Sunbath area, Guest House, Canteen, Activity hall, and Garden. Provisions for cordless telephones are available. Wheelchair friendly facility.
  • Fresh Meal Prepared Daily:

Following the Prime Diet philosophy, our professional hospitality team prepares well balanced, healthy and appetizing meals. Special dietary needs are easily accommodated.

  • Ambulance Facility: We can organize ambulance service for residents who live in Vadodara city and also outside of Vadodara city, additional charges would be applied.
  • 24/7 security cameras and Free Wi-Fi Internet Connection
  • 3 languages newspapers at the facility (Gujarati, Hindi, English) and magazines
  • Basic medical and free medicines supplies and equipment and aids to assist with toileting and continence management and Oxygen equipment on a short term or episodic basis.
  • Wheel stretcher lift facility, Palliative care or Post-hospital care support, Spiritual, Recreational and Social Support, Daily Vital Signs Monitoring,

Well-equipped physiotherapy room, Ventilator support will be provided if required and On-site Hairdresser, Laundry Care, and Housekeeping.


Swarg has to its credits three national awards in the year 2018 for THE BEST AGED CARE HOME IN INIDA by Mrs. Soha Ali Khan, PROVIDING AN INNOVATIVE ELDERLY CARE SERVICES IN INDIA and THE BEST ELDERLY CARE HOME IN INDIA by Mr. Sunil Shetty.

Initially started from 10 beds service to facilitate the Senior Citizen and continuously delivering successful results in Vadodara Swarg has expanded their services to 100 beds and it’s still growing.

The next big plan is to open new center in Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar with the goal of Bigger, Modern Facilities and latest Technology Care center. Assessing the outgrowing needs, and more demand for elderly care home, they have decided to build bigger center in Ahmedabad, for senior citizens where they’ll be provided with high-quality Food, equipment and Services. They will be taken care of in our safe and caring hands in a challenging and busy environment.


“We continually work to understand the needs of our residents and strive to provide the highest level of care possible. We receive invaluable assistance from trained volunteers who donate their time and talents for the support of our residents. They may include social contact, assistance with feeding, spiritual activities, recreational activities, and many other activities. Any support you or your family and friends may be able to give will be greatly appreciated” adds Mr. Amit.

A new concept Swarg Community Care arises first time in Vadodara, Gujarat India. Swarg is a Gujarat’s first 100 bedded Swarg Rehabilitation & Residential Age Care Centre. Care facility for bedridden is a very unique care model which will help family members to provide a healthy option to keep their bedridden family member. They intend to recover care recipients from their fragile bedridden condition towards an in-dependency.

SCC is a specialized care facility Home where bedridden individuals elderly can stay and be looked after under supervision of professional care team, which consist of 24 Hours Nursing Assistants/Nurses/Physiotherapist/Psychologists/Behavior therapist and Consulting doctors (On-call).

“SCC” serves an array of residents including domestic patients from Gujarat & neighboring states, VIP’s including people from rich business class and Government employees, many expatriates and international residents who live in Australia, UK, USA, and Canada and nearby countries also come for the rehabilitation. SCC is having 24/7 professionally managed support staff which includes, Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists, Doctors on call, Psychotherapists, Rehabilitators, Administrators, Supervisors & House keepers.

SCC is managed by professionals with experience in operating residential care services, with a primary intention to provide cost-effective care services for bedridden sufferers.


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