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Best Tea Selling Websites for Wholesale Tea Business

Written By: Nilanjan Dhar

Best 5 tea selling websites

There are over 2 lakhs tea selling websites operating from different countries. Now as a buyer how to decide which one is the best tea supplier !!! Definitely an impossible task to complete. But when you are as determined as we are, you can find out easily, ways to make the impossible into possible.
First, we used each and every search engines to find out most popular 20 tea selling websites. Then we go through all websites thoroughly, number of times separately by all of us. As if we are new to tea and planning to buy tea spending millions of Rupees.
Here we should give a very small intro about ourselves. We are tea planters for over a quarter century and some of us now work as tea consultant or tea marketing consultant or tea garden managers.
From these over 200 tea selling websites, we shortlisted 20 websites. Rechecked them, discussed them and finally short listed to 6 websites.

Assamteasellers is on top our list. This is also our unanimous choice of all members.
We have not found any other tea selling website like this. This website everyday publishes some images of the tea manufactured that day. They also clearly mentions the price of their tea everyday. Though for tea business, tea images are not enough to find out the quality. But at least you become aware of expected quality and price of the tea available. As well as you can compare these prices with other Assam Tea Sellers’ prices.
Best thing about this website is that they have mentioned clearly when to buy tea, which time of the year tea quality improves or deteriorates. No other tea company mentions these things in their websites. They simply hide all cons of tea business. You may start your tea business as low as 500 kg tea from them. If you buy 5000 kg tea at time, you will get a discount of Rs 5 per kg. Another plus point of assamteasellers is that their prices are fixed, so no time to waste on haggling and you are assured of their tea quality.


This is a genuine tea producing multi national company. They have got many gardens in India and other countries. They sell their tea online and in retail as well as in wholesale. Retail price is reasonable, It was Rs 294 per kg in January 2020. Though they have not mentioned was it from Dooars, West Bengal or Assam. Generally Dooars tea are of low quality and low priced. You can also buy in bulk from them but we have not found any wholesale price list. For that you have to submit a form in the website, they may respond or may not respond. In our case they never responded.


This is also a good tea sellers with gardens in Assam. They sell both loose tea and packet tea both in wholesale and in retail. Retail price is around Rs 500 per kg. They have not mentioned their wholesale prices in the website. We sent our inquiry. They use auto responder, so no human touch we have found. It was not possible to discuss your query with them. Though there quality is good but we think retail price of their tea is higher by at least Rs 150.


This is also a genuine tea company with own gardens in Assam and Westbengal. They produce both CTC and Orthodox. They sell in large quantity from their gardens. They do not have any plan to start online direct retail sell till March 2020. But you may contact them for minimum 10000 purchase. They do not give any price information in their website. Price depends on market conditions. They have also got Inquiry Form. For tea requirement you can fill the form and wait for their reply. As we are waiting. Because for some unknown reason they disabled it.


Many seller sell their tea through This website is legendary for taking care of their buyers money. But all tea sellers in this website are either small wholesaler or part time wholesaler. They buy it from market and supply it whenever a order is received. This makes tea costly in comparison to their quality.


This is a multinational marketeer. They do not own any garden. They buy from different gardens and sell these tea to many countries. They have not mentioned their head office address anywhere in the website. But they sell their tea through shops and malls in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune. Price is exceptionally high. They are selling 15 packets sample tea of 10 gram each at Rs 933. That means Rs 150 gram at Rs 933 or Rs 6220 per kg. They buy tea from gardens and packs it in their names and sell it. Tea quality is good but price is so high that made it un affordable. Since they are wholesaler, so high price is expected.

In conclusion, we say that if you are new or experienced tea business man is always suitable for all types consumers. They sell as low as 500 kg to new buyers at equal price.
If you want to buy only high priced and high quantity tea for very upper class market go for Goodricke or Goodwyn Tea or Jayshree. All 3 of them have number of gardens and strict quality control system.

Teabox or Amazon charges very high for not so very high tea. Because many makes profit from such sales, so we do not recommend them. More over Amazon is not exclusive tea selling website. More over Amazon Tea sellers are mostly wholesellers or Retailers. By paying Amazon courier charge, it is very difficult get good quality tea at reasonable price.
Though, we have mentioned six websites here but we will call it best 5 Tea selling websites.


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