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Terra Greens Organic: Ensuring the essence of purity to you via organic produce

Terra Greens Organic: Ensuring the essence of purity to you via organic produce

Written by- Kajal Dobhal

Today, the utilization of chemicals in farming practices has resulted in the upsurge of adversities, be it in the terms of our health or the environment. From the emergence of some rare forms of diseases to heart-drenching soil pollution, mankind is now being haunted by its brainchild- chemical reliance. The constant use of harsh chemical-based fertilizers is adversely destroying the beneficial microorganisms and delicate ecosystems around us.

Without any proper management to deal with the chemical residues, livelihoods and health of the commonalities are put to fatal risks. Endangering our lives from multiple aspects, genetically modified crops are just worsening the situation in the present backdrop and the recent studies showcase that growing children are the most vulnerable ones to the aftereffects of new-age farming techniques.

The time has come to shun those chemicals and turn towards sustainable ways of living. And what could be more effective than adopting organic farming! It is something that humans can undoubtedly rely upon for healthier and better future prospects as ensuring a robust ecological balance has become the need of the hour.

Organic farming eschews all the present farming techniques that include the utilization of chemical, hormones or antibiotics for augmented crop production. Instead, it depends upon natural fertilizers such as animal faeces, guano and fruit or vegetable waste material for enriching the soil with nutrients and grow healthier crops that are unadulterated and invigorating.

Acknowledging the alarming situation that is pushing the human race towards a darker future, Terra Greens Organic has become a torchbearer that promotes organic farming and its end-produce via its online platforms. In a virtual coffee session with the CEO of Terra Greens OrganicLikitha Bhanu, our team discussed the exclusionary vision and mission of this outstanding business venture.

Terra Greens Organic is an ancillary of Terrafirma Projects Pvt. Ltd. that is a Hyderabad-based organization. Fundamentally, it is a supply chain enterprise that is closely collaborated with the stakeholders across the value chain to deliver the end-produce from the farmers to the end-consumers. At present, the company has joined hands with around 12,000 farmers, whom a specialized team trains and supports in multiple ways while encouraging organic farming practices.

Moreover, Terra Greens Organic is a one-stop store for all those distributors who want to launch their brand-new product line.

Keeping purity and quality as their foremost quality, the company was conceptualized on the notion to become a leading brand that is synonymous with healthy and tasty organic food.  Additionally, the company targets to revive sustainable agricultural practices in the country via organic farming techniques.

A glance at the exemplary vision
The company commenced its entrepreneurial journey with an outstanding vision to make organic food a ‘new-normal’ scenario. They are constantly striving to make organic food accessible to the commonalities by dispensing the awareness about eating the right kind of food. Terra Greens Organic is adamant to ensure it with a crystal clear vision. It is constantly seeking ways to make organic food more accessible to people,” states Likitha Bhanu.

At present, they have ensured a well-established presence in the metro cities and is about to penetrate Tier 2 cities where organic food has become a diet trend for health-conscious masses. With the augmenting popularity of organic food, their presence has been mushrooming from leading stores to several top-notch e-commerce sites. Moreover, the company also offers home delivery services to end consumers.

“We envision to be the supplier of exemplary organic products to the world. While ensuring upliftment for the farmers in India, we aspire to be a supply centre to the world,” states Likitha.

The company’s core competencies lie in some out-of-the-box organic farming methodologies, keeping the farmer’s community as their foremost priority. It has made a distinction while being disruptive to the industry by being a women-led enterprise that firmly believes in healthy and ecologically balanced farming practices. They reckon that relying on organic farming is the best possible way to ensure a better future with sustainable methods.

Synergy technology
Today, numerous technological advancements are being deployed in the favour of farmers and agricultural practices across the industry for process optimization. Being in a close association with the stakeholders, the company ensures to utilize a myriad of tech-trends at multiple levels- be it ground-level production or track yield/inventories or to project expectations of the produce.

For manufacturing or processing, their Inventory Management Software ensure seamless processes and enhanced efficiency. On the sales front, their PRM software allows them to optimize and improve the relevant operations.

“Technology has helped in multiple ways to enhance our productivity and achieve our aspired targets on time,” asserts the exemplary CEO.

About the competitive edge
In its restless drive to make organic the indispensable part of common people’s lives, team Terra Greens is committed to assuring its end-consumers with the best-in-class fresh, safe and handpicked produce. As more and more people are turning towards organic products, the company specializes in offering such a product range that is pretty hard to obtain in the current scenario.

What makes them stand apart is their specialized back-end team of skilled professionals in the organic industry. Likitha states that the identification of an appropriate farmer and vendor network is crucial to excelling in this domain and their expertise in this segment is a differentiating factor to them.

Leadership insights
Likitha is serving the company as the CEO and her leadership style is all about being collaborative as she as witnessed exponential growth as a leader while being surrounded by her team. She believes that her growth has been an end-result of being associated with the team of experienced individuals at the company.

As an organization, Terra Green Organics is a very flat enterprise where every department has its leader and everybody is avidly involved in the decision- making procedure. Likitha is always all ears to the suggestions offered to her by the team members and ensures to make a suitable decision by keeping the vision of the company into deep consideration.

Under her leadership, she aspires to build a positive and collaborative culture at the company. She looks at the company as a giant machine where every small part plays a significant role that is chartered or defined. Her distinct leadership style allows the team members in encouraging the organizational goals as the top priority than the personal goals.

For the future, the company aspires to become a leading player in the premium organic sector of the Indian agricultural economy. Soon, it will be establishing a robust supply chain to cater to the needs of the end-consumers who are steadily taking significant steps towards health, fitness and organic food!

Word to be conveyed
As an ending note, Likitha conveys a short message to the readers, “We take immense pride to be a part of the change and contribute to the ‘changing for the better’ scenario. The COVID-19 pandemic proved that our choices can make a major difference, and we are privileged to be a part of an industry that is an indispensable part of a ‘better choice movement’. Being an entrepreneur, it brings us enormous delight to be the enabler of promoting better choice among our end-customers.”




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