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The Impact of General Elections on Indian Entrepreneurs

Written by: Vikas Jha

The Impact of General Elections on Indian Entrepreneurs

The season of suffrage or the voting season has clouded the nation yet again. There are many things at stake this time for the ruling BJP-led NDA (National Democratic Alliance) as well as for the opposition alliance.

This makes it more important to know the probable outcomes in different scenarios from the perspective of Indian entrepreneurs and startups that have mushroomed in the last few years. What is going to be their fate in varied circumstances; if NDA comes back to power or if the opposition alliance surprises (which seems a distant reality at the moment).

Nevertheless, the excitement and the enthusiasm to elect and (re-elect) the candidates knows no limit. Amid all this, to analyze and forecast the future probabilities is one of the most important things to get a clear picture of the Indian entrepreneurial world. Without wasting much time, let’s try to explore what entrepreneurs can expect in different scenarios.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a new startup culture has been witnessed in the last five years. Our Prime Minister Mr Modi has been steadfast from the very first day of his term to transform the way startups used to work earlier. He has been very enthusiast to make things smoother and easier than ever for new and dynamic startups of varied nature.

This is one of the reasons that new-age entrepreneurs admire him a lot. Even during his foreign trips, a whole lot of young breed of entrepreneurs and NRIs (Non Resident Indians) could be seen mesmerized by his presence. For millions across the globe, he is nothing short of phenomenon that has made him a godly figure for man across the seas.

So, what makes him so popular among the masses and especially among the business persons and entrepreneurs? Without a pinch of doubt, his visionary plans such as Startup India and Skill India coupled with Make in India have proved to be the milestones which have played a vital role to boost the GDP and the job paucity in the market. Apart from creating jobs, they have also boosted the confidence of the man in the street to go for more Indian things. Not only this, the brain drain that was widespread in the country has come to an all-time low.

Now, more and more NRIs settled all across the globe are willing to return to India owing to the change in the working environment. Mr Modi has been quite successful to help India better its ease of doing business ranking. This has been a magnet for many brilliant minds who were reluctant to work here in India just because of the lack of a proper work culture and due the presence of rampant corruption, red-tape and bottleneck. Policy paralysis was one of the causes for the brain drain.

Our Prime Minister has ensured that the red-tape culture, corruption and the bottleneck became a thing of the past. Moreover, the present government has offered many tax rebates for the startups and entrepreneurs so that they can help to create more and more jobs which can help to grow the GDP and the growth of the country.

After more than three decades, the present government has been the most stable government owing to the thumping majority it got in the last general elections. The fact is whenever a stable government is in the power, it comes with a sense of security. That’s why it naturally possesses power to take decisions without any fear or the compulsion to appease a certain segment (often the criminals). Same is the case with the present government, due to which Mr Modi has created a huge fan base.

As far as the opposition alliance is concerned, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that rather than to win the election, they have gathered to defeat Modi. We can see opposite poles coming together such as AAP and Congress; CPI and TMC, SP and BSP.

There are a number of examples to corroborate the unholy alliance that is running short of agenda or a blueprint to work for the entrepreneurs or startups. Even if we talk about the largest opposition party i.e. INC ( Indian National Congress) , it is fighting for only 230 seats and which clearly shows that even the party is assured that it is  impossible to win on its own.

Now, the ball is in the voters’ court; they need to vote sensibly. Understand the power of vote and celebrate the festival of democracy.

Note: The content given in the article is only the writer’s opinion.

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