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The TravelBook Online


“The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson

Travelling is undoubtedly the most enriching activity, to gather the best experiences in a lifetime. It is a journey that makes a person awesome. One gets to socialize with new destinations, become more adaptable to changing scenarios, turn adventurous, and grow lots of other qualities. In short, traveling transform a person into someone people gravitate toward and want to be around.

But to have a remarkable journey, one needs to get in touch with people who can deliver cost-effective deals and ideal experiences. One such brand, with grasp over many notable destinations around the world, is  The TravelBook Online.


The TravelBook Online is a Destination Management company with trustworthy services, including accommodation and meal, sightseeing to tourist attractions and transportation in Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE, Maldives, Mauritius, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Russia, Turkey, Europe and all major destinations in India. Their services are catered to a wide number of Travel Agents, Consolidators, Timeshare companies, OTAs, and Holiday companies in India, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The TravelBook Online has a very transparent customer service framework, standing as one of their USPs. Their 24/7 support system attends to all kinds of unforeseen situations/updates or any feedback from the clients’ end. Added to that, they ensure a prompt response within 20 minutes to 1 hour for FIT queries and 24 hours for group queries which gives an edge to travel agents to drive the rate of conversions.


The Company was brought into the picture by two domain experts – Mr. Sayan Guha (Founder and CEO)  Mr Madhu Sudhan K A(Founder and COO). They are zealous entrepreneurs, with a huge background in business leadership in a variety of verticals, especially travel. Mr. Madhusudhan is an ardent fan of Mr. Warren Buffett and loves to watch StartUp Tech Shows & is an enthusiastic traveler. He also likes studying share market trends and behavior. Mr. Madhu Sudhan believes in the philosophy,“Preparation comes before success even in dictionary too…!!  “Success always comes with Patience”.

On the contrary, Mr. Sayan Guha is seasoned in the areas of International Business Development, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Institutional Sales, Project Management, Account Management, Strategic Planning, and Project Management Training. He has worked with many notable organizations like American Express and Edusys and he has worked in Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates. He is also an accredited Prince2 practitioner and ITIL Foundation certified. Presently, he is the Business Head at The Travel Book Online. In addition to business, he loves to read, travel, and watch documentaries. He is a football fanatic and a die-hard fan of Manchester United and East Bengal FC. Also, he has a great interest in gardening.


The Company was incorporated in 2016 at Bangalore. As newcomers, they were welcomed with a fair share of obstructions by the industry. Having no office space, they were confined in a 100 sqft. place in the farthest corner of a residential area and functioned with a meager number of clients. Since they started in the period of demonetization, it took 45 days to open a bank account and took 2 months to open a foreign currency account. The economy was very slow and the demand was very low.

However, with time, The TravelBook Online moved up in ranks and acquired an area of 2000 Sqft., in the Central Business District of Bangalore, for their office. Their significant-quality standards also brought them a substantial amount of clients.

It gives us immense pleasure to see new opportunities, helping our agents grow. This drives us to do more, achieve more,” asserts Mr Madhu.

The Travel Book Online has created a strong stature in a while. Their challenges aided in learning and mastering new dimensions of the arena, building the confidence to build a strong foundation.


For years, technology has been a major pillar of growth for any organization. In the travel industry many technological upgrades like mobile technology, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality(VR), Internet Of Things (IoT), etc. have made experiences more exciting and interactive. The TravelBook Online conducts an extensive level of R&D to install these upgrades in its framework. For adding new destinations in their trove, they send their teams around the globe to gain destination knowledge. R&D is essential to add new destination packages, reasonable rates, and also devise safety & hygiene measures. This eventually designs a flavorous experience for travelers.

In the past few years, eco-travel has become a prominent choice for all kinds of travelers around the world. Mankind has transited to conventional methods that are environment-friendly for the respective destination. The Travel Book Online has also commenced eco-tourism itineraries, encouraging their travelers to opt for conservational work or volunteer in cleaning up beaches and choose eco-friendly transportation to maintain the serenity of the destination.


As said before, The TravelBook Online champions its way with uncompromised quality in its services. They deliberately keep pace with their clients/ guests, following up on their needs like safety, hygiene and convenience. Each of their destination packages comes at a very competitive price, further helping travel agents make sales, with significant profits.

The Travel Book Online has welcomed 475 clients, from nations namely India, Australia, Philippines, Bangladesh, and the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and Azerbaijan. Some of their notable clients include Travel Triangle-B2B Division(India), Paul Merchants Limited Holidays (India) Wanderlust Tourism India (India), Benchmark Incentive and Leisure Travels Pvt Ltd (India), BIT Air Travels Pvt Ltd (India), Travnetic (India), Lily Holidays and Travel Planners (India),  Travedise World (India), Travel Traders (Australia), Chisty Group (Bangladesh), Dawat Holidays Ltd (Bangladesh), Beyond Adventure and Tourism(Bangladesh), Herod Travel (Philippines), Amago Holidays Ltd (United Kingdom), Nitrogen Travel (Azerbaijan) and Go-Go Bali Tour (Indonesia).


Proficient employees are the backbone of any organization and The Travel Book Online has nurtured an able team. “We do not consider them employees; rather, refer to them as team members,” says Mr. Guha. Over the last 4 years, the team of The Travel Book Online has been a keynote for growth. To maintain their competency, the Company presents them with ample opportunities like sending them to offshore destinations, attending prestigious trade shows around the globe. These activities are beneficial to the team’s nourishment. The Company maintains a very transparent communication channel between the management and the employees, where everyone can express their thoughts, strategic inputs, and feedback.


Within 3 years, Travel Book Online has set many milestones that prove its forte. In F.Y. 2018-19 it has achieved a turnover of close to 2 million USD  and has leveled up to 2.2 million USD in the following year. The COVID-19 lockdown was a major jolt for the company. But, even after losing the last 2  months of the financial year, it has surpassed the previous financial year’s business volume.

Following the footsteps of this success, The TravelBook Online is foreseeing a great diversification. In the coming years, the company is aiming to initiate medical tourism and also anticipating greater opportunities in the US market. From their experience, the travel fraternity is fragmented and severely unorganized; they are willing to change this. With outstanding services and solutions, the company is aiming to attract the govt. authorities and help the industry grow.


“Travelling is an experience which cannot be bought with money or replaced with any material possession. As an industry, we are very resilient but without your support, the industry will take longer to come back to normalcy. Please support the industry post-COVID-19 and allow us to show the wonders of nature and the beautiful scenic views.” – Leadership panel, The TravelBook Online.


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