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Thinkhall Training and Consultancy LLP: Hone Up Your Staff Skills 

Thinkhall Training and Consultancy LLP: Hone Up Your Staff Skills 

Your retail team is on the front lines of the fight to win and retain clients. So it stands to reason that you should pay special attention to how they communicate with clients and close a deal. It will take several years for young workers to learn how to provide excellent customer service solely through on-the-job training. Why not expedite the process by providing retail staff with training intended to strengthen their knowledge and enhancing the delivery that is so important for excellent customer interaction? Thinkhall is working on the same line. The students certified by have a proven track record of increasing the sales and increasing the customer loyalty of a store.

Thinkhall Training and Consultancy LLP has been in the training and recruitment business for the past 6+ years. The company now focuses on skilling talented youth from non metro towns of India and are going vernacular. The students have a well defined path from, ready to learn courses, on which they can learn at their own pace, to live trainers who help them solve problems one on one and make them job ready. They also find the jobs at the same platform. Thinkhall Training and Consultancy LLP has various university tie-ups where they provide their services of job hiring and campus placements.

Meet Iti Rawat- The woman behind building Thinkhall Training and Consultancy LLP
Iti Rawat is well known as a  “Retail experience enhancer”, having consulted many national and international firms to increase the sales and enhance customer services. She is also a professional corporate trainer, keynote speaker and motivational speaker. She is the founder of two trailblazing organizations, Thinkhall Training and Consultancy, which is a well-awarded organization in skill growth and recruiting for the retail sector. Another non-profit organization, WEFT Women Entrepreneurs Foundation, is dedicated to promoting women’s inclusion in the startup industry.

Iti is a strong believer in skill growth and creating a livelihood for India’s adult youth. She has trained many retail specialists and developed new-age training approaches for the industry. She also created an online platform for freelance corporate trainers. Before starting her own business, she worked for companies such as Apple India Pvt Ltd, Nike India Pvt Ltd, and Arvind Brands Ltd. She has ten years of corporate experience in numerous tasks such as product development, sales, and retail operations, among others.

She founded the Red Dot Initiative, which has aided domestic violence survivors and brightened the lives of over 100 people.

Network of Services

Thinkhall Recruitment : The company has the ONLY pre-skilled work portal which any employer can use to locate candidates and directly download CVs. The portal’s beauty is the quick subscription of CVs, pre-skilled staff, and online live interviews. You would essentially recruit in a short period of time at a much lower cost – all on the same platform.”

Thinkhall Training : The firm has the biggest trainers network which is spread across 800+ cities of India. They provide localized training solutions to you with local language expertise.

Thinkhall Academy : On their website, the company has online modules where Retail courses are taught to people who are willing to make great sales at your stores. These ready-to-use courses are accredited, based on adult learning principles, and have been vetted by Retail Industry professionals.

Thinkhall Content : The team creates custom content with real shot videos or animation, quizzes, commentary, or even PowerPoint presentations.

Thinkhall Consultancy : HR management, attrition control, change management, channel sales, store opening, and implementations can be handled by in-house business experts with multimillion-dollar business CHROs, CFOs, and Executive Coaches.

Some of the key companies Thinkhall has been hiring for are Reliance Industries Limited, Apple, Nike, Titan, Tata Motors, IFB, Reliance Retail Industries, Reliance Foundation, VIP Bags, Jockey, Bata, VF Brands, Arvind Brands Ltd, Landmark Group, and more.

Iti Rawat has been a Social Leader of the Year 2019 by Indian Business Women Summit, in Mumbai. Thinkhall has been awarded Top5 Startups in Diversity two years in a row in 2019 and 2020 by DivHersity Awards.


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