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Tips For Entrepreneurs To Stay Healthy This Summer Season

Written by: Avishek Singh

What steps can you take to live your summers carefree

Scorching heat where mercury sores to a little below 50 degree celsius with a hot dry unforgiving air hitting against the body, it becomes quite important to take precautionary measures before stepping out of your cool cozy house.

Here are some very simple but useful tips that can act as a shield against the summer heat

1: Wear Sun screen, sun glasses and cover your head: Sun screen protect you from sun burn and skin cancer Don’t leave your home without applying sun screen even if you are out for a short walk You are at a high risk of UV rays without them. Don’t forget to apply it on your lips, ears and feet too.

Also, eyes are very sensitive to the bright sunlight. Put on the sunglasses every time step out when the sun is at its zenith. A cap or a hat is a must as your head is the first thing to come in contact with heat rays.

2: Consider carrying an umbrella: If putting on a hat, wearing a sun screen and sunglasses seems to be a lot of things for a short walk to a nearby market, what better option can you have than talking an umbrella.

3: 7-9 hours of sleep- Our body heals up and repair itself while we are sleeping. Put away your phone before sleeping. Instead read a book. Light generated from screen kills away your sleep. Mobile phones, TV, laptops should be kept away 30 minutes before sleeping. If you find this difficult, start with 15 minutes and eventually increase your time.

4: Practice good hygiene: You cant see germs. You can feel it once it’s there in your stomach through your unclean hands. Use hand sanitisers if you are not at home. Also, clean your house. Winters are over and thus you must open up the covered ventilators for the fresh air to flow in.

5: Eat healthy: The more oily stuff you take, higher are the chances of being at unease throughout the day. Include curd, cumin cucumber, fresh chopped fruits in your meal. Berries, almonds, chick peas have a rich source of antioxidant properties.

6: Eat breakfast: For a lot of us breakfast can take a back seat with so many important tasks which are to be completed. With a lack of proper breakfast, body craves for nutrition, can wilt in the summer sun and lead to lack of energy. Breakfast maintains your sugar level and keeps you energised during the early hours of the day. Include some protein, fruit and vegetable juice in your food

7: Pack light: Entrepreneurs have to travel a lot. Ensure that you carry as light as you can. This not only saves your energy, but also protects you from getting strained or from a muscle pull. This becomes all the more important in summers because body uses more amount of energy fighting the heat and hot dry air.

8: Stay hydrated: Always carry a bottle of water. Avoid soda. If you are bored with water, carry lime water. Add glucose to it. But always have a bottle of water. This saves you from hot and dry summer wind called loo. It replaces lost electrolytes lost during summers.

Thousands faint, feel dizziness and many even die due to heat strokes. Rise in temperature is an alarming problem around the globe and places where once snow falls used to happen are witnessing extreme temperatures.

We still will continue to cut trees, drive cars to the office, use air  conditioning in our houses. These are inevitable. One cant imagine life without it. May in future when things gets deteriorated further to a level where its a do or die situation, things would possibly begin to re-shape and more of natural elements would be used.

Today’s situation is a result of centuries of poor human practices across the globe. As demands grew, so did the global warming. May be some day things would become better. Until then people would continue to fall sick due to poor choices and lack of self care. We have covered some often heard tips that can keep you fit, this summer.

If you could suggest one simple tip to stay healthy this summer season what could it be?

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