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Top 10 Best Lifestyle Bloggers in India

Top 10 Best Lifestyle Bloggers in India

Unlike travel blogs, diet blogs, and other specific blogs that only emphasize a particular category, lifestyle blogs are those that are a mix of things related to urban living. It includes fashion, food, travelling, and lifestyle design, as we simply call it fine living. There is always a big challenge to find the best lifestyle bloggers.

We have brought a list of the 10 best lifestyles Indian bloggers, top lifestyle influencers in India, who can give your best tips to make your lifestyle fine. If you are interested, check out one of these or all of them.

#1. Shalini Chopra


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A post shared by Shalini Chopra (@stylish_by_nature)

Shalini Chopra is the most famous lifestyle blogger who created a website called Stylish by nature. The purpose of creating this website is to make everyone stylish. Her blog was ranked as a top Indian Fashion blogger for three consecutive years 2014 -15-16, received many other international and national awards. She helps her followers and readers to shop from her closet. She has mentioned that her blog is for her like-minded people who find it as important as breathing. Her blogs mainly focus on street style, designer couture, vintage, and fitness.

#2. Rasshi Gaur

Rasshi had a graduation degree in Literature, but her passion for fashion made her hold a master’s degree in fashion. Her website is called, which was compiled with online fashion and lifestyle magazines. Her blog mainly focuses on hair and skin, retail watches, and trendy outfits. But her hair and skin section is the best part every fashion blood raves about.

#3. Shaily Khera


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A post shared by Shaily Khera Thadani (@shailykhera)

Shaily Khera is one of the most famous faces and popular lifestyle bloggers who created her blog in 2015 called confessionzfacloset. She has a master’s degree in fashion from IIFT. On her blog, you can find fashion & beauty tips and product reviews of all famous brands, and many more. Shaily Khera is the style council member on In 2014, she got a chance to style A.R Rahman’s music video for Vogue’s Empower campaign.

#4. Akanksha Redhu


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A post shared by Akanksha Redhu (@akanksharedhu)

Akanksha Redhu is one of the most iconic fashionistas and beauty & lifestyle bloggers in India who completed her degree in fashion design from NIFT. In 2010, she started the blog as a way to note her idea of the project, but later her blog became professional. Apart from that, she covers her events and shopping experience. Through her website, one can steal her own style because she puts all fashion goodies on her blog that she wears. Akanksha loves daydreaming when she is not doing anything she designs accessories for her own brand “CIRARE”.

#5. Gia Kashyap


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A post shared by Gia Kashyap (@giasaysthat)

Mumbai girl, Gia Kashyap is the founder of When she was 15, she started working as a graphic designer for a website, later she entered the t-shirt business. At age of 21, she received the opportunity to write as a fashion columnist for a famous publication in the country. Gia’s blog is sectioned with travel, lifestyle, food, and Makeup. Her flowers love to read and watch her shared tips about home remedies and treatment for makeup within their budget. Gia loves creating is lustrations, playing table tennis & PC game, and more.

#6. Tanya Dhar

Tanya Dhar, the face and voice behind beauty & lifestyle Blog called Urban Diaries, has been seen as a prominent social media influencer. Her blog covers a wide variety of topics, such as luxury fashion & lifestyle, food, and travel. Basically, her blog is a cross-cultural platform that has a purpose to inspire with a distinctive combination of shared aesthetics and interests. More than a hundred thousand people are connected with her social media accounts.

#7. Anuja Pandey


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A post shared by Anuja Pandey (@loftyspectrums)

Anuja is the founder of lofty Spectrum known as one of the best luxurious and lifestyle blogs one can follow. She is also known as a great storyteller and content creator. Her writing journey started at a very young age that remained confined to her diary. Today, her journey of content creation for lifestyle brands has been more than 6 years that was followed by the blog. She also writes about health and wellness for Indian Express. Anuja Pandey has won the best Indian lifestyle blogger award.

#8. Santoshi Shetty


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A post shared by Santoshi Shetty (@santoshishetty)

Santoshi Shetty is one of the hottest Indian fashions and lifestyle influencers who have a huge fan following on her social media accounts. In 2014, She created the travel and fashion & lifestyle blog “The Style Edge”, whereby she posts a lifestyle blog, fashion tips, and her own photoshoots. So, if you are interested in such cool things, then you must follow her. Apart from that, her work has been recognized on a national level, she won some of the best awards like #Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016, #Elle Blogger of the year 2016, and #Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the year 2017.

#9. Nidhi Arora


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A post shared by Nidhi Arora (@nidhsarora)

Nidhi Arora is the founder of the “ChicLifeByte” blog. The blog is for food lovers, fashion enthusiasts, and travelers. She also shares handy make-up tips, dos, and don’ts, or the blunders while doing make-up. She is living a very active lifestyle, you are bound to see plenty of incredibly cool and fashionable stuff on her blog. Apart from that, she runs a salon called soft Touch, where she makes people look and feel good and also talks to people about their hair & beauty concerns. ChicLifeByte blog is run by Nidhi Arora, Co-founder Shilpa Arora, and Subham Arora.

#10. Chandana Munipalle

Chandan Munipalle is one of those passionate fashion and lifestyle bloggers who boon for fashion enthusiasts. She runs a blog called “The girl at first avenue”, which was started back in 2010 as a hobby blog. Soon, it turned out to be an influential online presence, famous for featuring modest, simplistic styling that could be worn and carried by the everyday. It’s since evolved from personal to professional fashion & lifestyle blogs. It has been listed as one of the top 20 fashion blogs in India.

Disclaimer: We haven’t ranked any of these bloggers. This article is just trying to spread information to you about talented and best lifestyle bloggers.

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