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TSC Consultants: Delivering excellence in the Interior Designing and Turnkey projects

TSC Consultants: Delivering excellence in the Interior Designing and Turnkey projects

Space planning is a concept of elevating the quality of life while residing in a commercial or residential place. Over the years, this arena has witnessed substantial changes, owing to the changing lifestyles and escalating population. A living space needs to reverb in such a way that it facilitates the synergy among the occupants and the working employees effectively. This concept is all about creating an effective residing space that can make a significantly positive change in the overall quality of life of the dwellers in a place.

Today, space is a crucial asset as the surging population has become a serious issue. Interior designing is an art to create spaces that are alluring, comfortable and functional. Even less space can be ensured to offer enough living area with the tactics of interior designing. People are always in need of workplace spaces and houses to dwell in. But, most of the time they ignore the significance of interior designing. Poor interiors make even a newly formed living space look dull. Interior designers strive to offer design services to the clients that can make a home- interior remarkably awe-inspiring! Their expertise lies in creating more spaces, enhancing the space efficiency, upgrading the light, colour, texture, pattern and size that can improve the functional usage of place.

Many business ventures have been witnessed in this domain in the past few years, but only a few are well-reckoned for their unique and authentic offerings. TSC Consultants India Pvt Ltd is one such name that has carved a niche for itself by offering state-of-the-art services to the clients. It undertakes the projects of Interiors for Corporates and Residential on PAN India Level. TSC Consultants operates as a Project Consultant Manager and undertakes Turnkey Projects. Serving its adored consumer base since 1999, it is rendering exclusive interior solutions be it Drafting, Elevations-2D and 3D, Designing Spaces for offices, residences or retail industry. Under the auspices of the Founder and Director, Mr Sanjai Singh, the Firm is scaling new heights.

Be it a dream house or an office space, Sanjai has ensured to make his dream team, work in close association with the clients.  The out-of-the-box approach allows the team to do the detailing of the space adequately. It is the blood, sweat and tears of Sanjai Singh, that TSC Consultants has secured 7th position in India’s topmost Consultancy Firms. Today, they have proved their fortes in multiple industries like residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare and beauty design.

Addressing this scenario, Mr Sanjai accentuates, “It is crucial to comprehend the mentality of a user to offer him with one of a kind design for sure. Most of our clients seek services for commercial and residential purposes. Our diverse clientele includes some mega- players such as India Ratings & Research Pvt. Limited- one of the leading Rating companies from Fitch Group. We have been designing their offices at PAN India level. The list of the adored clients also includes AZB & Partners- a legal firm headed by Zia Modi- one of the biggest Indian Corporate Lawyer and Businesswoman, Highstreet Pleasure Cruise-Goa, Deltin Royal Casino-Goa, IGPL- Taloja, a petrochemical lab, NCPA-Churchgate, RWITC-Mahalaxmi Racecourse.”

In terms of the major Residential Projects, they have offered their designing services to many including 3BhK Apartment at Raheja, Mulund 2Bhk, Bhandup-2Bhk, Pune luxurious apartment, Andheri Lokhandwala and many more.

A glance at the inception story
Mr Sanjai Singh commenced this business venture with a commitment to offering excellence in the relevant domain. Driven by a desire to go beyond the limitations, he began this voyage towards the Interior Designing and Construction arena. His upbeat personality and keen design sense propelled him to pursue a creative career that bestowed him with the position of Project Manager. His innovative ideas and designs allowed him to bag numerous accolades in his favour.

Sanjai’s first dream project was Grand Hyatt that was conducted in Mumbai. The project was a huge success and from there, he inclusively interacted with the people pertaining to this arena.

In the year 2005, he did a 10000 sq. ft office interior of Apara IT Company- F21 Studio. Gradually establishing a reputation in the market, they collaborated with India Connection, a garment exporter company. They have served some reputed names in the past two decades such as Birla Sun Life Insurance, Make My Trip PAN India, Canara HSBC, Oriental Life Insurance, Africa Project, Tanzania, D-Link India Ltd, etc. Excelling in the domain, they served a Fashion Designing Firm and Manufacturing of Garments in the year 2011. They have also offered the exclusive services to India Ratings Mumbai Office and AZB & Partners.  Since then, they are ascending the heights of success by serving a multitude of well-reckoned corporates in the Country.

A brief about the dynamic leader- Sanjai Singh
Being a well-reckoned interior designer, Sanjai has pioneered the domain with a unique vision for interior designing. He commenced pursuing the career prospects in this field from 1995. Being a calm and candid personality, he forged ahead with the utmost zeal to emerge out as a howling success. His frantic processes of interior designing along with his passion for technology has been ‘a lucrative combo’ in leaving the creative footprints in the relevant domain. The exclusive vision of the outstanding business elite is all about infusing interiors with contemporary colours and glamour. He constantly strives to incline his efforts towards the cohesive vision. His talented instincts allow him to flawlessly create a perfect blend of mid-century, vintage pieces with the modern furnishings to create a sophisticated living space.

Holding 25 years of experience in interior designing(high-end residential and commercial projects), his approach to serving the end-to-end tailored designs speaks for his expertise. He is a great fond of innovative ideas, and his optimistic attitude has always allowed him to navigate through the adversities with ease. He is quite an organized person who believes in living with minimalism. His exceptional leadership style has allowed TSC Consultants to reap the sweet fruits of success after intense hard work.

The ‘secret sauce’ to  success
The adroit team of TSC Consultants is a result of constant nurturing of a team of professional carpenters, skilled labourers who possess a diversity of skills and execution acumen. According to Sanjai, he could consider anyone to be on-board whosoever is zealous enough to prove himself.

When asked about how they synchronize with the latest trends and technology, Sanjai says that they look at the exhibition from multiple points of view and consider dynamic technological input.

It is of utmost importance to keep the clients satisfied with what you are offering. In this reference, the Institution ensures sheer transparency in their operations towards the valued clients. The diligent team collaborates with craftsmen, skilled labour and artisans on the project sites, and often co-create experiments in material research and construction processes. The determination and zeal to offer the clients with best-in-class services have made them excel in the domain effortlessly.

Mr Sanjai accentuates the fact that for a number of their residential clients TSC Consultants has been serving as the ‘Family designer’. Owing to their exclusive designs and dedicated work, they have ensured repeated business from their adored clients via referrals only. The Team ensures the delivery of the awe-inspiring designs to their valued clients by toiling up to come up with the best-in-class services. And, this is considered to be one of the major achievements for them.

Regarding the work culture of the organisation, Sanjai states that it is their sole responsibility to build a culture of competence and character. In order to make this happening true, there are the changes that need to be enforced for the development of the strategic planning inclined to accomplish their objectives. As an exemplary leader, Sanjai Singh strives to offer access to new technology, training opportunities and other experiences to his team for honing their professional skills.

Sanjai states that they are striving to emerge out as a leading player in the relevant domain and have efficiently carved a niche for themselves with constant hard-work. He says, “As designers, we organize ourselves better in the fraternity. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their thoughts and their position in the project deliberations. We value everyone’s perspective. This loop of positive feedback and reflection is an integral part of our team which makes us unique.”

The dedicated team, under the leadership of Sanjai Singh, has attained the reputation of being true to their commitment to timely closure of the projects. They ensure on-time delivery of their projects in any circumstances. Many a time, the Team faced the issues of completing the project in a proposed period of time, but their teamwork and determinant approach to solving the problem allowed them to successfully complete the project for their valued clients.

A glance at the future prospects
The future prospects of TSC Consultants are bright and blazing. As the demand for living space is ascending in leaps and bounds, they foresee better business opportunities in this domain. Their primary focus for the future is on three instrumental aspects- Explore, Innovation Thesis and Open Collaboration. Apart from this, the Management is planning on to carve an exclusively-innovative team with members hailing from diverse industrial departments that can benefit the organisation with their collaboration.

About the future outlooks, Sanjai elucidates that the team has been efficient to maintain good rapport with the clients. And, at present, their endeavours are inclined to maintain excellence in the execution of its current business model. Team TSC is resonating diligently to emerge out with excellent management tools and solutions that can bestow them with better business models.  Their exclusive services have ensured to bestow them with repeated business with the same consumers. Amidst the COVID- 19 pandemic, they ensured to offer the services to the clients adeptly. They ensured to offer equipment to the clients to curtail the spread of the virus as soon as the demand increased.

Regarding the future outlooks, Team TSC is striving to offer its services for various commercial projects to their diverse clientele and serve the relevant domain globally.

Words of wisdom to share
“As a creative thinker, we must follow our urge to come up with something authentic and antique. Sticking your roots is a must to fly high in the sky. Consistency can allow any aspiring entrepreneur to attain mastery in his respective domain. To excel in the domain of designing, one must pay enough heed on medium, material and technique.” Mr Sanjai Singh (Founder and Director)



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