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What PayScale Is Offered To A UGC NET Qualified Candidate?

What PayScale Is Offered To A UGC NET Qualified Candidate?

UGC NET (University Grant Commission National Eligibility Test) is regarded as one of the prestigious exams in India to get into the field of teaching and research. This exam also helps to get admission in JRF-SRF and apply for Lectureship Jobs in different universities/colleges. UGC NET is known for being a national eligibility test responsible for checking a candidate’s eligibility applying for a lecturer or a research fellow.

Cracking UGC NET JRF makes you eligible for the fellowship. You may easily apply for JR Fellowship if you are supposed to pursue higher studies, such as PhD, M.Phil. from reputed institutes. You will be receiving the JRF scholarship of INR 31,000, for the initial 2 years. Moreover, you will also be receiving a contingency amount and HRA following the university rules.

CSIR NET exam also clears your path towards the research and development field. You can get the opportunity to work in the top laboratories. Many students choose this exam so that they get to work in top laboratories. Doesn’t it seem quite interesting that you will be working under some prominent trainers and researchers? You can go ahead to be a research scholar in any of the prominent Indian universities once you get a high score in this exam.

Talking about the posts available in a laboratory, there are many such as PF, JRF, SRF, SPF, and so on. Seniors would be guiding you and imparting you the opportunities so that your skill will be honed and you could learn various new things. You can get a promotion according to your performance.

Though, most candidates give this exam to become an assistant professor. If you have been dreaming of getting into a lectureship, this exam can make it happen. You will be hired for the post of assistant professor in the UGC approved top universities after cracking the exam. The best thing is that it is regarded as being one of the prominent jobs. You will be teaching undergraduates or professional students as per your position and skills.

Let’s Understand UGC NET Salary Structure

It is a dream job indeed. Not only does it add a sort of pride to a candidate but also makes them receive a handsome salary every month. Candidates seem excited to know UGC NET Salary Structure. In short, UGC NET salary structure can easily be categorized into prominent two parts including –

  • UGC NET JRF Salary or Scholarship
  • UGC NET Lecturer or Assistant Professor Salary

The actual salary also depends on the factor if they are supposed to go for a private institute or government institutes. They both have different salary structures. Though you will be getting more if you join the government institute. If you are supposed to get into private institutes then your salary varies between 35,000-60,000 monthly. It is based on the experience backed by the Doctoral Degree. Moreover, if you are supposed to get into a government institute for clearing the UGC NET Exam, you will be having INR 70,000 monthly even if you do not hold a Doctoral Degree. The pay scale will remain between INR 70,000, 1,20,000.

What Salary You May Expect As Per Your Post

In this section, we are going to emphasize the post and salary structure. You will have a sophisticated salary package as per your post after clearing UGC NET Exam.

  • If you get hired being a Junior Assistant Professor, you probably get a minimum CTC per year of 4.92 Lakhs. The post of Junior Assistant Professor is quite popular among the candidates. It makes you feel proud if you are hired being an assistant professor.
  • Being an Assistant Professor, you would be getting a minimum CTC per year of 5.75 Lakhs. You become an Assistant Professor when you are promoted from the post of Junior Assistant Professor.
  • A Senior Assistant Professor will be getting 6.80 Lakh per year. You will be promoted on your performance and skills to get the post of Senior Assistant Professor.
  • Your monthly salary will be 9.33 Lakh if you are an Assistant Professor Selection Grade.
  • Moreover, the minimum salary is 11.88 Lakh if you get the post of a professor.

In The Last

If you want to become a lecturer in a college or university, you need to give this exam. Once you clear it, you will be having a bright future.

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