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The Bling Stores

The Bling Stores

Working An Extra Mile To Create Chic Fashion Accessories

By Sandhya Agrawal

Often, when we meet people, they look at our shoes and watch and assess the personality in the first 3 seconds. If that is the considerable time for making a good impression, then there are plenty of reasons to work hard on the choice of accessories for a good impression.

Accessories possess the same amount of significance as clothing. There are classic, traditional, and timeless accessories that remain year on year in fashion, and then there are fashionable pieces that quickly become popular among the fashion buffs. Fashion connoisseurs are aware that any piece of accessory can make or break an outfit, and as a result, the demand for accessories is growing.

Started in 2015, The Bling Stores (TBS) is an e-commerce brand focused on fashion and lifestyle accessories. The wide variety of curated items range from pieces of jewellery, gift items to customised accessories. TBS is making a mark in the world of fashion accessories by researching and designing things that are highly fashionable and trendy in nature. Currently, the products offered by TBS are highly popular among the Indian masses.

As a woman-focused Brand, TBS ensures that each customers’ experience is as unique as their products, and the Company provides best-in-class customer service and have a box full of happy customers.

Journey with Hardships
Moonmun Kanoi, the CEO and Founder of The Bling Stores, grew up in a strict Marwari family in a little city in Assam. In her home town, the norm for a girl was to complete a certain degree and marry. Here, Moonmun couldn’t describe herself to grow to do that, and she had her more striving desires and aspirations.

From a very tender age, Moonmun knew that small towns like her were never up to the mark in terms of current fashion and lifestyle trends. So, her Fear-Of-Missing-Out acted as a guiding force to become a solution to this problem, and then she turned her oldest dream and love for fashion accessories into her passion. Likewise, The Bling Stores came up as an Instagram business.

With the joint efforts of Moonmun, her partners, and the hardworking team, The Bling Stores was able to find a steady customer base. The Company started to gain popularity, and hence as a part of the further expansion, the popular Instagram page was converted into an online store. Here, the range of products was also diversified.

Moonmun recalls that the whole process of starting the Company and further expansion was tediously long, but it was never exhausting as she was able to learn a lot of new things in the initial phase. According to Kanoi, Mr. Raj Khatri (Mentor and Business Partner) throughout these years has acted as the guiding light and a constant source of motivation for her to excel in her career.

Developing a Strong, Sustainable, and Dynamic Brand
To keep pace with the evolving consumer trends, TBS is conducting a comprehensive market study and are further analysing trends in fashion and lifestyle that are yet to become the requirement of the potential customers of TBS. Furthermore, this Brand has the highest priority of curating feasible, affordable, and stylish accessories. To accomplish this, a hardworking team is always at the forefront.

As a fashion-oriented brand for females, TBS proudly serves personnel from all age groups, ranging from fashionistas, bloggers to working professionals. For TBS, every client aligns on the same trajectory.

The key aspect that lets companies tailor goods to achieve an outstanding quality product that can meet customers’ needs and demands is research and development. R&D is, therefore, proportionate to the amount of care rendered by TBS for its customers. Further, a positive, safe, and flexible work culture is often followed in this Company which allows room for personal as well as professional growth of the workforce.

Moonmun acclaims, “I think that the most important thing is to preserve the motivation of employees, and I believe that teamwork and my constant endeavour to build a positive working atmosphere has maximised the ability of each person working with The Bling Stores”.

Thoughts on The Industry
While reflecting her positive outlook on the current situation of businesses, Moonmun says that she has never seen such a surge in the industry. Furthermore, she considers that e-commerce is a thriving industry in which an organisation that is cautious in researching and developing the products based on consumer demand is likely to see a positively inclined graph.

Being a noteworthy leader in the industry, Moonmun feels that significant changes have taken place in the whole start-up world. She says “Today start-ups have better and simpler financing opportunities, and more and more investors are foreseeing to invest in brands and companies whose growth potential is high. Additionally, the government is even playing a crucial role in promoting and supporting new businesses.”

Illuminating Thoughts on Women Entrepreneurs
The word ‘struggle’ is a very ambiguous term for Moonmun; she feels that, like all entrepreneurs, she has also faced her share of patriarchy and gender inequality. However, she doesn’t believe in acting as a victim of the circumstances and has decided to stand even stronger in every situation. She thinks that everyone is concerned with a lot of reverse events, where some find their way more difficult than others, but what matters is how a person transforms these setbacks into comebacks.

Moonmun considers that each person, regardless of his or her gender, must face certain levels of competition or difficulties in a competitive and ever-changing industry to reach a specific and desirable position.

The mogul says: “It encourages me to go an extra mile when I see more women leaders in the industry, and this fills my heart with pride and joy.”

The Bling Stores aims at further expansion, and they are taking steps to adapt to the changes. The Company is revamping their Brand to make space for their exclusive accessories in the global markets.

At Last, the visionary says, “Keep hustling! Keep working hard! Never give up, and Bling it on.”


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