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Interior designing is a highly renowned business that puts an individual’s skills and competencies to test. In India, the urbanization and growing number of population has stimulated the need for creative designs, aesthetic colours and other alluring features, to give urban infrastructures an extraordinary interior space. The rising demand has brought a significant number of players in the industry, making it difficult for customers to find a befitting brand.

Trishlaa Challani is a growing entrepreneur in the Interior Designing Space and is known for tailor-made designs across the country. After a journey of various ups and downs in the professional space, Trishlaa conceived her brainchild ‘Bold interior Stories’ to dazzle clients with a blend of contemporary and classic designs.

“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us” – Winston Churchill As the phrase suggests, designing our space, whether its office or home with aesthetic features significantly affects human behaviour. For instance, after an arduous day at work, when we return home, the environment, spontaneously rejuvenate our mood. This is the theme on which Bold builds experiences. Trishlaa’s prime motivation behind her entrepreneurship was to create catchy interior designs.

Based on this motivation, Bold utilizes voguish materials like driftwood, lacquer, Veneer, etc. to craft the best design suited to the client’s requirements. Bold is encircled, with a team of skilled professionals whose proficiency and meticulous approach helps in succeeding projects. Every design is crafted, with an in-depth analysis of the client’s requirement. Till now, Bold has successfully concluded 100+ projects across the country.

Prior to her entrepreneurship, Trishlaa has accomplished a multilingual stint in the professional arena, by working in various verticals. Complementing that stretch, she says, "I’ve cherished this period a lot as it helped me evolve from being a complete introvert to an ambivert”. Each phase in the professional space has been a learning period for her, which later attributed her entrepreneurial life. Trishlaa started her professional journey from a playschool, where she learnt to be patient in any unprecedented situations.

Moving on, she joined a renowned construction company and was able to work on glass façade. Afterwards, she spent a significant stretch in the professional arena, working with various companies. These experiences eventually helped grow her venture into a robust foundation, providing unorthodox solutions to its clients. Her professional stint has also helped her in conducting workshops in India and Dubai to produce new Interior designers. Till now she has trained nearly 2500+ aspiring designers across 20+ cities in India. Furthermore, combining her and her team’s expertise, they have published a book on “How to set-up Interior design Studio”.

As mentioned above, Bold has clients all over the country. As such, the Company has curated ‘E-Design’ – A trendsetting feature to facilitate design services and packages regardless of location at a cost-effective rate. What makes it unique is, customers can create a professionally designed space at their pace, without any hassle. Customers need to complete a set of a questionnaire regarding the dimension of rooms, photos and budget and the Company will create customized, 2D/3D designs tailored to the customer’s inspiration.

Harmony and enthusiasm, these are the two prime aspects that assure employees’ integrity and efficiency, towards a company. Keeping that in mind, Trishlaa has ensured a transparent work culture, having flexible timing; this keeps the team dedicated and concludes progressive results at stipulated deadlines. The transparency and cohesive relationship have assured a stellar quality, also helped in maintaining its employees, spread across the country.

Women entrepreneurship has always been a very challenging career; but not for Trishlaa! She reflects her journey as a very spirited one. Despite starting at a young age, Trishlaa was incredibly encouraged by her parents to pursue her dreams. As of now, Trishlaa has grown not only as a remarkable interior designer but also as a well-
defined mentor for Students, budding designers and others as well. She is also providing virtual consultancy services for global projects and actively mentoring people through her social media page. Trishlaa also holds an ardent interest in children’s education. Being a former teacher, she invests her resources towards upskilling of
unprivileged children.

Trishlaa’ excelling leadership and entrepreneurial growth are featured in many renowned magazines. The prestigious Insight Success Magazine has enlisted her in the “Young women entrepreneur in 2016” edition. Also, she has been honoured, with “Young International Influencer in 2019” and “Best upcoming Interior design
company in 2019”.

After gaining a substantial presence in India, Trishlaa through her venture, is foreseeing to grow on the International Market. With the growth in modern ideas and practices, the entrepreneurial space has welcomed woman leaders with open arms. The credibility and dedication of several female leaders have motivated a thousand others to break free of the orthodox mindset and outshine with their talent. Trishlaa aims to propagate
her excelling qualities beyond boundaries and sprout in other physiologies, in the coming years.


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