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Are you looking for harmonious architecture, embellished interiors as well as beautiful landscaping for your dream palace? Then SR Creations (SRC) is a premier choice for you. Established in the cosmopolitan and progressive city of Bengaluru, SRC is a single umbrella for Sustainable Constructions, Architectural Solutions, Interior Designing, Safe Electrical Services, Carpentry Solutions and Landscaping Services.

SR Creations works with various sectors, namely, Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality & Leisure, and has a distinguished reverence amongst luxurious brands. The Company is on a mission to serve society with good faith, promising designs and sustainable architectures. Their patented designs and personalized solutions backed with trends, ideology, and technology makes them preferred in the market.

In 2010, Mr P.S. Divakar – an accomplished architect, planted the seeds of SR Creations. However, his days of entrepreneurship started in 1990, pioneering SR Consultants. SR Creations was a result of merging with SR Consultants. Mr Divakar has been genuinely an inspirational paragon and pillar of support for SR Creations.

He has an extensive background in the architecture space with proven results in more than 1500 projects in various sectors. He started the entrepreneurial journey with 3 employees but now has a team of 40 young and passionate professionals, including architects, engineers, etc., and has leaders with an extensive background in architecture.

In 2010, the Company saw the arrival of P.D. Karthik (Principal Architect) and P.S. Hemavathi (Principal Architect).  Karthik is a trendsetting designer driving his inspiration from new ideas and applications. He is known for driving revolution in designs and has successfully executed 300+ projects in Bangalore, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. He looks up to architectural geniuses like Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, etc., for their marvels in the space.

His motivation is empowered by the motto, “By the People, For the People and Of the People”. He works with simplicity and believes learning from mistakes is the bedrock of growth. Hemavathi is a well-seasoned architect with 2 decades of expertise in design strategy, quality and appropriate execution. She has worked and concluded 700 projects and is an immensely passionate architect.

The collaboration of the leaders and teammates has helped SRC expand in various aspects. SR Creations has completed more than 2,000 projects to date. It has worked with notable brands, like William pen, Narayana health care, TVS, Sai Gold Palace, etc., to name a few.

R&D is the fulcrum that shapes an innovative idea and gives it purpose. In architecture, R&D encompasses understanding client concerns, measuring the quality of materials and construction components, to evaluating project contexts. Architecture is the art of analyzing and conceptualizing – the best functionality and utility of materials while synchronizing with aesthetic parameters.

A well-defined architectural plan beautifies a structure adding life to spaces and increasing its structural value. At SR Creations, R&D resides at the heart of all its concepts. It helps in procuring new ideas, materials and even technology that can shape clients’ vision. R&D also keeps them updated with the time, which keeps them competitive in the race.

A company giving its people the freedom to innovate, ideate and put their thoughts to action will always have a prolific path. And with the COVID-19 still raining mayhem, giving delegacy to employees has become prudent. Based on this, SRC has brought in every tool to ensure 100% efficiency of its workforce. “It is very much necessary to keep the employee’s content for it ensures they are happy and work with proficiency”, asserts Mr Karthik.

It was really endeavouring for the founder to grow his team, and they are the keystone of overcoming all the hurdles. As such, he and the other leaders create a harmonious environment to ensure a balance between work and life. The Company has flexible work hours and ‘No work on holidays’ policy. They host ‘Performer of the month’ to keep employees engaged and motivated. Also, they hold impromptu sessions and friendly outings to keep the wheels running smoothly.

A journey that started in 1990 with a tight cadre has made significant progress in regards to team, clients and revenue. Over the last 3 decades, they have worked in diverse sizes, typology of projects. SR Creations has 50 K+ subscribers on its Youtube channel, and the designs are impeccably appealing. The projects are made with eco-friendly materials and are sustainable as well as economically sensitive. In the meantime, the Company has added several accolades, further testifying its expertise.

Despite the havoc caused by the pandemic, the architecture space has plenty of spiring opportunities. In the broad sense of prospects, SR Creations aims to align with them and flourish to Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities. Furthermore, SRC aims to take its game up a notch with parametric architecture – blending science and functionality, and implement it not just in the country but across the globe.

“Love what you do and be passionate, and the rest will fall in line for long term progress” – Leadership Panel, SRC.

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