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Amritha Gaddam: A visionary entrepreneur with a sustainable brand revamping the personal care regime

Amritha Gaddam: A visionary entrepreneur with a sustainable brand revamping the personal care regime

Business Connect conducted a freewheeling interview session with Amritha Gaddam who has been wooing the urban populace with her out-of-the-box, organic solutions. Her brainchild, The Tribe Concepts(TTC), has become a well-received brand of natural alternatives in self-care regimes. Firstly, we couldn’t help but ask Amritha about the unique name of her thriving brand- The Tribe Concepts. Smilingly, she replied that they intend to create a global tribe of a thoughtful population that aspires to go back to our roots, support sustainability, and experience nature’s gift to mankind.

“Keeping it natural or relying on natural products has to be our lifestyle mantra as what we do 90% of the time impacts our lives majorly compared to what we do the rest of the time. I am not completely against chemical-based products but believe they are helpful in case of urgencies. What I want to minimize in our lifestyle is the amount of chemicals we are utilizing regularly and switch to 100% herbal and toxin-free products for daily use,” adds the founder.

Moreover, TTC’s formulations have evolved after long and consistent interactions with local tribes. Their years of botanical wisdom and herbal healing secrets amazed Amritha such that it stimulated her to help the tribal community around the Godavari belt stand on its feet. All the raw material here is cultivated in pesticide-free soil where even air pollution hasn’t touched the area.

They are following sustainable sourcing practices from Girijan corporations and local farmers as the core business philosophy for them revolves around rendering pure organic extracts of plants and roots that can serve as effective natural alternatives to skin & hair care. The core ingredients for the formation of the products are purchased from the local tribes only. Since its inception in 2019, the inspiring brand has come up with 14 exemplary products that took the market by storm with rare compositions and fascinating results.

Amritha’s initiatives and insightfulness have grabbed eyeballs across the business fraternity; ergo, many publications and media houses have covered her success story lately. Since her childhood, she had an adamant vision to be a successful businesswoman. She couldn’t but stop to explain what induced the entrepreneurial streak within her at such a young age, but her commitment to her dream has allowed her to witness thumping success today.

Commencing natural skin and haircare brand with just the seed capital of 20K INR, Amritha has taken this venture to greater heights where it is now aiming to close at a turnover of  50 Crore INR by March 2022 in less than 3 years of starting the business. Undeniably, the surging success witnessed by this 2- year- old brand is nothing but incredible yet marvellous.

How it all started?
Amritha hails from Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh with humble family background. Her father is a well-acclaimed Ayurvedic Doctor whereas her mother is an avid believer of the power of Ayurveda sciences. Since from an early age, she came in touch with Ayurvedic influence where be it her health or personal care routine, everything heavily depended on natural remedies only. After she moved out of the station to pursue higher education after her high school, it was then only, when she was exposed to some harsh chemical products of her daily-care essentialities.

She reminisces that her hair, skin and health were damaged in just two years due to the constant exposure to chemicals. This took a major toll on her health and at a very young age, she was diagnosed with PCOS. Fed-up with her deteriorating health condition, she talked to her mother back in her home town. Here, while conversing, her mother said something that gave Amritha a wake-up call to change her perspective towards life. The exact words were— “Dear, you were never like this until you were with me”.

This one-line statement gave extreme chills to Amritha, leaving her wondering what went wrong and how today’s hectic and modern lifestyle is deteriorating the health and lives of individuals. Acknowledging the scenario, she asked for her mother’s help asking her to provide her secret recipes for good skin, hair and health which she enjoyed till 10th standard.

When she was pursuing MBA from Symbiosis University, Bangalore, she realized her friends and hostel mates are also inclining towards her mother’s secret to shiny skin, glossy hair and improved health just by including homemade remedies. And this kick-started her entrepreneurial spirit and she decided to bring the influential power of Ayurvedic remedies to the life of commonalities. Here, she gradually started moving ahead bit by bit and today, she owns an exemplary brand of herbal personal care products.

Though she received campus placement with a high-heel job, Amritha always had this entrepreneurial idea behind her brain. After excelling in the corporate world for like 3 years, she called off from her professional career and decided to give her innovative idea a shot. And this is how The Tribe Concepts came into existence: a pioneering powder-based personal care brand.

The exclusiveness
When questioned about what gives her product line an edge in this competitive market, Amritha responded that all of their offerings are 100% in powder or oil forms — preserving the integrity and performance of ingredients and are vegan as well as cruelty-free. She asserts that the inclusion of water or cream base compels the use of preservatives to increase the product’s shelf life. Hence, TTC has made justice to its solemn oath of being a 100% chemical-free brand.

This has accelerated the brand’s customer retention rate and at present, it has 60% of the overall customers who repetitively opt for their products every month. No doubt, that a south Indian celebrity such as Samantha Ruth Prabhu, played a pivotal role in enhancing this brand’s awareness, owing to the transparency and reliability of the offerings by TTC.

Moreover, when the new-age generation is thriving on flashy packaging, TTC has ensured steel tin packaging with no flamboyance to exaggerate things. They have also added immense substance to zero- wastage drive and are dedicated to sustainable growth that is eco-friendly in every manner.

Also, many brands in the market are indulged in promoting international ingredients to formulate skincare products but TTC has identified the significance of ‘granny’s talks’ of the age-old Ayurvedic formulations. The team well- acknowledges the effective ingredients from multiple books of Ayurveda that have proved to be effective for centuries. In Indian households, the reliance on Turmeric, Ginger, Sandalwood, Saffron, etc. for their ailments curing capabilities proves the knowledge of common people to form combos of effective remedies to deal with multiple health-related problems with minimum chances of side effects.

But here, a noteworthy point is the fact that the composition of these DIY products is not efficient to deal with the problem. Amritha elucidates that even 10-20 % of the change in the core mixture can make a substantial amount of difference. Here, the founder’s father enlightened and guided her with his years of expertise to formulate products that are impeccably effective with the perfect blend of herbal components.

The flagship product
Amritha takes immense pride to have launched a well-researched product- 90 Day Miracle Oil, which she claims to be their forerunner offering. This one-of-a-kind product is a boon for the hair-care regime that can efficaciously eradicate the problems pertaining to hair loss or damage. According to the phenomenal founder, the teams performed extensive research for over one and a half years before launching this innovative product that has become successful across the targeted audience in no time. She further added that as their brand is committed to offering reliable solutions for specific problems, this exceptional oil proved their knacks in this direction.

 Meet the core team

  • Apuroopa Gaddam

Apuroopa Gaddam is guiding all the ground-level business operations of TTC as the COO. With her in-depth understanding of the industry, she has been a key contributor to the thumping success of this state-of-the-art brand. She has undoubtedly helped in fortifying the operations at TTC, allowing it to stay ahead of the curve. In situations like covid, Apuroopa’s leadership took the company forward fighting all the odds.

  • Anjali Gaddam

Anjali Gaddam is steering the business at TTC as the Chief Manufacturing Officer where her energies are heavily converged on bringing the best out of the manufacturing facility.  From scheduling production to quality assurance, she leads the department adeptly and sophistically, maintaining high operational standards. “At TTC Quality is our topmost priority and something we can never compromise on,” says Anjali Gaddam

  • Nitya Mohan

Nitya Mohan is heading the marketing department at TTC as the Chief Marketing Officer – CMO and it is her unwavering hard work and smart strategies only, that we see this brand is recognised by many celebrities, social media influencers, and publication houses. She possesses an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru. Needless to say, with her impeccable educational background and her marketing strategies, the company has attained nationwide repute within a short period.

  • Vamshi Krishna M

Vamshi Krishna has been supervising all the tech-based operations at TTC as Chief Technical Officer. He possesses a Mtech from IIT Kharagpur specialised in Computer science Engineering.  Under his auspices only, the company has been able to keep abreast of the tech- trends that are crucial to surviving the competitive scenario today. Soon, he will be leveraging new-age technologies to ameliorate their e-commerce platform to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Advocated by celebrities
Earlier, TTC had collaborated with Kriti Kulhari —a well-adored actress- as a ‘face’ for its Collagen Boosting portfolio. Throughout her association with TTC, she branded the two outstanding products as part of the kit— Collagen Boosting Mask and Shilajitadi Thallam. This power-packed duo will make any type of skin look supple, firm, and radiant while reducing the fine lines. Amritha Gaddam released a heartwarming note at the time of welcoming Kriti to the TTC family. The actress promoted TTC on a personal front owing to incredible results she witnessed after using its products.

Advocating women empowerment
Being a woman herself, Amritha is always striving hard to bring as many women enthusiasts as much possible to her organisation. Her endeavours to this drive could be testified from her workforce that comprises 95% of female workers. Her ceaseless dedication aimed at empowering the woman population has paved the way to amazing career prospects for many female folks. She opines that even though Gen-Z has become quite tolerant of gender- equality and women empowerment, there is still a long way to go where education could play an instrumental role. And her business venture will be performing intense CSR activities regarding this in the upcoming years.

“I feel privileged to get this golden opportunity to be a female entrepreneur who is endorsing women folks in promoting their career pursuits and offering them a brighter future. I avidly believe that women have immense creativity and potential to provide a better direction to the future of the business world. In this drive, it is our humble duty to provide women with a holistic platform allowing them to support their families as well as prove their prowess accordingly,” continued the ‘founding-mother of TTC’.

Additionally, TTC has been an employee-centric organisation since its inception as much as it prioritizes its valued customers. For its employees’ welfare, the management has ensured yearly team collaborating initiatives such as ‘Tribella’ to recognize as well as engage the workforce to uplift their mood and allow better communication among each other.

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