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Social Media Dissect

Social Media Dissect

Aleena Gandhi, An Innovative Entrepreneur Weaving the Success Story of Brands with Social Media Dissect

A Dissector during the day and a Social Media trainer by the night, Aleena Gandhi believes in growing, by connecting with her audiences and sharing her knowledge!

Renowned in its name and unique in its way, Social Media Dissect is a pioneered name extending beyond innovation in the digital space and spawning a fresh perspective to brands’ message with its integrated solutions. The company is a brainchild of an Instagram Growth Strategiser, a Marketing Enthusiast, and a Budding Entrepreneur, Aleena Gandhi, who founded the company three years ago. Since then, Dissect has grown to become a renowned disruptor in the digital space with a massive presence in social media and incredible reach across the world.

Dissect is presenting brands a platform to showcase their best work and calling out the rampant plagiarism present in the industry. They dissect and review everything ranging from digital content, offline content, TV commercials to print ads, guerrilla marketing, and beyond. The ultimate goal of the Dissect team is to educate consumers on what makes campaigns great, how the different aspects of social media work, and the nitty-gritty of the industry. They seek to empower marketers by helping them put their best foot forward with our integrated solutions. They offer consulting services to their partner brands and work closely with them to amplify their campaigns on social media through events and workshops.

Aleena Gandhi is an innovative young leader with an always learning attitude, an author, TedX Speaker, Consultant, and Trainer. An inspiring female entrepreneur who embarked on a mission in 2018 to educate consumers on what makes campaigns great, how the various components of social media function, and the industry’s necessities.

Aleena always had an eye for reviewing content, which propelled the founding of her company. In her six years of journey, Aleena has worked with several brands in boutique marketing agencies before creating her own social media team. Her main job at this agency was to research work done by other brand pages and look out for content misses and gaps in the industry which inspired her to build a business out of this.

We offer consulting services to our partner brands and work closely with them to amplify their campaigns on social media through events and workshops.

On the other side of our company, we also help businesses manage and grow their social media effectively by providing 360-degree marketing solutions for brands which include strategy, content, design, website, Ads, SEO and so on.

We work across an array of brands and industries like travel, food and beverage, health, furnishings and tech to name a few. Some of the clients with us currently include The Renaissance Mumbai, Persian Darbar’s Oishi Oishi, Ripple Tea, Galaxy Basmati Rice, The Vibrant Group India, Mauble.

While building her career at another digital agency, Aleena observed the business landscape of content & consulting around social media content & marketing, she could see a clear whitespace. She felt the need for expert content around social media trends, statistics, and usage but the industry was most definitely lacking it. Therefore, she used this need-gap to give cohesive solutions she couldn’t find in the market to benefit the new age, tech-savvy audience.

That is how Dissect was born, to help brands with research and recommendations to benchmark their social media performance relative to peers andcompetitors. The page initially started off reviewing and researching brand campaigns on Instagram. After a year, she received several positive responses on Instagram, and a slow but steady loyal follower base, which is when Aleena decided to quit her job and focus on the brand. Later, as the brand grew more successful, she expanded to other platforms, created a website, and hired a small team.

As the industry adapts to the changing habits of the customers, Aleena and her team have witnessed a number of significant challenges in the media sector. Everybody is a content creator. A diverse set of curators and brands assume the role of influencing and broadcasting for consumer attention using novel ways to do so. To stand out and give the brand a unique identity was a tough challenge they had to overcome.

Digital transformation has a notable impact on employment, creating a demand for the constant need for learning and teaching. As a thought leader and industry mover, Aleena made conscious efforts to constantly curate content that gives lifelong learning to keep pace with the evolution of technology.

One of the key distinguishing factors when it comes to Social Media Dissect is our, ‘Copyland’. With no strict guidelines, it became very easy for companies and agencies to copy original work created by other brands. With Social Media Dissect, I managed to successfully throw light on this issue and ‘shame’ the plagiarists on our social media platform. Along with this, reviewing campaigns by brands across online and offline platforms became an important role played by the page as the audience would keep watching the space to see who has done what.

Another thing that sets us apart is that we have a face to our page and a more personalised experience. The audience relates to us because they know who they are communicating with and the content has some value as it is from first-hand experience.

Aleena comes from 6 years of experience in working at various agencies. And given her experience, when she was building her own firm, a couple of things were clear to her from the get-go. The most important part is that creativity comes first. This means anything that hampers it, it is avoided. In the media agency business, over-work stretched deadlines & under-staffing is a commonplace and its well-known what stress does to creativity.

So, the management ensures that people are able to give their most creative self, by giving space for worklife balance. Moreover, you cannot be too controlling or micro-managing creativity, right? So, while Aleena sets the tone and broader project timelines, she empowers people to speak their minds. After all, diversity & versatility of thought process is why an agency stands out.

“Dissect is what it is today, because of our team. Because they make their presence felt by sharing their wonderful ideas, day-in, day-out”, Aleena proudly shared.

Starting 0 followers in 2018, today Social Media Dissect’s content in the format of the reels has garnered over 5.4M views and helped the team achieve over a 145K followers base in the last 3 years and an exceedingly well engaged audience. Here are the major achievements of this young and dexterous tycoon:

  • Social Media Dissect has been honoured with the ‘Best use of Social Media for Content Distribution’ award for its ‘Copy Alert’ campaign by the Afaqs Foxglove Awards 2020.
  • Aleena Gandhi has been declared the winner of the ‘Social Media Superwoman’ category by Social Samosa in 2020.
  • Having a full-page coverage on the FORBES magazine about Social Media Dissect and the leading lady was another big achievement.

Along with this, many features in and collaborations with renowned publications and online pages like ‘Yougotthizofficial’, ‘Startup Pedia’, ‘TedX Co. Ep.’, The Thinkpreneur’, etc. have been a major part of the increasing fame received for Dissect.

“If you look at focussed social media management, there are very few agencies that are not compromising on the creative side of their work at all. We want to make the most of this opportunity and offer this as our marquee offering to clients. Our brand collaboration roster for this year includes some brands like Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, Slay Coffee, Too Yumm, Future Generali, Neeman’s, Plum Goodness, etc.”, shared Aleena when asked about her future plans for the company.

“It has been a long and difficult journey, but one of joy and fulfilment and this is just the beginning”. – Aleena Gandhi

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