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The Trailblazer Empowering Businesses Like Never Before With Its Low-Code Development Platform

“Senpiper’s mission is to enable every team to create and deploy digital processes in near real-time across devices, with minimal time and effort.”

Senpiper Technologies has its name etched as the pioneer in India who trailblazed the mobile-first low-code digital transformation to help users in building world-class software applications at an incredibly low turnaround time.

An inception that all began in the year 2015 with negligible funding from friends and family, from a small group of tech geeks, grew into many folds and currently works with 45 experienced & brilliant professionals in the arena. Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, Senpiper Technologies holds a strong presence throughout India and in the global arena too. Its vision is to transform how enterprise software is developed.

The team of Senpiper stands unparalleled in experience, they are proficient in solving use cases in multiple industries and specialize in Facility management, Manufacturing & Power sector use cases, and have a client base of over 40 large & medium enterprises.

“We assist clients to get the best out of their investments, empower them to stay digitally progressive, and help them enhance their business outcomes faster”, shared Anupam Singh, Co-founder & CTO.

Flexibility, user experience, time to deploy, quality, training in-house people for know-how are a few major requirements of tech leaders of today and with its unmatched experience in the arena, Senpiper Technologies offer these with efficacy. Senpiper Technologiesis uniquely positioned in the market and potentially takes care of different types of business processes running over a small or large employee base.

It has acquired many high-end clients with its demonstrated value across diverse industries. Senpiper Technologies is uniquely positioned for e-Governance use cases and offers one of the most business user-centric development platforms. All these factors empower Senpiper Technologies to differentiate itself from the market and function as the most trusted Low-code development platform provider.

Low-code development platforms are evolving in the Indian market with rapidity. As the need for digitizing the long tail of applications becomes ever more pertinent and quality tech professionals being biased towards tech companies, businesses in every other arena are facing a major talent deficit giving way to a plethora of constraints. Ideation to deployment takes a long time & effort as business users cannot learn prototyping, coding, DevOps, etc.

Maintenance and upgrades to existing systems are highly expensive in terms of time and cost and traditional methods of hourly rates and waterfall methodology for change management are also no longer viable. Moreover, even if businesses manage to have talented professionals working for them, it becomes difficult to manage efficiency and operations if they leave. This is because many critical pieces of knowledge of the systems developed to reside with the vendor and go away gradually as employees change in the vendor organization.

Having said that, irrespective of such challenges, businesses need to be digitized and many organizations are now understanding that they need to have a partner who is an expert in assisting businesses to develop their own applications and can help them enhance their digital presence without much of a hassle.

Ruling out such impediments and assisting clients to meet their needs with agility, the innovative seed of Senpiper was sown six years ago.


  • Talent deficit due to the majority of quality tech talent is biased towards tech companies. This forces enterprises to work with a lot of constraints.
  • Maintenance & upgrades to existing systems are highly expensive in terms of time and cost. The traditional method of hourly rates and waterfall methodology for change management are no longer viable. Agile is the name of the game.
  • Many critical pieces of knowledge of the system reside with the vendor & go away gradually as employees change in the vendor organization.
  • Ideation to deployment takes a long time & effort as business users cannot learn prototyping, coding, DevOps, etc.
  • Even smaller/less critical items need to be digitized. Organizations are now understanding that the approach they take for digitizing the long-tail of business processes multiplies the output of critical IT systems like ERPs and CRMs.

The future of Senpiper Technologies looks bright with the potential of the market skyrocketing with every passing day. The company is aiming at 25X growth in the next 3 years and endeavouring to have a partnership-driven model both with large enterprises and SMBs to grow faster and better.


Enterprise Architect at Cerebra Consulting Inc and Co-founder at Senpiper Technologies, Anupam Singhs is an expert IT professional with 11 years of broad experience in Software Development, IT Project Management, and solutions. In academia, Anupam has done B.Tech. from Delhi College of Engineering.

A passionate techpreneur& Cocreator of powerful and agile low code Digital Transformation platform, Gaurav Sengar holds years of experience and extensive knowledge in the design, development, and deployment of Complex Business Process Automation, Big Data Analytics, and Business Development. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from IIT, Kharagpur, and B.Tech. from the same University.

“Indian industry leaders generally underestimate the time, effort, and cost of developing good quality software. eg.Whatsapp looks like a simple application etc. Biased towards cost & less sensitive towards intangible benefits in the long term. Which is the difference between a good company and a great company. US and developed countries, in general, are more mature in this sense. Software best practices in Indian enterprise lag by a few years and customers here were less eager to adopt new ways. But it looks like things are changing rapidly”, shared Anupam Singh.

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