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Fran Killoway: An influential businesswoman who is revolutionizing the world with her exclusive innovative offerings- Frasil and meka

Fran Killoway: An influential businesswoman who is revolutionizing the world with her exclusive innovative offerings- Frasil and meka

 In the past two decades, the role of women in society has witnessed a paradigm shift from being homemakers to evolving as exemplary leaders. Innumerable women across the globe have become self-aware of their extraordinary capabilities and have stepped out of homes to commence their entrepreneurial ventures. As more and more women are being inclined towards entrepreneurship, the business world is witnessing the emergence of prominent businesswomen.

Proving their fortes in diverse domains, women have extended their reach to the business arenas that no one ever fathomed they were capable of. The stereotypic perspective of society believes that technology is one such segment. But, challenging such mind-sets of the society, Fran Killoway has proved her expertise in the technological domain and the roaring success of her key technology-based offerings, have allowed her to become an inspiration to many aspiring women entrepreneurs. Her two technologies – Frasil and meka – have been well-recognised at the global level, and touched innumerable lives undoubtedly.

An influential businesswoman, Fran Killoway who is the Executive Chairman and Founder of Frasil and meka, has brought a revolutionized business world with the advance that technology offers. Being indulged in creating, developing, and delivering the technology-based products, Fran has acquired experience of 20 years. Frasil, a brainchild of Fran Killoway, is a software that has been designated for the people living with disability. After the successful launch of Frasil, she has entered the domain with yet another technology-based offering called meka.

A brief about Frasil
is an outstanding software that has been designed to ease the lives of people living with disability. Each user can effectively communicate with the help of a button that removes the feeling of loneliness. This exclusive application has been formulated with the perfect blend of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Machine Intelligence, bestowing the users with a personalized voice. This offering is one-of-its-kind of technological product that allows people living with disability to have a voice of their own to get in touch with the world around them.

A revolutionary application- meka
An intuitive app, meka utilizes neural network technology, AI, and Machine learning, to render the user an ability to access the online world. Ensuring the safety of user’s privacy, meka which is empowered by Machine Empathy Technology, learns from each user. It comprehends the preferences of the individuals. meka will monitor the six most popular social media sites and six worst online sites. Fran acknowledged the fact that the internet is being misused for performing several abhorrent activities that should be stopped. To deal with this, meka is developed to be an inbuilt application present in every user’s device monitoring about 28 categories of online content that instigates the hatred and disgust among the masses. Be it the abuse of any kind or illicit activities, meka can keep a track of every activity that is distressing to each user and their parents peace of mind.

Unveiling the light bulb moment
Sharing the mission behind developing the technology-based products, Fran reveals that she aspires to create new technologies for the betterment of society. She was hit by the idea of developing Frasil in the year 2010 when her close friend was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease that impacted her ability to speak.  It was the light bulb moment for Fran that instilled the need within her to develop such product that can make a difference to the lives of people living with disability. She forged ahead to developed such intuitive communication tool to help the people with disability to interact with the world around them. The past decade has been dedicated by her to the intense research projects to bring upgraded versions of this application. Now, the software is available for free download at the global level on all Android and iOS devices.

Fran’s other technology meka was developed after Fran found the misuse of the diverse information that has been present all over the internet quite distressing. She asserts that children should utilize online data to learn and grow as intelligent individuals but the current scenario is opposite to this. To deal with this issue, meka came into existence to keep the user’s privacy safe alongside keeping an eye on the child’s activity while exploring the internet.

As a women entrepreneur, Fran is quite amazed at the evolution of women across the globe. She has come across innumerable women entrepreneurs who possess enormous adaptability that allows them to establish themselves as outstanding leaders. Today’s women are experiencing greater job satisfaction owing to their exemplary performances. Fran elucidates the fact that women should always keep an eye on their foremost purpose and forge ahead with full confidence while being innovative and collaborative at the same time!

Maintaining synergy with the changing market trends
The dynamic woman leader asserts that the present time puts forth the challenges greater than ever, and such challenges can only be overcome with agile and adaptive leadership that can create harmony with the wavering market ecosystem. Today, managing workplace flexibility is a toiling task that can be performed only with the sense of integrity and alignment of the operations with the exemplary vision. In this regard, Fran clarifies, “Being a successful businesswoman is all about owning the courage of accepting who you are, why you are doing this and how to align your vision with your efforts to bring a positive change to this world”.

Fran believes that R&D has been proved as an impeccable tool for the growth and improvement of her technology-based products- Frasil and meka. Owing to this aspect only, her team was able to innovate the cutting edge AI, ML and Neural Network technology.

About the future of technology
Talking about the future of the technology, Fran states that Frasil and meka are built on the futuristic vision of enhancing the lives of the people with disability, and children exploring the online world. Soon, the two key products will be upgraded with the additional features to their AI neural network platform. Fran asserts that all the technological advances that will be imbedded in the products will be syncing with the needs and feedback of their users. She steadfastly believes that intelligent humanoids such as Frasil are the first step towards empowering people to evolve as contributing members of their communities.

A glance at the leadership style of the outstanding woman leader
As an extraordinary leader, Fran believes in leading the people with humility. Her exclusive teammates are strong-minded, intelligent and successful individuals hailing from diverse domain and are extremely passionate about helping the people in need. Fran ensures thriving growth opportunities to her employees in the work culture that has been established in her organisation. She asserts that an individual can greatly influence the lives of other beings based on their own experiences. Every follower looks up to thier leader for guidance and advice during the harsh times, and as a leader, it is of utmost significance to approach your followers with a sense of empathy and understanding. To build a team of finest manager and employees, a leader must ensure to infuse the work culture with transparency. Her sheer endeavours are inclined towards aligning the efforts of her employees with her exemplary vision.

Fran encourages her team members by being in constant touch with them to make sure that each team member is on the same page for effective and efficient results. Each associate resonates with full enthusiasm to develop such technologies that can revolutionize the world in the most effective way, and this is the conclusion of the commendable mentorship of Fran Killoway only.

Achievements and accolades so far
For the behemoth contribution in enhancing the lives of the people with the extraordinary technologies, Fran has won many awards and accolade over the last couple of years including:

  • APAC CIO Outlook’s ‘Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers, 2018’
  • Business Sight’s ‘The 10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs, 2020’
  • Exeleon Magazine’s ‘100 Best Companies’
  • Beyond Exclamation’s ’10 Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Businesses, 2020’
  • Business View’s ‘Business Women of the Year, 2020’
  • CIO Views ‘The 10 Most Futuristic Businesswomen Pioneering Innovation, 2020’
  • Aspioneer Magazine’s ‘Flying High Women Leaders, 2020’
  • Global Smart Leaders ‘Top 20 Most Innovative Companies of the Year, 2020’

Words of wisdom to share
Every successful entrepreneur has to begin his/her journey from somewhere. If you believe something, then chase that with absolute passion and persistence. I believe there is no age limit to learn and innovate. I spend a great deal of my time engaging with successful women from all walks of life. But I think the most important thing for everyone is to remember is that success is measured by yourself and what you set out to achieve. The greatest thing any entrepreneur can achieve is to ensure that people know the benefits of who you are, and what you have to offer. –  Fran Killoway (Founder of Frasil and meka)


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