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Ms. Tanvi Somaiya: The Woman who built The Bear House

Meet Ms Tanvi Somaiya: The Woman who built The Bear House

Ms Tanvi Somaiya, Director at The Bear House, started the company as a hobby. The response to the launch was extraordinary & that motivated her to take a leap of faith. She then decided to expand it into a full-fledged brand. Tanvi Somaiya started manufacturing 15,000 units and has now moved into producing garments in lakhs. The team has successfully grown in all facets. In about 3 years, The Bear House is present on over 10 E-commerce platforms. It has a profitable and independent e-commerce website too.

Looking to the yesteryears, Tanvi Somaiya recalls “When I look back, I certainly feel proud. I have done everything in my power to make The Bear House grow, it’s made me believe that if you work hard for it, nothing is impossible. Some circumstances completely shook me but made me strong as a person. We all sometimes hit a rock bottom, but being an entrepreneur has taught me to push beyond my limits to accomplish things that I never thought I could.

As design and fashion always interested her, Tanvi Somaiya upscaled herself through Fashion & Clothing Technology course at NIFT, Kharghar. Moving forward Tanvi Somaiya assisted reputed fashion designers as a stylist for various magazines, ad films & fashion shows. Tanvi Somaiya garnered knowledge in the manufacturing field & understood the production aspect due to her experience in an export house which specialized in shirts for 2 years. As a result of which, Tanvi Somaiya was able to simultaneously work with 7-8 factories as on today.

“The journey has been quite interesting”, says Tanvi Somaiya. “There is always so much to learn & discover. The fact that it taught me to learn every aspect of the trade, be it registering on e-commerce platforms, listing, marketing, dispatching has been an enriching experience.”

The Bear House was born with a simple idea: to make fine shirts which men could wear to work, roll-up their sleeves after, and head out straight to a party. The curious team of The Bear House always searches for better materials, design innovations, analyzing the customer’s needs, and expanding style options for their wardrobe.

“We started with men’s shirts in 2017, we have already expanded the product range into tees, polos, types of denim and boxers in a short span of time” says Tanvi Somaiya. “The products have an international appeal & are unique because of their attention to minute detailing in tailoring, premium fabrics & trims. We believe in delivering products of exceptional quality at an affordable price.”

The products are unique and aspirational because of the attention given to every little detail along the entire process. It all begins with the idea of a new collection or extending the product range into an exciting new category.

“We spend a lot of time in the pre-design phase before we get to the drawing board. Thereafter it’s the tailoring, fabric selection & the best of trims to complete creating a product that’s worthy of sporting The Bear House tag. Our vision is to grow a menswear brand that services every fashion and lifestyle need of the ever-evolving men of the 21st century.” shares Tanvi Somaiya.

Being online, the team needs to cater to all types of clientele. The products are designed to be a little more European as such styles and designs are a gap factor in the current Indian market. The team wants to bring the western smart casual culture to India. The Bear House products are for men who like minimalism, attention to detail & comfort. The brand bases its core sensibilities on mastering elements of design in individual garments, keeping the look crisp, uncluttered, and effortless. Its aesthetics are comfortable, urban-luxe that caters to every man.

“As a brand, we’ve become increasingly conscious about the products we make, channelling the power to make a positive difference. Our boxers are packaged in a reusable tin box. It was a thought that was put into action to reduce plastic usage. We as a company believe social and environmental hazards are a reason to do business completely differently, as a reason we are working towards sustainability by using recycled cotton, natural fabrics & overall keeping the quality of the product far superior. We produce in certified factories which have fair wages & support ethical work standards.”

The Bear House plans to launch its products in all categories- ethnic, outerwear, accessories, etc. The brand aspires to have everything for a man under one roof. It plans to go retail by the year 2022.

It is truly said, it is the journey that matters & not the destination. The start is always small yet humble, the journey teaches you so much that you never dreamt of, it always pushes you to take up things you never would & always make you do things that you never thought you could. But there are two things which will make or break the situation, it’s your will power to accomplish it & second, it’s hard work. However, cliché this would sound, it is true. The role of women participating in the entrepreneurial world has changed drastically in the past few decades and for the better. Women are now leading the corporate positions which were previously regarded as a masculine job only. Today, some of the world’s largest enterprises are operating under the women leadership, proving the fact that women are equally competitive and can emerge as great leaders if provided a chance.

Tanvi Somaiya feels “I don’t think my journey would be any different if I wasn’t a woman. I enjoy what I do & I feel lucky to have the chance to do something which interests me. I never made myself as if I was in a rat race or perceived it as a struggle, it was a gradual growth with small milestones targeted, planned for my team & myself. Being a woman, the family plays an integral part in her success. Harsh, my husband has been a major support system and one of the main reasons as to why The Bear House was conceptualized in the first place. He has pushed me & given me the strength to run this brand at this magnitude. He always tells me if you dream & work hard for it, you get it! And it’s true!”


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