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The motivation of an entrepreneurial career was inside Shweta Singh’s since childhood. However, lack of exposure, awareness & a proper map to reach that goal were holding her back. Coming from a small town her path to glory, was laid with, several backlashes from society and family as well. However, the orthodox society and their monotonous thoughts on women entrepreneurship weren’t strong enough to break her ironclad motivation. Despite having a thriving career in the professional realm, Shweta Singh moved into entrepreneurship – to shape her life and several women, constricted in prevailing monotony; thus, Ennoble IP was born.

Ennoble IP, commenced its journey as an IP and allied Service provider, but with time it has spread wings and taken a quantum leap! Ennoble IP has evolved into a recognized conglomerate having expertise in Patent, Trademark, Design, Copyright, Commercialization and Training. Women Innovation Entrepreneurship Foundation (WIEF) – a brainchild of the revered founder Dr. Shweta Singh, is responsibly providing financial empowerment and independence to aspiring rural women through skill development.

From leadership to services, Ennoble IP is barreled, with a determination to revamp the industry. However, raising Ennoble IP to this level has been an uphill task. Shweta Singh opted entrepreneurship over job, because she wanted to help women, who are left behind due to lack of exposure & awareness. This core motivation has taken her Company’s growth to astounding levels.

Ennoble IP floats its business on a technology-driven platform. Its services are remarked for quality at a reasonable price. Besides IP protection services, it handholds clients throughout the transaction process, starting with the research upon their patents, trademarks, copyright and designs. Their unparallel quality is catered to all the major sectors across the country; the numbers are close to 500+ SME’s, 500+ Startups allowing them to cater about 10,000 Entrepreneurs. 75+ Universities, helping to cater 2,50,000 students and around 20,000 faculties across the nation. Some of the satisfied industrial giants are Adani’s, Havel’s, Sukam, Orient, Kent, Chandigarh University, Pharma’s, Sharda University, SoA University and so on. Moreover, they have closely worked, with Govt. bodies including MSME-DI, PhD. Chamber, FISME, MAIT & I am SMEs of India. 

“I believe in working on new ideas every moment”, says Dr. Shweta Singh. The industrial space is influenced, by constant transitions and to grow in it, companies need to bring innovative ideas at play. As such, Dr. Shweta Singh believes in working with new ideas making her an epitome of innovation and novel concepts. She believes that every idea is a new opportunity and this mindset places Ennoble IP ahead in the race.

R & D plays a very vital role in the growth of any foundation; Ennoble IP stands with no exception. Investment in R&D, helps in introducing evolving technologies and methodologies in operation. Their clientele ranges from Universities, Colleges, Startups, SME’s & MSME. The inculcation of contemporary amenities evolved Ennoble IP’s platform, making it convenient for the clients.

Surviving the pandemic and the lockdown were the biggest challenges for the Company to date. However, strong strategic planning and collaboration in all levels helped them survive. Realizing the tough times, the upper echelons ensured none of the team members suffers or feels left out. There was an adverse impact on the business but we made sure to support our team and our team in return reciprocated to the support by their hard work, zeal and teamwork.

The attribution of the senior management combined, with the effort of team members, made it possible to bounce back with flying colours. Dr Shweta Singh believes this unyielding spirit is the turnkey, that’ll take Ennoble IP to new heights and help in achieving new laurels.

“I have always been a keen believer of a notion that reads “Team Work makes Dream Work” & in order to create dream work and a Dream Company, employees content or employee satisfaction is a must”, says Dr Shweta Singh.

At Ennoble, every day is something new and challenging for each of the employees apart from the work that they have been allotted. Several team building activities are organized – both indoors & outdoors to keep up the spirit & bond of the team. Also, every festival is duly celebrated, with an abundance of enthusiasm & every employee is allowed to contribute towards the planning and execution of the events.

On the other hand, their progress is always recognized, appreciated & remunerated.  Lastly, teams are given the responsibility of breaking down the founder’s vision into short-term, realizable, and scalable goals making all of them a part of the bigger picture.

With time, Dr Shweta Singh has grown into a multi-textured leader, having expertise not only in business but societal development as well. Her innovative initiative – WIEF is deliberately shaping the lives of many women through vocational training programs to provide a better life, enhance their skills that can be utilized either in productive jobs or starting their own ventures. Not only this, the Company values the need of funds for business and through WIEF procures various government schemes, grants loans, CSRs and other social funds, social investor and philanthropist help to raise funds for the women entrepreneurs, especially hailing from rural areas.

Furthermore, they extend their support to market and scale their products, building their brands. Lastly, they provide extensive support to the people in divyangjan category, especially the women.

Dr Shweta Singh has evolved as an astute persona, representing a woman’s perseverance, dexterity and wisdom. Her work has touched the lives of many women across rural regions of India. Her every decision is on the mantra Each Time I Take A Stand For Myself, I Take A Stand For All Women”.

Ennoble IP has acquired a place amongst the top 10 IP organizations of the country and evolved from an SME to a Startup and ultimately into a Full-Fledged Corporate. A journey that started, with a single entity is now attributed by a team of 150 trustworthy professionals. Dr Shweta Singh has been honoured, with several accolades, that showcases her forte. Some of the notable mentions are:

  • Exceptional Women of Excellence 2019 by Women Economic Forum
  • Iconic Women of the Year 2020 by Women Economic Forum
  • 40 Under 40 by AIWMI and IAAIF
  • India Leadership Award 2019 Best IP Services in India
  • India Leadership Award 2018 for Best IP Company 2018
  • The Best Company to Work for IP by Business Connect
  • Top 10 IP Firms in India by The CEO Story

Looking at the future, Shweta Singh aims to augment her business platform with emerging advancements. This will help in simplifying the work of the innovators & the researches so that more and more number of IP assets can be generated & protected.





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