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Over the last – 4 decades, distance education has grown exponentially in our Country. Distance learning has made education accessible to anyone, from anywhere around the world. People can complete their aspiring degrees while working in a Company, without any hassle. Further leveraging on e-learning, distance education has created an interactive, live and organised learning method for those, whose schedules don’t permit conventional classes. 

However, students nowadays look for holistic development along with disciplinary subjects. The scope has put forth a lucrative opportunity, and Dr Roopa Rao – A remarkable leader known for her milestones in Education, Training, and Administrative fields has built an innovative foundation on it. Her establishment – Noble Institute of Education Society (NIES) is a pioneer of the arena having a comprehensive collection of distance learning and short term courses.


The entrepreneurial journey of Dr Rao had a very arduous start. Prior to NIES, Dr Rao had spent 20 years in the Corporate realm, focusing on Operations, Technology transfer, and Information Technology. However, this wasn’t enough for her. Being in the education and training segment, Dr Rao was highly motivated to become an Edupreneur. But, lack of independency was becoming a shackle; this was an injustice to her passion. As such, she left here long and enormous career and kick-started here entrepreneurial life in 2002. However, the choice of an innovative career came with significant challenges.

Despite her purpose to provide better education, funding was becoming a significant challenge. Nonetheless, she received a monetary sanction from the government under the Rozgar Yojana scheme (PMRY) but, was again interrupted by the bank. This backbreaking situation continued, for the next – 6 months and eventually, Dr Rao had to draw the attention of Lokayukta and CM of Karnataka, for a befitting resolution. Dr Rao’s perseverance profoundly attributed her in attaining her goal. But, even after a fully-fledged commencement, retaining students due to the rising competition became a challenge. But planning ahead and keeping the trending practices and innovations in play, gives the Company a competitive edge.


“We are a multi-dimensional institute having courses of varied segments”, says Dr Rao. Dr Roopa Rao started NIES with a focus to shape aspirers into potent professionals. On that note, NIES’s framework not only encompasses disciplinary subjects but interpersonal skills as well. Their disciplinary courses range from BA, Bcm/BCA/MCA/Mtech/MBA /Nursery Teacher training for learners pursuing distance education to Ms office, Tally, C, C++, Java, Webdisgning, development, E-commerce and Digital Marketing, for IT aspirants. Vocational courses like HR Management, Marketing management, sales and personality development courses for learners looking to thrive in the Management Sector.

Lastly, Neuro-linguistic Programming courses,  soft-skills and communication courses; this ensures wholesome maturation of aspirants so that they can fit the present job market. As if this wasn’t enough, NIES offers unique and content-rich programs for children in Anuhya Summer Camp – An innovative summer camp, focused on carving its participants with Life skills, study skills and fill them with fun and adventure.


Emerging innovations and ideas have revolutionized the image of the education industry. The emergence has also created a paradigm shift on the mindset of customers. People are pursuing more towards tech-based solutions. Keeping pace with the changes, NIES has taken a technology-oriented approach in its operations – whether its online platforms for payment, learning, or interaction. Technology has also revamped its marketing strategies. Starting in an era, when marketing was done on printed paper or by distributing flyers, they have moved into digital marketing strategies and word of mouth.

Real-time R&D practices have significantly helped NIES understand the market and the needs of aspirants. NIES has comprehended the significance of passion and value of good education through career counselling, not only for distance education but others as well. These counselling sessions gives a profound understanding of the individual needs of students and the trends in the market. In its years of business, NIES has facilitated enquires for abroad education and guidance for selection of proper university, country and course. The tailored services merged, with Dr Rao’s leadership has helped NIES transform the lives of many aspirants, ranging from 8 to 60 years old.


Woman entrepreneurship is a path laid with significant challenges. In many regions of India, women still get dominated by the orthodox doctrines of society. Dr Roopa Rao however,  has burgeoned with a sheer will in the face of these challenges. Dr Roopa Rao has grown as an astute leader and her brainchild has become an award-winning institute for distance education and industry-oriented courses. She believes a woman’s natural ability to think and act in a multi-dimensional way has given her a competitive advantage in the industry. Her persistence and creativity have been bestowed, with a significant number of awards. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Awarded Honorary Doctorate from AUGP, UK.
  • Awarded best Lady entrepreneur by Global Excellence India.
  • Awarded “Bharath Vibhooshan” by Global Achiever.
  • Business ICON Award of 2020 as a leading trainer in the field of lifeskills training.

On top of these, NIES is titled as Most trusted brand of the year 2019” in the field of education, by Summentor pro. Anuhya summer camp – A brainchild of NIES, is listed in World Book of Record for its unique concept in lifeskill and behaviour changes. Dr Roopa Rao, is an honorary member of ALMA, DISSC, CSI and iNACOL. Dr Rao has also played an integral role in the Country’s development. Dr Roopa Rao has succeeded in a rural project for student’s empowerment called “Hombelaku” and has been the brain behind many residential training programs, for students across India. Dr Roopa Rao has also organized holistic development courses, for Capacity Building Programs like ‘VIKASANA’. DIPR, Govt. of Karnataka, has made a feature film on her life (Nelada Siri: The gold of the Land). Several TV programs have featured Roopa as a resource person and panellist. Dr Roopa Rao is an ardent writer in psychology-related topics too.


Since its inception, NIES has moulded and set a direction for many aspirers across the country. Over the years, the institute has showcased several stories of successful careers that proffer their forte. One such story is of an Office Boy who grew into a team manager, in one of the best FMCGs after completing his degree at NIES.

In its enormous stint, NIES has showcased more than 10,000 stories of success. With a proud heart, Dr Roopa Rao shares, “Every time I see a student coming with a  promotion or an appointment letter, I feel a sense of happiness and being able to be helpful”.


With the growth in ideas and innovations, Distance Education is emerging as a significant trend. However, many companies still despise aspirers coming from distance learning institute; this is what Dr Roopa Rao aims to change. Dr Roopa Rao aims to draw attention to the benefits of distance learning. Aspirers get an advantage of experience, helping companies save capital on training. On the other hand, people who’ve discontinued education can re-enlighten their life through distance learning.

Furthermore, the recent pandemic transgressions have empowered the need for distance education. In short, the framework is becoming one of the choicest ways to continue education. NIES is aiming to become an integral part of this growth and create more success stories in the coming years.


“The Opportunity to pursue higher education, for every individual is not a small achievement to be ignored”. – Dr ROOPA Rao



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