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UKCA and Partners

UKCA and Partners: Eminently Meeting All Your Legal Advisory Needs

Founded on the concept of believing that the success of a law firm is dependent on the success of the client, UKCA and Partners, successfully combines commitment and excellence.

At UKCA, it is understood that clients benefit from the legal and technical skills of the industry and are attuned to the know-how and experience of the lawyers. They have developed a refined insight into various areas of law, business, economics etc.

In conversation with Business Connect, Ms. Manisha Chaudhary, Advocate and Managing Partner, takes us through a fair understanding of their firm.

Manisha Chaudhary, Advocate, Managing Partner

Manisha is a Master of Laws graduate from the prestigious Ivy League Cornell University Law School, United States. Manisha brings to the firm an extensive view of Corporate Laws from the biggest players around the world.

She has worked with some of the top lawyers and law firms of the country prior to joining UKCA. While at Cornell, she was under the guidance and tutelage of the top lawyers and management professionals from New York City thus gaining tremendous insight into the corporate and legal culture in America.

Business Connect: Please walk us through your firm profile and its offerings.

Ms. Manisha: The Firm provides legal advisory services to its clients in diverse areas including Company and Commercial Laws, Insolvency Matters, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring, Business, and Financial Transactions, Real Estate Laws and General Advisory and Advocacy Services to individuals and business enterprises; of all descriptions, within and beyond India for over 30 years.

Business Connect: How have you adapted yourself to the latest needs of the market?

Ms. Manisha: The Firm is accustomed to the work culture of both small and large corporate clients and their expectations. We also have a huge private client practice and thus different partners are accustomed to working with varied types of clients.

Business Connect: What gives you an edge over your peers? Please mention some of your fortes.

Ms. Manisha: We have are always available for our client with a vigorous approach launched from a variety of perspectives. The combination of sensitivity to the needs of clients and providing high-quality legal services has been the benchmark of our success. Our forte lies with personal attention paid to each case by all the partners, we ensure that the quality of work is never compromised.

Business Connect: What kind of clientele do you serve?

Ms. Manisha: Most of our clientele are big Indian conglomerates and multinational companies. Though we cannot disclose the names of the present clients (attorney-client privilege), however, we regularly work with or have previously worked with DLF Group, Reebok India Company, PayTM, Wave Group, SRF Limited, Rambagh and Jaimahal Palace Hotels, Gujarat Liquid Pharma, Milkfood Limited, Modi Industries, Tourism Finance Corporation of India, to name a few.

Business Connect: How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of clients in your law firm?

Ms. Manisha: For us, the main objective is a beneficial relationship between the Firm and the client. Every employee at the Firm, at all times, acts with honesty and with integrity and exudes confidence, pride, and enthusiasm for their clients. Our deadlines are honest and we do not mince our words and always think about the client and the future result of the advice given.

Business Connect: What are the efforts made by you not to lag behind in the race of having latest technology?

Ms. Manisha: We utilize the best hardware and software tools to ensure credibility and effectiveness. We try to incorporate the latest technologies to make sure that all software required for providing legal services are at the disposal.

Business Connect: Do you feel R&D is important?

Ms. Manisha: It is the key to the success of any industry, you need to keep on doing research and innovation, as it is one of the most important tasks to keep up with the coming changes and challenges.

Business Connect: How difficult is it to remain relevant and motivated in this competitive world?

Ms. Manisha: With a large number of companies coming up every day, it takes a lot of effort to still remain relevant in the field. We keep ourselves motivated by continuous hard work and commitment towards our work. We do not give our clients any chance to complain.

Business Connect: How do you keep your staff enthusiastic?

Ms. Manisha: It is their honesty towards the work and their enthusiasm that keeps them motivated towards the work, they love what they do. We have committed professionals our Associates and Partners (N. Raja Singh and Naveen Dahiya), whom we rely on for the best results in regard to our clients’ legal needs.

  1. Raja Singh, Advocate, Senior Partner
  2. Raja Singh has vast experience in banking, civil, general commercial corporate laws, domestic arbitration, injunction laws, writs, tenancy laws, mortgage laws, real estate laws, family laws, employment laws, labor laws, winding up of a company.

Naveen Dahiya, Advocate, Partner

Naveen has vast experience in advising clients in the areas of corporate commercial laws, real estate, corporate advisory, and litigation. His forte lies in the area of corporate restructuring and strategizing investments inbound and outbound. 

Business Connect: Who do you look up to?

Ms. Manisha: I look up to Dr. U.K. Chaudhary, Senior Advocate – as my father, superhero, and as alawyer, I consider him to be the epitome ofhardwork, humility and excellence in the legal profession, something which I as well as any young lawyer would wish to emulate.

Business Connect: How are you giving back to society?

Ms. Manisha: We do a number of pro-bono matters representing persons in need but without sufficient material resources to engage skilled lawyers.

Business Connect: Are you looking for expansion?

Ms. Manisha: A firm that is not thinking of expanding will never succeed. Every law firm has a plan of action prepared for the upcoming times.

Business Connect: Please let us know about the achievements of the Firm.

Ms. Manisha: Emerging Law Firm of the Year (Dispute Resolution), by the Indian National Bar Association, Featured in the 1st edition of the Indian Corporate Counsel Association’s coffee-table book “The Vanguards” as one of India’s most “Trusted Corporate Lawyers”

The firm is a member of SILF, PHDCCI, ASSOCHAM, CII, and FICCI etc. The firm’s lawyers are credited with being members of the Corporate and Commercial Law Committees of FICCI, CCI, ASSOCHAM, PHDCCI and are also part of various national and international bar associations.

Business Connect: What are your thoughts on women entrepreneurs?

Ms. Manisha: I have the utmost admiration for women entrepreneurs who have created a niche for themselves from sheer admiration and hard work. They should be encouraged to actively participate globally in every field. Women lawyers are facing many issues which we need to address and I am actively participating in many group discussions for the same.

Business Connect: Kindly enlighten our readers with your experiences that could prove fruitful for them.

Ms. Manisha: I have great responsibilities. As a managing partner, I have to be innovative and visionary to truly stand out and mentor my associates to their level of expectations. “Never stop learning” is what I learned from my father, Senior Advocate Dr. U.K. Chaudhary. A lawyer has to constantly learn and evolve, that is the only way to be successful and survive in this profession.

UKCA provides a need-based, one-stop legal resourceto ensure timely and personalized advice and all legal services under one roof.

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