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A Robust Marketing & Branding Solution provider

Written by- Kajal Dobhal

When businessmen decide on a business idea, they are generally excited to get to the ground. They want to get the website up, go on social media platforms, and come through the door with money. But it’s not that straightforward to start a corporation and most people don’t know how to create a company from scratch. Before they start making money, they don’t realize how many measures you need to keep in check. You’ve got a marketing plan to write, secure financing, and maybe even some recruiting to do. There is a section for the marketing campaign in a business plan.

After all, if nobody knows who you are, you cannot create a business. We introduce you to the world of Uniworld that brings your efforts to the limelight. Uniworld is a new age Film Production, Media, Marketing, and IT Solution company with International Team Members in Studio Core Team, Media Capital, and Technology Assets. Whether it’s feature films, short films, line production, aerial videos, VFX & Motion Graphics, Voiceovers, and more; Uniworld can do it all.

It provides fully integrated online & offline Marketing & Branding solutions, including a complete stack of Digital Marketing solutions such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, leads, SMS & Email. Uniworld is efficient at tailoring professionally designed websites, web apps, & mobile apps for many industries.

“To provide our clients with robust marketing & branding solutions, we consider it necessary to apply SWOT analysis to work. SWOT-analysis helps us determine how to capitalize on the vast number of opportunities within the industry. We spend days performing analysis to ensure things go according to plan. We also create a backup plan to keep ourselves on track if things don’t go according to plan. SWOT analysis is a critical part of our planning that helps us understand our clients’ business, study the competitors, identify viable opportunities, and convert them to our advantage.

Whilst performing the SWOT analysis, we analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of our clients’ business that helps us set up SMART (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time-bound) goals. After completing the SWOT analysis, we start working on achieving the goals of our clients on priority with the help of our dedicated team. Our marketing, content, and graphic teams work day-and-night in complete sync to fulfil our clients’ needs, requirements and satiate their queries if any,” explains Mr. Saransh Gupta, the Founder and CEO of Uniworld.

Mr. Saransh has been honoured with several industry-related awards. He was recently recognized under the list of the 20 Most Valuable CEOs to watch globally. Under his leadership, Uniworld has been accoladed as one of the leading marketing agencies across the country. Over 5 years, his team has served over 165 clients and been serving in the APAC market via Singapore Office, Europe and the US.

Talking about his motivation he says, “I love my work and that’s what wakes me each morning feeling energized and ready to conquer. The love for my work forms the inner motivation and drives me to give my best daily. I gained practical knowledge by managing the operations and marketing endeavours of my family business.

I try to instigate the learned values, knowledge, and motivation for the better functioning of Uniworld”. Driven by imagination, technology, and research & development; Uniworld Studios is currently one of the leading Marketing & Branding agencies. The team heavily invests in R&D and can develop cutting edge solutions to meet the growing demands of clients. The time and effort dedicated to developing, studying, and mastering a new technology make Uniworld a favoured partner.

The founder believes, “A vital aspect of our organization is Research & Development. We spend a lot of time in R&D, reflecting on our campaigns’ longterm gains and commercial effectiveness. It allows us to understand the audiences of our customers and the needs of the target buyers. When the testing process is done, we move on to developing plans for informative and effective marketing based on the gathered data. R&D gives us an advantage over our peers, delivers unprecedented creativity, and improves the company’s competitiveness.”

Besides creating an impact on the lives of clients, Mr. Saransh leaves no stones unturned when it comes to bringing a positive change in the environment through his contributions. Realizing the fact that India is home to nearly 1.4 billion individuals and the disparity between the haves and have-nots remains one of the steepest ones in the world, he says, “We do instigate the concept of social responsibility in our business operations. We promote the ‘Go Green’ campaign via our social media creatives and valuable donations. As a company, we try to play our role of being good citizens with activities that benefit society. We have also connected with an NGO to ensure that we, as a team can play our roles for the benefit of the poor and needy.”

Speaking to the team of Business Connect, the CEO shares the vision, “We have many exciting things planned for the future. We aim to expand into more horizons and be of much more assistance to our clients. We endeavour to expand to more countries and bestow our multi-faceted marketing and branding solutions to clients globally. We aim to establish a superior and known identity amongst all industries. In 5 years, I see myself as a working CEO of a billion-dollar marketing giant with at least a thousand employees.”

Before signing off, the CEO out of his plethora of experiences, shares words of wisdom that will act as a guiding light for every entrepreneur who is working day in and day out to create a successful business unit. Here it goes,

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Dream Big, and work hard to make it come true. Remember, that smart work and hard work go hand in hand. Work on your personality every day and become a person such that everybody wishes to follow you, and wishes to listen to you of their own will. Remember that success lies on the other side of the ordinary. Think apart, think extraordinary. Fill your life with people who motivate you and assist you on the journey to success. Stop giving time to things and people that you know won’t matter and contribute to your success. Last of all, never give up. There might be times when giving up would feel better, but believe in yourself and give time to your enterprise to rise to the top of the charts.”




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