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Writers Qi

Writers Qi

Make a successful career in your preferred nation with Writer Qi

Good international education advisors aim to assist their students in achieving their study abroad goals. But how do you go about locating the ideal specialist to assist you? Here are the top three essential characteristics to consider while determining which professional international education organization best suits your needs

Key Criterion No. 1: Excellent international admissions. study abroad advisers must be well-versed in the subject. Find out how long the agency has been providing international education guidance.

Key Criterion No. 2: Excellent communication abilities. How does the agent communicate with you? A professional consultant will take the time to explain his or her ideas to you in a friendly manner.

Key Criterion No. 3. When selecting an international education consulting firm, seek evidence of its reliability. You can see whether they have a testimonials page on their website. Read what previous clients had to say.

If they meet all three criteria, such agencies are exclusively interested in assisting students in achieving their aims of studying abroad.

Writers Qi is one of India’s leading study abroad consultants based in Delhi. They help students with admissions into top universities in the US, UK, and Canada. They work with students to help them build their profiles from Grade 9 onwards. Anjali Raghbeer, Founder of Writer Qi steers,

“We work one-on-one to help students develop their applications. We develop a detailed road map that entails shortlisting university choices, majors, and courses, planning their SAT/ACT tests and SAT subject tests and visa documents. We are known for our guidance on scholarships. We work closely with the VidyaGyan School, run by the Shiv Nadar Foundation, and have successfully placed students in Babson College, Wellesley College, University of Rochester, and many others. The Vidya Gyan students and others have won scholarships totaling more than two million dollars.”

The team carefully matches each student with their university choices, depending on the course they want to study. Their counselors help students find their best fit and ensure that they get into their dream colleges in the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and many other countries.

The organization was founded by Anjali Raghbeer in 2015 as many students used to come to her for help with writing their essays. With her strong writing background, she enabled students and helped them bring out their unique personalities. She recognized the need to help students build their profiles and apply to colleges that suit their interests and abilities. She believes in providing constructive feedback to make the student excel so that they can achieve their dream of studying abroad.

Writers Qi is the place to go if you’re perplexed and have unanswered questions regarding studying abroad. Writers Qi can assist you in making the admissions process as simple as possible. Their experts have a wealth of knowledge and are up to date on the most recent regulations and requirements.

“Students should contact an education consulting firm like Writers Qi to learn more about the course, university, or country they want to attend. Our job is to work with the student and the university to get them accepted. We have the answers to all of your lifestyle, financial, and other questions.”

Thousands of students choose to study abroad for higher education, the number of scams associated with it grows by the day. Students are frequently approached by scam officials because they are unaware of the difficult process of studying abroad. To prevent this Check if the university to which you are applying is a recognized institution by the relevant government in that nation.

Fake agents make misleading claims to students, claiming that they can guarantee visas for them because of their diplomatic connections. Students should be aware that the only body that can grant a visa is the embassy of the nation in question.

Always examine the college/official university’s website for all required information on fees, housing, oncampus jobs, and other amenities.

Writers Qi, under the leadership of Anjali Raghbeer, has helped students win 100% scholarships to top US universities. Her students have been placed in top institutes in the USA such as Wharton, Cornell, NYU, Scripss, UCLA, Wellesley and LSE (UK), and LBS (UK) among others. She is a special consultant to Shiv Nadar Vidya Gyan schools for international admissions.

“We have placed over 250 plus students, a total of over 2 million dollars worth of scholarships and we have students globally, ‘’ shares the founder. “We are also members of the International Association for College Admission Counselling (IACAC) and the National Association for College Admission Counselling (NACAC).

Writers Qi have been working with VidyaGyan Group of Schools that belong to the Shiv Nadar Foundation, we have had meritorious students in the past that have received 100% financial aid from well-known US universities such as Babson College, Wellesley College, University of Rochester, Bryn Mawr College and the like. Otherwise, our students have also won scholarships to schools such as Kelley Business Schools, UCLA, Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design, Case Western Reserve University, Emory University, etc. in the USA and even in Canadian universities as well.”

Writers Qi has conducted podcasts and Zoom webinars with the University of Cambridge (UK), the Swiss Education Group (Switzerland), Parsons School of Design (USA), Columbia Business School (USA), Boston University (USA), New York University (USA), Ashoka University (India) and many more. These webinars have sought to inform students of their choices abroad and within India and how to apply them. Recently in April 2021, Writer Qi conducted a comprehensive college-focused event – College Brew 1.0 that garnered over 1100 registrations!

How well are today’s youth equipped to face the problems of tomorrow? Are they able to successfully evaluate, explain, and express their ideas? Do they have the ability to learn throughout their lives? The team of Writer Qi has a professional way to assess the potential of aspiring students.

“We do a very personalized niche service.” adds the founder. We begin with psychometric testing to evaluate the student’s potential and then focus on bringing out their unique personality by building various activities. Since we help students right from Grade 9, we work on building their profile in a way that would help them gain admits to any of the top universities in the world. Our track record shows that we have placed students in Ivy League Schools as well as top schools with 100% scholarship. We help them go beyond the classroom and engage with the subjects through summer programs, research programs, and community service so that they not only build their profile but also solidify their interests.” quotes the founder.

The company’s main aim has always been to provide personalized guidance to every student that comes to them. “We limit the number of students we help to ensure that the service is based on frequent interactions and feedback. Our USP lies in personalized and handson guidance throughout the journey. Distance is not a barrier as we have students pan-India, Singapore, UK, and even the US. We also conduct high-quality personalized workshops with international resources.

Our writing workshops, filling out the Common App form workshop, art portfolio evaluation workshop, and mock application workshop receive over 200 visitors each time. We also conducted, “College Brew,” a platform where we hosted over 12 workshops simultaneously with over 35 international resources. All these efforts have led us to build a huge customer base.” explains the founder Anjali Raghbeer.

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