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5 Toxic Behaviors That Pushes People Away

Toxic Behaviors That Pushes People Away: How to Recognize Them in Yourself and Change them

Human is called a social animal who likes to live by connecting another human. However, this connection can be strong only when you have nice behavior. With nice behavior, we do everyday work like going to the office or doing some other activity. But sometime thing goes wrong and we feel alone and weak. If we try to figure out, what should I have done to not lose something or someone? Eventually, you see your toxic behavior has reason to feel weak or alone. the toxic behavior can damage your relation and remove you from your position.

in working life, we must meet and talk with different kinds of people. have you ever seen those kinds of guys? who showing their selves or talk in an abusive way and unsupportive. We must have seen. If you are acting like them, then you have a job to recognize them by yourselves and remove them as soon as possible.

What is toxic behavior?

The person isn’t toxic, their behavior becomes toxic. The toxic behavior is known as when we are deeply wounded (it doesn’t matter what causes you), but we are not taking responsibility for our wounding, our feelings, and our subsequent in our life. some pieces of evidence have shown that those people behave like those who have got bully and perfectionist. They create drama in their lives also, they like to control the situation by harming or being abusive.

According to Gale, we are surrounded by toxic behavior and sometimes other people bad behavior click in our mind. We act like them. Whatever reason, it is not good for our relationship and career.

Here are some common toxic behaviors we see in our daily life that help you to know more about.

1. Taking everything personally

Every individual is toxic to be around when they feel that all that occurs in life is a direct assault on them or everything about them. But the truth is that what anyone is saying or doing to you is everything about them. If people are judging you or giving you a reaction, they have their own perspective and experience. It doesn’t matter they are thinking good or bad for you. Here you can say that should I ignore every feedback. No this is not what I would like to say, What I want to say that being heart, dissatisfaction, and upset in our lives comes from consuming things personally. It better if you are letting the thing go good or bad thing. just believe in yourself, that all.

2. Obsessing about negative thoughts

It is a little connected with the first point. I have seen that the majority of people don’t let go of negativities. Those kinds of people always speak about awful things that can occur or have occurred, have felt the slight, and many others like that. they stubbornly turn down to see other (positive) side of life and lessons which we learn have learned in the past that how to be positive all the time. if I say something about them, they actually have locked their self in native box. They don’t want to hear at all. So how can you change yourself, just all you can do is the skewed way of thinking and living. By doing this you can change it.

Treating yourself like a victim

This is also known as toxic behavior. You have seen people who always like to keep complaining about what happened in the past. By having this Toxic behavior, you feel that you are the only one victim who has treated very badly by someone else which is not completely true. In the end, you don’t have the right direction to follow because you have already lost yourself just blaming yourself. Also, I would like to mention that this kind of problem causes so many things like lost relation, or someone has bullied. However, you can get over it by changing your mindset or taking advice from the therapist. All you have to do is stop whining and decline as helpless. In this way, you will find yourself a more powerful person who can do whatever you wish.

“Stop treating yourself as a victim of your past. just be a confident survivor and you will be able to handle anything.”

Excessive reactivity

Not having the ability to manage your emotion, it is called toxic behavior. As we have seen people who become angry over the little issues or hiccup. They start yelling at them, they don’t even want to hear your excuses at all. they overreacting when they are being late for the office, yelling at the staff all the time without reason and many more. If you have these kinds of behavior and feeling that you are losing yourself at some point, you have to look outside help which will help you to gain control over your emotions.

“Life is always full of drama and challenges, but you don’t have to overreact to any of it if you choose not to.”~Sonia Choquette


This is a very dangerous behavior, having a lack of empathy, concern, and compassion for other people, you become cruel. this occurs when you have a nasty mood all the time for some reason. Having a bad experience with others, it also makes you cruel. However, this isn’t good for you. Have cruelty, backstabbing, and tearing someone else down behaviors, it is called toxic behavior, this behavior does not only hurt someone else but also you. So if you are figuring out yourself as cruelty or backstabbing, try to prevent them and look for compassion in your hurt by getting deep, realize that what we are doing, it isn’t good. Also, you have to acknowledge that we all are the same. Just having some unexpected incident, you cannot go on the wrong track. I read somewhere a quote is written by Leo Rosten.

“I learned that it is weak who are cruel, and that gentleness is to be expected only from the strong.”


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