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8 Growing Businesses you can start with less than $100

8 Growing Businesses you can start with less than $100

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ” Business “? If that word is ‘money’, you have a physiologically ambitious personality. What if I re-word my question and ask, what amount of money comes to your mind when you think of business? By now your mind has already started thinking of a huge sum.

Our mind is wired in a way that we connect the word business with a large sum of money. When you see things in a certain way, you deal with them similarly. Let us say, you bought a brand new mobile phone.

A month later, someone gifted you a better phone. Now that you have two phones, you sell or give away your so-called old phone. If you closely look at this situation you’ll see that our perception towards things determines our action. What happens if we perceive business as something which requires a lot of money? Possibly we may never start one. But what if we tell you that there are numerous businesses that can be started with less than $ 100? Interesting isn’t it! 

Let us look at these 8 exciting things you can start with less than $100.


Companies grow through research, advertising, production, investment, and networking. Corporate houses are always in search of people who can recommend ideas and suggestions to help them grow. All you need is a network of people to refer to, your own website and a professional business card. Based on your skills and the way you can help your customers, your business as a consultant grows.


If you have a flair in writing, your skills are highly valued in the job market. If you can build customers for a company through informative and creative writing skills, you will find yourself always in demand. All you need is to develop your writing skills and read a lot. You can contact a local newspaper, and write for them for free. Learn the skill to bind your readers and you will grow your business at an extraordinary speed.


This is a trending business where everyone is trying their luck. You already have a smartphone with a camera. If you have ideas to prepare for an examination or teach a new recipe or if you know an unexplored place to travel you can make a video and upload it on youtube. There’s video everywhere. People are looking for great content, in marketing, education, medicine, engineering, entertainment and a lot more. If your video becomes popular, you will begin to get advertisements on your youtube page and this is a great source of earning.


You can choose to work as a freelancer for various companies rather than being employed for one company. To start with you’ll need to see what you are good at. Next, you need to talk to the companies showcasing your skills. Initial few weeks or even months you may have to work for less money. Eventually, as you build your reputation, you will get more work. Freelancer needs to have their own laptops, materials and office space. These are generally done on a contract basis.

IRCTC agent

Fill up the form online, submit your documents and you become an authorized IRCTC agent. You earn a commission for every railway ticket you book and a bonus for achieving the target.

Mobile repair

Nearly everyone in the country has a phone. In-fact the trend is to keep multiple phones. If you can learn the skill of mobile repair, you will probably never fall short of customers. There are many videos and online courses that can teach you this skill at a very low cost.


If you are a subject matter expert, becoming a tutor can be a really exciting job with almost no money. If you can develop some art of facilitating, and enhance the learning experiences of the students, you’ll find that there are many parents who are willing to hire your services.

Resume Writing

Resume creates the first impression. Learn the art to build a professional-looking resume for the job seekers and you can get your business going. There are multiple resources available online to teach you this life skill with little or no cost at all.

Tour Guide         

If you are familiar with your city, its history and have a good communication skills, you can begin as a tour guide. Visitors want someone with good background knowledge and the one who is honest and engaging. To start this business you will need to brush up on your English and get familiar with the history of the city and its monuments.


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