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A2Z Buying Services as the name incurs is a One Stop Solution for all the Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Sourcing requirements. They have been certified by UKAS and JAS-ANZ as ISO 9001:2015 organization. Their experienced team along with ISO 9001:2015 systems and processes bring the highest customer satisfaction. They boast themselves in building or creating long term business relationships.

Incepted in the year 2005, under the stewardship of Mr. Amit Arora and Mrs. Priyadarshini Arora, the directors of A2Z Buying Services, the Company is providing exemplary Sourcing and Quality Assurance Services to Customers.

Both Mr. Amit Arora and Mrs. Priyadarshini are professionals who have both worked in Multi-National Companies before starting A2Z Buying Services. Coming from

the corporate background and working at multiple International locations, they got exposure of International companies which the couple decided to bring in the best practices by starting their own venture- A2Z Buying Services.


A2Z Buying Services keeps abreast of technology and all the latest trends in the market. They have inbuilt software by which they track all their purchase orders, do quality control, and all the reports are created automatically for the customers.

Amit Arora states, “Our domain is quite unorganized. With the aid of technology and its amalgamation with business processes, we have organized it.”

The second differentiator is the honesty and transparency on which the Company walk and keeps the integrity and values intact of the organization.

Thirdly, it is a process-oriented company. They are the pioneers of process and have successfully implemented processes for suppliers, buyers etc. which has really improved the supply chain processes for end customers.


The Company encourages in-depth Research and Analysis to improve the processes and functioning. At times, customers don’t have an idea what kind of products they can source from India. Thereby, they do Research and Development to improve and improvise the design and quality of the product.

They got a lot of suppliers who are uneducated and don’t have correct knowledge and information about the things, A2Z Buying Services helps those suppliers to provide the knowledge so that they can scale up the operations.

The spectrum of the clientele includes wholesalers and retailers from Europe, UK and the USA. The top-notch brands are associated with A2Z Buying Services, and the best part is that the customers come from the references of other customers. In this way, the Company is winning the faith of the clients. The biggest salespeople for A2Z Buying Services is its existing customers who bring in other customers with reference.


  • They know that their customers want to partner with an established, honest and reliable organization. A2Z Buying Services has been providing Quality Assurance, Sourcing, Engineering and consulting services since 2005.
  • Customers need timely and informative feedback. A2Z Buying Services delivers reports within 24 hours with its cutting edge usage of technology and processes
  • They know that customers require assistance at various locations and require a partner that serves them worldwide over the long-term. A2Z Buying Services offers services to over 16 countries where they have build Satellite offices so as to near to the customers.
  • They know that customers value convenience. A2Z Buying Services provides online scheduling and report delivery so customers can view reports and schedule services anytime from anywhere.
  • They know that their customers have tight budget requirements. A2Z Buying Services does not make you compromise service quality for cost; they offer the highest level of service at competitive rates.
  • They know that customers require skilled and knowledgeable staff. At A2Z Buying Services, they have a team of experienced professionals, strategically positioned around the globe. A2Z Buying Services personnel offers in-depth experience in relevant industries. Their team is fluent in English and local languages and dialects to facilitate communications.
  • They know customers demand more than basic services from their partners. They can assist with travel itineraries and airport transportation, provide translators for factory visits and negotiate impasses with vendors on your behalf. A2Z Buying Services goes above and beyond quality assurance services to assist you in whatever way they can.


Started from very small, now the turnover of the Company has reached more than 200 Crores, which itself a big thing to boast and celebrate. Secondly, the team is multiplied to 30 members. Covering North, East, West and South of the country, they have offices in Moradabad, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Tripur. They are planning to open an office in Mumbai as well which will be a hub for customers.

Expanding internationally, they are envisioning to set up in offices in China, the USA, and Indonesia.

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