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Ace Solar

Ace Solar, Ensuring a Sustainable Future through Renewable Energy Solutions

“I treat my staff as my co-owners, this company is as much theirs as it is mine, regardless of the fact that I stand at the position of an owner, this company is what it is because of the people working with us”,

Mr. Gopal Tibrewal, founder, Ace Solar

Owing to the innovative technology and the initiatives taken by the government the scenario of renewable energy has favorably transformed tremendously. Targeting a $100 billion industry by 2022, the expansion is on the cards by the government and hence venturing into the solar business is just the ideal thing to do.

And with India becoming the hotspot for investors globally, a number of companies are rapidly working towards empowering the nation’s solar transformation, and one of these is Ace Solar. Established in 2016, Ace Solar deals in a number of solar on-grid systems, hybrid systems, water heaters, streetlights, solar water pumps, solar Cookers etc.

Mr. Gopal, in conversation with the Business Connect Magazine, talking about his venture, future plans and more,

Business Connect: What do you believe is the market situation right now for renewable energy?

Mr. Gopal: The market situation currently is very good, it is growing and the demand is amplifying as well. In the next 5 years, I believe there will not be any other option than opting for renewable energy.

Business Connect: What is in the future for the company?

Mr. Gopal: Till 2022, there is a major scope in the market due to the government taking an interest, in the next few years there will be no looking back for the solar industry.  Unless some new technology emerges in the market, then the scenario may change, otherwise, we will see a major boom and dependency on solar energy in the future.

Also, by the nest financial year, we will have our offices in Delhi and Mumbai and by 2022 we are looking to expand our offices Pan India. We also are looking forward to adding all the big fishes And State Government in the list of clients that we would like to serve.

Business Connect: What do you offer differently than your competitors?

Mr. Gopal: We focus on quality, we don’t give a lot of stress on the pricing as yet. Our main motto is to maintain the fineness of the quality, and that is the reason our company witnessed a growth of 400% in the previous years. And this also gives us a major edge over our peers who prioritize pricing and quantity a lot. And I personally believe that in the long run quality has to be maintained if you are looking to grow. People will pull back their trust and it can backfire if you do not maintain the same.

Business Connect: What do you feel is the future of an entrepreneur?

Mr. Gopal: If you are a technically sound person, and if you believe in quality and believe in serving your products at the right cost, the scope in this business vertical is ample in that case. But if you are only entering the field to earn money, this is not the right field for you then. In this field, no matter what product you install, its life is going to be at least for 20-30 years, which means that you are responsible for that product of yours for the same period of time. And if you are looking to generate such services for long periods, you will have to stick to quality and that is the only way to survive in this business. To be precise, after sale services play a very major role in this business and a good after sale service helps you further survive and find more business.

Business Connect: What kind of obstacles did you face?

Mr. Gopal: No matter what business you start, there will be struggles in it for bagging the right client. So there has been a struggle of the same kind for us as well. But currently we are happy with our growth, we are happy with the way we have been able to convince our clients, and there are certain targets we are looking forward to and are hopeful we will achieve them successfully.  

Business Connect: How do you ensure the faith of your clients?

Mr. Gopal: Each and every installation that we do is a model installation. It’s not a self-service installation, so each time the client asks us how can we trust you, we show them the model, make them talk to our team and the other clients who have availed the same service. Then there also is the word of mouth that we believe in, our clients refer us to others after they experience the satisfactory services that also works in favor for us in terms of convincing.

Business Connect: What are your thoughts about technology and R&D?

Mr. Gopal: We have a team of engineers, who rely a lot on R&D, we constantly upgrade our technology each day. If you do not have a team dedicated to R&D, growth is very difficult. It should be a major part of your business, to avoid lacking behind in the race.

Business Connect: What share of credit do you give your staff for your achievements?

Mr. Gopal: All of it, this is teamwork. Each person from the team is working hard towards doing their job perfectly. I can only work with two of my hands and one mind, and there is only so much I can do. It’s our staff that works nonstop and ensures we get as many orders possible and that the quality is maintained as well. I believe in co-existing and growing together, the company will grow when we grow and we will grow when the company does.

Business Connect: What is your motivating factor?

Mr. Gopal: Your biggest motivation would be seeing your company grow by your sweat and toil. If you have a target to achieve and you are willing to take your venture to successful heights, it will keep pushing you to come back pumped up and work towards it.

Business Connect: When did the idea pop in your head?

Mr. Gopal: My growing years were in a boarding school, and even in my graduation years, I lived away from home. In my early 20s, my father suffered a heart attack and that was the time of homecoming for me. I am from a remote village in Bihar, where I joined my father’s business post his medical condition. But I was not satisfied with the kind of place I was living in, mostly because my growing years were away from this place. Hence in 2015, I decided I should start my own business. I got a lot of support from my wife and my father as well. And after enough brainstorming, I realized that there are a number of businesses that will bring in a lot of money, but this is one that will serve the nature and bring about a change as well.  

Business Connect: Are you involved in CSR activities?

Mr. Gopal: Given that I come from a rural background, I understand the scenario here and I try to give back to society in all possible ways I can. We are planning to set up a solar plant in Bihar to try and make life a bit easier for the locals out there.

Business Connect: What do you feel is the government doing and is there anything that you feel should change?

Mr. Gopal: The central government is very supportive, I would also like to request the state government to buy the extra energy as well. Say, for example, I have installed a power plant and by the March end, I am left with extra energy to use, the government does not pay for it. I would like to raise a request to the government to start buying the surplus energy. There are a few small states that bought changes in the same but not all. I would also like to raise a request that the government should allow MSMEs in the bidding process of the credentials of the government. This will help the MSMEs to grow faster and better in the field of renewable energy.

Ace Solar is working hard towards reducing the consumption of energy with a wide range of product management and consultancy services to the customers. They are making the transition to solar as easy as it could ever be. Through provisions of renewable energy by their products, the future of sustainable living seems brighter.

“I would like to convey, if there is anyone out there who are looking to do anything in regard to the field of renewable energy, we are here, come to us and we will ensure your requirements are met in our best capacity”,

Mr. Gopal Tibrewal, Founder, Ace Solar

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