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Empowering Adolescents for a Bright Future

Acrophile Adolescent Healing Center Pvt Ltd is dedicated to addressing the unique developmental challenges faced by adolescents. With a comprehensive program, including parallel education in schools and high-intensity workshops, the center aims to empower both children and parents.

In 2024, the company plans to expand its reach by launching in two schools in New Delhi, impacting over 3000 students. Expect steady growth and a positive impact on adolescents’ lives in the years to come.

Empowering Adolescents for a Fulfilling Future

In this era of technology frenzy and relentless growth, it’s easy to overlook the fact that our minds, just like our bodies, need support. Amidst cutthroat competition and demanding environments, young people often find themselves ill-prepared mentally and emotionally. It’s a nagging question I’ve pondered for over two decades: Why do these promising youth struggle with personal growth, veer off onto negative paths, and, in the worst cases, spiral into depression or even contemplate suicide?

Dr. Martin Seligman, the visionary behind Positive Psychology, shed light on an intriguing concept: Learned Helplessness. Picture this—a person stuck in a cycle of facing uncontrollable negativity, eventually losing hope and giving up on changing their circumstances. Alarmingly, this phenomenon is on the rise, leaving parents grappling with the challenges while pursuing their own desires and needs, often at the expense of their children’s well-being.

After dedicating more than two decades to working with young individuals, I realized the need for a dedicated framework to address this pressing issue. Society’s rapid growth over the past two decades has resulted in equally skyrocketing psychological needs among adolescent children. These are the years when character is formed, influencing a lifetime of experiences. It’s during this critical period that we must focus on enhancing confidence, fostering happiness, nurturing relationships, developing problem-solving skills, reducing stress, achieving goals, and building meaningful lives.

Interestingly, the same character strengths that industry leaders seek in their employees are nurtured during adolescence. However, adults already possess established character traits, making it more challenging to modify or improve without consistent effort and a genuine desire for change. Perhaps in the future, we can explore adapting our tools to support young employees in the industrial world. But that would require a collective commitment from both industrial leaders and individuals themselves.

Investing in the development of character strengths during adolescence is a pivotal step toward future success. By addressing the unique needs of young individuals, we unlock their true potential, equipping them to navigate life’s challenges and thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Balancing Development and Well-being: Nurturing Adolescents for Success

In the education sector, it’s interesting to observe how many companies prioritize development. However, most of them focus on fostering competitiveness and rigid rote learning. While this approach aims to propel students toward higher education and financial stability, it neglects the crucial support needed by growing adolescents. Unfortunately, this has created an environment where “survival of the ruthless” prevails, rather than nurturing the truly fit.

A Proactive Approach to Adolescent Well-being

Psychologists pose a significant challenge as parents often seek help only when problems become unavoidable, requiring psychological or psychiatric care for their adolescent children. My mission is to dispel this myth and foster a proactive environment that supports young individuals during this critical and delicate stage of life. As a leader, I am fully engaged, conducting extensive research, collaborating closely with colleagues, and leveraging my expertise to ensure our company’s goal is achieved.

Building Strong Foundations: Research, Expertise, and Client Acquisition

In the early stages, our business thrives on extensive research and development of top notch training tools. We delve into global literature, continuously upskill ourselves, and prioritize delivering exceptional expertise. Our operations are streamlined: robust research, client acquisition, and attracting investors.

Positive Psychology Education: Empowering the Next Generation

We stand apart from technology, conventional education, and medical institutions. Our unique business merges world-renowned Positive Psychology with education, aiming to create lasting and sustainable positive impact for the next generation of young individuals.

Empowering Schools and Parents: A Holistic Approach to Adolescent Well-being

Our unique value proposition extends beyond schools to benefit parents as well. For schools, our training model covers the crucial adolescent years from age 11 to 17, reducing dropouts, improving scores, and addressing teacher challenges. We envision a positive and effective learning environment, fostering higher student focus and commitment. Parents, facing the daunting challenges of addiction, peer influence, drug abuse, and unsafe behavior, can greatly benefit from our program.

We offer knowledge and skills through proactive positive counseling and education. Currently, we target two client groups. First, school management, enabling direct implementation of our curriculum and regular high-intensity workshops for students. Second, we engage directly with parents, equipping them with the tools and understanding to navigate the complexities of raising adolescents. Our holistic approach aims to create lasting positive impact for both schools and families.

Expert Services in Biopsychosocial Development

Our company’s primary focus is on human development, offering highly equipped and knowledgeable services in biopsychosocial development for young adolescents. With research and development as our core goal, we have completed a comprehensive study on 6 human traits and 24 character strengths. Currently, we are developing a curriculum spanning from class 6 to 12, covering nearly 300 topics for these age groups.

The Human Touch

While technology serves as a tool for achieving goals, it cannot replace the crucial role of human connection in our biopsychosocial development. The development of our psychological strengths will always require meaningful interactions with fellow human beings. Technology, though valuable, has its limitations when it comes to fulfilling our deep-seated developmental needs.

Education and Experience With an MBA from Chifley Business School, La Trobe University, Australia, my passion for psychology led me to upskill extensively. I pursued Developmental Psychology training at the University of Queensland and delved into Positive Psychology at the University of Penn, inspired by the work of Dr. Martin Seligman.

Additionally, I completed programs in Positive Psychology and Intervention Strategies from Harvard Medical School and the University of Penn, under the guidance of renowned experts. With over 20 years in the nonprofit sector, I’ve dedicated my career to the development of young individuals in India.

Investing in Intrinsic Value

As a recently launched venture, our focus lies in establishing a solid foundation for success. We prioritize investing in robust research and development to ensure that our offerings deliver immense intrinsic value to our customers. While it’s too early to gauge our achievements, we are committed to fostering a secure and well-established approach that will pave the way for future success.

Expanding Impact: Nurturing Positive Growth from Schools to College

Our initial focus is on acquiring clients in the education sector, particularly schools. In the coming years, we aim to extend our services to young college students, recognizing that social adolescence extends well into the mid-20s. It’s time to break free from the prevailing negativity and aggression in our world. Investing in young individuals means shifting our focus to building their best qualities, as aptly stated by Dr. Martin Seligman in Positive Psychology.

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