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This inside story narrates the success of a daring plunge taken by a zealous entrepreneur who built a thriving business from scratch. Affinique Marketing is the sheer outcome of fanning the entrepreneurial spirit. Starting Affinique Marketing was a challenging and rewarding experience for the founder, who recognized that entrepreneurship often involves significant risk and uncertainty, with no guarantees of success.

Panna Gupta who is the Founder and Director of Affinique Marketing believes that obtaining finance, luring customers, and running the day-to-day business can be challenging. The benefits, meanwhile, can also be substantial. As an entrepreneur, the founder has the autonomy to create something new and innovative and make a significant impact in the experiential marketing industry.

Building a professional identity and testing his capabilities were also important motivators for starting the company. Additionally, being an entrepreneur allows him to use his own skills, talents, and creativity in a way that aligns with his values and goals.

The decision to focus on experiential marketing was a deliberate choice, as it emphasizes creating immersive and interactive customer experiences that build a deeper emotional connection between the brand and the customer. The founder’s years of experience in this field have given him a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the industry, increasing his chances of success.


Affinique Marketing offers a comprehensive 360-degree solution to its clients, encompassing expertise in various areas of BTL such as brand experiences (events, exhibitions, activations), retail experiences, digital marketing, and merchandising & gifting. The company is committed to providing clients with quick, clear, and actionable intelligence at a highly competitive cost.

In the five years since its inception, Affinique has worked with 112 clients, delivered more than 2700 projects and experiences, and reached more than 5.2 million people. The mantra is simple- “We at Affinique let our work do the talking!”


It’s true that there is fierce competition in the marketing sector, with numerous major and small agencies vying for the same clients and business possibilities. To succeed in such a crowded market, it’s crucial to comprehend the target market, establish a strong reputation and brand, invest in technology, and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

Affinique Marketing has embraced core values of Affinity, Approach, Agile, and Analytical that are closely linked to the emotional connections that they seek to establish with their clients, stakeholders, and employees. These values have been chosen to support the company’s objective of creating trust, building longterm relationships, being transparent, and providing highquality services. By integrating these values in all aspects of its operations, Affinique Marketing differentiates itself in the market and fosters deeper and more meaningful relationships with its clients.


To effectively lead and manage the team, a leader must comprehend the needs and viewpoints of my team members. By understanding the team members’ emotions, worries, and pressures and giving them the proper tools, coaching, and support to help them achieve in their jobs, Panna endeavors to establish a culture of trust, respect, and cooperation, which he believes is essential for a healthy and effective work environment.

According to him, he achieves this by being non-judgmental, actively listening to his team members, and valuing their contributions. Making decisions can be challenging when considering multiple factors and weighing up lots of information. However, with practice, patience, and the right mindset, a leader can become more effective by improving their strategic and critical thinking skills.


According to the founder, the incorporation of technology into experiential marketing services can significantly improve the brand experience and make the services more interactive and engaging. The use of technology can create more immersive experiences for customers, resulting in more memorable and attractive services that stand out in the market.

Furthermore, technology can also help in gathering data and insights that can be used to better understand customer preferences, improve the services, and make better-informed decisions. The ability to pivot and innovate in the face of adversity is a key characteristic of successful businesses. By understanding its client’s needs and being responsive to changing market conditions, the agency has been able to navigate the challenges posed by uncertainties and even grow.

They have a mindset of providing value-added services and staying committed to doing something extraordinary every day. By keeping up the good work and continuing to think outside the box in order to stay ahead of the curve, the agency will likely remain successful even as market conditions continue to evolve. In 2023, Panna plans to continue investing in his team, encouraging them to be creative, take calculated risks, and learn from past experiences.

Additionally, he plans to build a culture of open communication and feedback to stay attuned to the needs of their clients and identify new opportunities to innovate. Furthermore, the founder plans to upgrade and even diversify the services that they offer to help the agency weather any future market downturns.


At Affinique Marketing, the founder initially started with a small group, but now has more than 50 employees on the team. The team has been a significant factor in the company’s growth. The founder believes that building a team with diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives is essential to bring new ideas and strategies to the table.

The founder implements team rotation to ensure that the team can handle a variety of tasks and challenges. Through this, team members can gain a broader understanding of the agency as a whole and develop new skills and relationships that can benefit them, the agency, and their clients. As the leader of the organization, he has a big part to play in developing a strong team culture that values collaboration, open communication, and continuous learning.

The founder encourages team members to share their ideas and perspectives, recognizes and rewards their contributions, and creates opportunities for them to grow and develop as professionals. Such practices create a positive and productive team environment.


In a short period of time, Affinique Marketing has achieved strong growth, acquiring over 100 clients with an almost 60% growth rate. The agency is well-regarded for delivering high-quality services and building strong client relationships.

The founder has set an ambitious target of a 100% growth rate for the current year, and achieving such growth would require continued innovation and adaptability in response to changing market conditions. This may involve exploring new service offerings, expanding into new markets, or optimizing marketing and sales efforts.


The founder of Affinique Marketing has a roadmap for diversifying the business by expanding to new verticals and upgrading current services to maintain competitiveness in the market. Recognizing the importance of retail marketing, the founder plans to expand the retail experience to increase brand satisfaction and drive growth. This vision aligns with the current market trends and is aimed at keeping the agency ahead of the curve.

Panna Gupta plans to invest in research and development to identify new opportunities, develop innovative solutions, and stay up to date with the latest industry trends. By doing so, the agency will continue to thrive and grow in the coming years.


“My motto in life is to approach situations with a flexible and adaptable mindset, considering all the relevant factors to make the best possible decisions. I believe that having a practical approach based on understanding the situation and considering all relevant factors is the key to achieving success, both in my personal and professional life. This approach helps me to navigate unexpected situations and make well-rounded decisions that align with my goals and values.”

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