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Ahad Retail Ventures


Conrad Hilton says, “Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”

An action pushes your boundaries and urges you to take leaps or bounds from the comfort zone for creating wonders. Ifthikar Saleem, the maestro, is the believer of the same quote and he puts it into practicality quite often. Countless efforts he put into to reach the formidable stature in the Retail Sector of business. As a Founder and Managing Director of Ahad Retail Ventures, his contribution towards making the company a renowned entity is supernal.


The Bangalore based company, Ahad Retail Ventures is the backbone of the Indian retail and Fashion arenas with a mammoth experience of 40 years in the Retail Industry. Founded by Mr. Ifthikar Saleem in 1978, Ahad Retail Ventures has risen to become one of Bangalore’s foremost and leading businesses in high-end brands.

With a rich experience over the years in textiles, apparel, luggage and footwear, Ahad Retail Ventures has become trendsetters in the Retail and Fashion sector today. Top-notch brands are associated with Ahad Retail, which includes US Polo Assn, Delsey Paris, Police Lifestyle, Indya, Faballey, The Children’s Place, Creyate Custom Clothing, etc.

Offering services in Franchising, Space Consulting, and Retailing, Ahad Retail Venture is an end-to-end retail service company. It is revered as one of the frontline franchise companies, delivering excellent franchising services to international and Indian brands alike. It comes to terms with the primary objectives, brand value, uniformity, customer handling, sales push plans, events, and culture of the client.

In franchising, it offers the best of its talent, expertise, prime real estate for a great in-store experience. Location is a prime factor for a retail store’s success. At Ahad Retail, local and offshore clients receive the best real estate and space consulting services. Its in-depth knowledge of the locality, client’s contenders and targets help them position rightly and assist them to make a choice, negotiate and run the retail operations.

Another maestro is Ahad Ifthikar who is the Retail Director of AHAD RETAIL VENTURES. Ahad Ifthikar is a young and determined professional in his prime. He is the perfect example of a contemporary young man piloting the affairs of his father’s business.

With a grand vision for the company, he is charting a new course that will take Ahad Retail Ventures to its highest point of achievement. The visionary has already worked with the leading CA and retail firms in the country and comes along with a persistent objective to take the business to the next level. An ardent sports lover he is!  Ahad is very humble, visionary and has a team spirit and he has seen the organization to take up the leading roles in all of its endeavors.


Years of enriching and paramount experience have made Ahad Retail Ventures a successful retailer, and it has been able to sustain the business with changing times, consumer needs, tastes and preferences. Ahad Retail has stood the test of time and continuously evolved to maintain the most relevant mix of fashion and retail over the last 40 years.

When the economy open-ended up in the 1980s to the organized retail sector development during the mid-’90s, Ahad Retail has continuously reviewed and evolved its supply chain, channels, business partnerships, back-end operations, and technology. In present times, Ahad Retail uses the latest technology but the same business principles to evolve with the upcoming organized retail boom.

In the mainstream for four decades, Ahad Retail Ventures understand the importance of staying in sync with changing times. So creating a symphony with newer and better technologies is considered in their business operations. CRM, Social Media Marketing, Partner Management, Corporate Banking, Cloud ERP Systems as well as vendor management, all of these IT adoptions have helped them to stay in pace with the industry.

Ahad Retail has also adopted Omni-channel across a few of its stores through its business partners. Ahad Retail Ventures is currently in the exciting phase, and this has certainly helped it to improve its performance and catalyzes its growth. It has evolved and repositioned at the top line itself as a premium and luxury retailer in the market over the years because of which the future looks great. It is growing and actively evaluating opportunities, which are aligned with its business plans and vision.

In a dynamic industry like retail, Research and Development are considered pivotal.

Illuminating the crucial process of Research and Development, Ifthikar Saleem says, “Our eyes and ears in the market are always open, which provides us the best market intelligence at the right time. This helps us to stay at the top of our business operations.

In terms of development, Ahad Retail Ventures is heavily focused on organic and profitable growth. About 85% of the Indian retail market is unorganized. Thus, it is cumbersome to achieve stability with profitability in such a business environment. However, the company’s in-depth research and development help them to identify the best opportunities in the market.


Ahad Retail Ventures is an equal and social employer as they comply with all the necessary labor rules and regulations of the government. Treating the manpower with respect and dignity enables the team members to achieve their career ambitions. Employee Engagement and Feedback Sessions encourage and support the employees to continually improve and excel. Consequently, this ensures that the customers get the best-in-class service.


Ahad Retail Ventures is a core member of the ‘Retailers Association of India’. It has over 100 employees on its payroll with an unrivaled experience of partnering with over 40 International and premium brands over the years. Today, Ahad Retail facilitates retail for brands, including Creyate Custom Clothing, U.S. Polo, Delsey Paris, Fab Alley & Indya, Flying Machine, Police Lifestyle, the Children’s Place and many more across high Streets, Malls & Luxury Malls with a rooted presence in Bangalore.

The company’s founder- Ifthikar Saleem is one of the 100 most influential Retail Leaders in Asia and they are amongst the 10 most recommended retail solution providers of 2019.


Ahad Retail Ventures is moving quickly towards becoming a leader in the premium and luxury retail segment. The Bangalore Real Estate Co., a sister company, has been instrumental in providing the much needed consulting of space, and with years of experience in retail operations, they are committed to becoming a 360-degree retailer with services ranging from space consulting to franchising.

Provided help to many Indian retail pioneers, they have established their operations from scratch and are committed to sustaining and improving the quality of their business over the years ahead. Ahad Retail Ventures understand the pulse of the retail consumer and continue to make recommendations to business partners on bringing the latest in fashion and lifestyle at their disposal for their consumers.

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