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AITCCL – All India Technical Consultancy Corporation Limited


“‘Hitch Your Wagon to a Star’, don’t get bogged down by your situation or how deprived you have been, the way small seed of banyan contains a huge tree within, you might have similar potential. All you need is the right environment and good conditions to flourish”

Shivendu Madhava

A professionally managed Premier Technical Consultancy Organization, AITCCL promotes Countrywide Entrepreneurship and provides need-based consultancy services including Consultancy on IT, Environment & Energy Projects, Consultancy on Agro-based & Food processing industries. To its credit, AITCCL has also prepared numerous Project Reports & Studies of various kinds like Energy Audits, Safety Audit, et al.

These reports comprise of Detailed Project Reports, Valuation of Properties, and preparation of Techno-Economic Viability Study (TEVS), preparation of Agriculture Business Plan, Financial Inclusion, Socio-Economic Studies, and Research, etc. It is promoted by young professionals as a startup company and is registered with Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Govt. of India. We have consistently endeavored to provide quality consulting services and have carved our own niche in the market.

Shivendu Madhava, Director, ALL INDIA TECHNICAL CONSULTANCY CORPORATION LIMITED, strived towards the main element of AITCCL’s progress to constantly diversify its portfolio and add new services with the requisite competence. The core expertise of the company is in executing project consultancy assignments, training & capacity building in the field of skill development, livelihood promotion and income generation program. We emphasize skill development for income generation and this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

A number of exceptional consultancy services that they bring to the disposal of their clients are Agriculture & Allied Sectors Consultancy, Urban Infrastructure Development Consultancy, Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDPs), Skill Development Initiatives Training Programs, Micro Entrepreneurship Development Programs, Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development (STED), Energy & Environment Consultancy, Health and Sanitation Consultancy Services, Water and Sewage Treatment Consultancy, Financial Consultancy Services, Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies/ Appraisals, and Smart City Development Consultancy

In a conversation with Business Connect Magazine, Shivendu talks about turning his venture into a National Level Consultancy Company in India with Affiliations in various State Governments, future plans, market scenario, etc.,

Business Connect: Did you see any transformations happening for startups, over the years in the field?

Shivendu: Various Government schemes such as Startup India have helped ideas transform into products and have helped in many ways financially as well as technically, helping young entrepreneurs setting up their first company. As startup companies in nascent stage need assistance and constant monitoring through audits and compliances checks. They have also eased out some compliances for recognized startups and various tax benefits have also led the startups to flourish and have given the platform in our country for FDIs.

Business Connect: Did everything come easy or you have your story of struggle.

Shivendu: I hail from Siwan, a small town in Bihar and my success story is similar to that of young entrepreneurs who come from smaller places basically lacking in technology, infrastructure or support. Although the internet has definitely been a revelation and helped me update my knowledge about what was happening around, I had to move out from Siwan and settle in Varanasi for better prospects of my company but the core idea of setting it up was conceived at my hometown. I had my share of hardships but I am happy the way things turned out to be.

Business Connect: What kind of clients do you serve, any special mentions?

Shivendu: We serve Government, Private Sector, Corporate Sector and HNIs. Government is constantly in need of various project reports like smart city development plans, Private Sector such as educational institutions need help in developing curriculum and skill development programs, Corporate Sector which is in need of feasibility studies and market research  & HNIs in their philanthropy projects and asset management.

Business Connect: How do you ensure unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Shivendu: We enjoy continued patronage of our clients through consistent meticulous service provisioning. We always stick to our core value of great customer experience and hence a great brand loyalty.

Business Connect: How do you keep pace with the changing market trends?

Shivendu: Although there no definite way to it and most of the times we follow our instincts but along with it we also try to evaluate what is relevant to our requirement, follow the best practices of the market leaders, make optimum usage of the social media platform and constantly keep evolving by up-skilling ourselves.

Business Connect: Do you believe R&D is essential for the growth of the company?

Shivendu: I would say that Research and Development is the backbone of an organization. In fact, the market is led by those organizations who have a strong R&D team. We also emphasize on our R&D and the emphasis would be stepped up with time.

Business Connect: Do you still come to work with the same zeal, like you did when you started?

Shivendu: Well, this company is our brainchild. It is somewhat like raising a newborn. You nurture it and you do it with a sense of responsibility and purpose. There is a natural enthusiasm for whatever you choose to do. There is a great sense of passion for running this company.

Business Connect: In terms of your market what do you feel the future holds for entrepreneurs?

Shivendu: That solely depends on how equipped you are to dynamically evolve, accepting change with open arms and pursuing your passion with great acumen. The role of a consultant/consultancy requires to have a deep understanding of people, processes, and tools within the context of organizations. The ability to concisely explain something complicated to a non-technical audience differentiates an average organization from an Extra Ordinary one. We always strive to excel.

Business Connect:How necessary do you feel is it to keep your employees content how you ensure it?

Shivendu: Our employees are the foundation of our company and it is of utmost importance to keep them happy and motivated. We create an ideal environment for our consultants to stimulate a diversity of thoughts. This is what keeps us on our toes and at no point our employees feel stagnant, keeping them motivated all the time. We have a system of Rewards and Recognitions for our employee satisfaction.

The brain dad behind this venture, Shivendu Madhava involves himself committedly at work but also likes to spend his time doing activities that cease his interest otherwise like playing Golf, Listening to Music, Watching Movies, going out with friends and Meditating in Mountains.

Under his reign, AITCCL not just works diligently in the vertical of consultancy but also believes in giving back to society. They run various projects to help the marginalized community of the society mainly in education, healthcare, and sanitation. This includes providing subsidized and free education, sponsoring medical treatments, and setting up toilets and running cleanliness campaigns.

The Government has taken different steps to create an environment for entrepreneurs where they can flourish their startups especially MSME department which helps small enterprises through different subsidy schemes and SEZs. As the economy of our country grows, AITCCL is looking forward to encouraging a number of opportunities in a variety of sectors like Smart City Development Projects, Project Assessments, DPR preparation and Feasibility studies for Government and Private Sector.

“I am an ardent Admirer of Steve Jobs. His saying, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” has always been an inspiration. He is the reason we are able to constantly take out-of-the-box business decisions and always hungry to spread our wings”

Shivendu Madhava

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