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Akhilapriya Properties Private Limited

Akhilapriya Properties Private Limited

The Almighty Prime Mover

“CONSTRUCTION WITHOUT DEVIATION IS our MAIN MOTTO”- conveyed Prem Krishna Vayuvegula & Niranjan Kanna Reddy, the Directors of Akhilapriya Properties Private Limited.

CONSTRUCTION is the most important sector that contributes greatly to the economic growth of a nation. The Construction industry has been the driving force for the local economy for the past several years. Everyone dreams of having a dream house and “Vavuyvegula and Reddy’ are the ones who have dedicated themselves to fulfill this dream of people. They educate and help people in buying a property which is built in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the concerned local authorities.

Prem Krishna Vayuvegula, one of the directors of Akhilapriya Properties Private Limited, is a dynamic personality. His strong determination and willpower have helped him fulfill his dream of having own construction company. Niranjan Kanna Ready, the other director, is a man of individuality who is a self-motivated person whose tremendous efforts to fulfill his dream have made him a successful businessman.


Akhilapriya Properties Private Limited is a name that resonates among the prominent residential and commercial developers in Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh. Having its Headquarters in Chennai, Akhilapriya Properties is primarily focusing on residential and commercial projects. The Company’s upcoming residential projects include deluxe apartments, villas, row houses, development of plots and aspirational houses replete with world-class amenities. In all of its projects, the company lays a strong emphasis on environmental management, water harvesting and high safety standards.


The main mission of the company is to develop quality properties based on realistic values for its clients, investment affiliates, as well as its joint venture partners. Its striving feat is to continuously expand the role of a leading developer in the construction industry by building lasting relationships with its clientele and all concerned on the foundations of performance, trust and confidence.


Innumerable construction companies exist in today’s world. To make oneself unique in this industry is a big challenge. But the constant dedication and unceasing efforts of its Directors make Akhilapriya Properties different from others. It provides property management services to the non-resident investors. One who buys a flat in this project can lease it out to Akhilapriya Property Management Services which takes care of the flat by paying a monthly rent to the investor. As such, the investor needs not worry about renting out the flat, maintenance of the flat etc. People can invest from any corner of the Globe and avail hassle free returns.

“Construction without deviation” is their only motto, whereas 90% of the market is filled up with illegal and deviated constructions. Buying a home is a dream to every common man. A person saves all his money throughout his life to buy his or her own home. Without having a proper knowledge of this kind of issues, he or she invests all his hard earned money in buying an illegal or a deviated property and ends up paying huge fines and sometimes even losing the home. “So we have decided not to get into such kind of deviated and illegal constructions but to deliver the best to our buyers.” asserted “Vaguevela & Reddy”.


In the words of Mr. Reddy & Vaguevela, “Competing with the existing competitors in the market is a big hassle, gaining the trust of the clients is another big issue. You need to prove that you are the best when compared with the competitors in the market”. On the basis of their above words, it is assumed that they always focus on providing better facilities to the clients in comparison with their competitors in the construction field.

At the time of advertisement, numerous companies promise to provide to their clients a number of facilities and amenities. But in reality they provide only a few among the promised ones. In most cases there are deviations from the approved plans to a tune of 10%, 15% and in extreme cases even 25%. But Akhilapriya Properties confirm not to have any deviations from the approved plan and to provide all the facilities and amenities promised. In most cases, the developers give a deadline to handover the flats to the clients. But due to many factors, they are not able to stick to the deadline and make a lot of delay in handing over the property to their clients. But Akhilapriya Properties promise to stick to the deadline and save unnecessary anxiety to its clients.


The numero uno project “PRISTINE” constructs 76 premium apartments. All are 2BHK flats facing east and west. The Construction commenced in October 2018 and will be completed by October 2020 (The deadline given by the developers). The project has been approved by DTCP (Director of Town and Country Planning) Amaravathy, Andhra Pradesh. There will be no deviations from the approved plan. Akhilapriya Properties takes great pride to deliver to its clients the apartments with international quality specifications and standards.

The Project “PRISTINE” offers excellent connectivity to Chennai & Tirupati International Airports. There are 5 Sea Ports within a radius of 100KMS from SRICITY. They are Chennai Port (65kms), EnnorePort (50kms), Kattupalli Port (52kms), Krishnapatnam Port (100kms) and the upcoming Duggarajupatnam Port (60kms). There are also Express trains connecting to Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi. “PRISTINE” is located just 1.5kms from SRICITY, India’s fastest growing SEZ (Special Economic Zone). SRICITY is deemed to be the ‘Future Smart City of Andhra Pradesh. 175 best International companies from 27 Countries are established in SRICITY. Enumerating in this, there are Educational Institutions and Hospitals spread across 7500 acres. SRICITY is working towards becoming a carbon neutral city and is one of the best in India to live and work in.


Akhilapriya Properties Private Limited is a direct sales business model. It has tied up with some local marketing agencies & services, generate revenue through a network of sales persons who sell the flats directly to customers. Here direct sales takes place through presentations or demonstrations of the product or service in a one-to-one setting. Publicity Videos and Banners are posted and circulated through Social media to reach millions. Hoardings showcasing the project details are posted in all the major cities of south India.


Akhilapriya Properties is a big dreamer. Its aim is to become a well-known and a reputed construction company in south India as well as north India down the line in 10-20 years. It is planning to build commercial Shopping malls with world class Food courts, state of the art multiplex screens and Star Hotels. It is also interested in developing residential projects in:

1.) Amaravathy, The new capital of Andhra Pradesh.

2.) Sricity, India’s fastest growing SEZ in between Chennai & Tirupati.

3.) Tirupathi, India’s richest Pilgrim City and many other places.

Apart from these, it is also formulating a plan to construct a world class theme park beside.

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