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Cargopeople Logistics & Shipping Pvt. Ltd.

Clearing the hassles of logistics industry

The transportation of goods has always been known to be a hectic task taken into consideration the never-ending hassles. We often get irritated by the thought of following cumbersome process. We have always yearned for an alternative that could provide ice-on-cake service. In recent years, a number of companies have emerged on the landscape of Indian logistics industry. Some of them have earned huge respect from their satisfied clients. Cargopeople is one such company that has been yielding top-notch service for many years.

The growing contribution of foreign trade has helped Indian economy become double since the last decade. Foreign trade represented 20% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2000, which increased to 42% in 2012. This development has been accompanied by a phenomenal rise in the volume of freight traffic movement.

Being one of the largest consumer markets in the world, India’s logistics sector is driven by industries such as automobile, pharmaceuticals, Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail. Furthermore, the government of India lays emphasis on increasing manufacturing and exports. This has made logistics an imperative sector to achieve the desired levels of development foreseen for the country.

Seasoned expertise to your service

Cargopeople was incorporated in the year 2011. It caters to international logistics of commercial cargo. It handles air and sea shipments besides providing services like custom clearance, warehousing, trucking and insurance as per customer’s requirements. The core team of the company had already been working in Logistics industry for years. They had gained knowledge and understanding through partnership in a freight forwarding company. In 2011, it decided to build its own company to be a one stop solution for all freight forwarding needs. This prepared the fertile ground for Cargopeople.

The strong relationship between domestic & international trade and logistics infrastructure is widely accepted. While growth in trade stimulates the requirement for supporting infrastructure, availability of infrastructure at competitive rates promotes trade and improves global competitiveness of a country.

In developing countries such as India, an efficient logistics infrastructure can reduce cost of transportation which in turn can contribute directly to economic development. However, India lags behind several other countries in the global setup in terms of logistics infrastructure and services. Inadequate infrastructure is the major bottleneck impacting the development of logistics and the efficient movement of cargo in the country. Cargopeople has been a force to reckon with during all these years of operation.

History of associations with reputed organizations

When we talk about the Domestic Cargo Transport Industry in India, it comprises of several modes including Roadways, Railways, Inland Waterways, Coastal Shipping and Airways, whereas transportation of goods to and from foreign territories is largely done through seaways and airways. The industry has grown manifold both in terms of value and volume on account of intensifying industrial and manufacturing activities, in addition to increasing consumption of commodities.

Additionally, since the industry is gradually dealing with and surpassing its shortcomings, it is bound to come closer to the realization of its potential in the future. The same in turn will not only augment the competitiveness of the country, but will also create more opportunities for domestic businesses and foreign enterprises operating in India.

When talked about the work culture, the company is aligned to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing a holistic environment to its employees as well as servicing its customers round the clock. It is a member of PHD chamber of commerce and registered under MTO. Internationally, it is a member of worldwide organization WCA which is considered the benchmark of reliability and safety in logistics industry. It has emerged as a growing freight forwarding company in India.

One-of-its-kind service

Cargopeople can service even to the remotest corner of the world for any kind of cargo. It provides a complete logistic solution to its customer; picking cargo from their factory/warehouse to trucking, custom clearance, shipping and then providing door delivery in any country. It has its own network of agents worldwide. International door to door delivery of commercial cargo has never been this easy.

It has plans to incorporate advanced technology in its work area. As of now, it is already using Google based services in its system which allows it to access anything from anywhere without depending on any particular system. Future relies very much on this. This is the ultimate change which logistics industry will be looking forward to.

This New Delhi based company has been able to stay in touch with its international partners round the clock. Also the status of the shipment is also live due to technology. It has brought more transparency in the industry.The company is developing a mobile app to better its services to deliver swift, seamless and hassle-free booking services.

Owing to its trustworthy and swift services, the company added a feather on his hat. It was asked to deliver a Government based project which it did with all its might and brilliance. The company has plans to focus more on Corporate and Government projects in India and abroad.

Meet the Business Director

Manuj Adlakha has been in this industry since 2009. Before that he was country head for a Taiwan based IT company in India. He has a good exposure in international business and networking through PHD chamber of commerce. He has appeared for various TV interviews and debates in business channels like ET now and shows like “Lufthansa leaders of tomorrow”.

Under his leadership, Cargopeople has earned the title of “Best Multimodal freight forwarder of the year –North category” by India cargo awards. He has represented Cargopeople at international platforms like WCA and has been a part of Indian Delegation in Germany under the IGMTP program in September 2018.

Mr Adlakha during a candid chat says, “This is a rewarding industry provided one has the perseverance and thirst to learn and grow”.

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